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Decorating with Ribbon: Shelf Trim

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When decorating a home, sometimes it is the subtle little details that can make the biggest difference in the appeal of a decorated room.  They catch your eye and take whatever they are embellishing up a notch on the style scale.  Decorating with ribbon is the easiest way to add personal style to all the ordinary objects around your home.

I like to add colorful ribbon to the edges of shelves in bookcases. Decorating with ribbon makes anything look a little extra special.

Decorarting-Ideas-Using-RibbonDecorating with Ribbon on Bookshelves

Ribbon is easy to find in most craft and fabric stores. It comes in a many colors, stripes and patterns and is inexpensive so it is budget friendly, too.

How to Add Pretty Ribbon to the Edge of Shelves

Instant-Decorating-Ribbon-trim-on-the-edge-of-shelvesResource: Over the washer and dryer rack

In my laundry room I wove multi-colored plaid ribbon through the wire shelving in my laundry room.


I tacked striped and sheer ribbon down using silver nail-heads along the shelves in my pantry.


When striped ribbon runs along the edge of the shelves, it can resemble molding, like the green and black ribbon does in the above photo.  I have been searching for ribbon like it ever since clipping the photo out of a magazine.

How to Attach Ribbon to Laminate Shelf Edges


Last week, I finally found something very similar at in the clearance bins at Michaels.

I attached it to the edge of my IKEA Billy bookshelves in my studioffice. I used no-damage picture hanging strips, so if I decide to a change the color it will be easy to do.

  • Rubber cement or white glue can also be used to apply the ribbon. Brush the glue over the edges if you don’t have picutre hanging strips handy.  Hot glue would not work well to attach the ribbon – it would leave a raised edge.

Bookcase shelves before adding ribbon


Bookcase shelves after adding ribbon


To add more color to this bookcase I covered the backs of the shelves by covering cardboard with pretty fabric. You can read how I did it in this post: IKEA Billy bookcase Makeover.


I started to wonder how different colors would look.  Light turquoise would look nice for the summer months.

The color and pattern possibilities of ribbon are endless with the wide range of ribbons.

Don’t Have Any Pretty Ribbon to Decorate With?


Try using Washi style tape. It is inexpensive and comes in a huge variety of colors and styles.  Washi tape would be very easy to apply to the edge of shelves – no strips or glue needed.  When you want a change – just simply remove it.

My kind of decorating – easy, affordable, fun, and eye-catching.

Where can you add a bit of decorating details around your house?   Kitchen shelves, pantry, bedroom, linen closet…

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  1. What a cute and clever idea! I think anyone could do it! Really fun idea for a kids room or to gussy up those cheap particle board shelves I have. I’m going to Hobby lobby and a flea market tomorrow, and looking for ribbon!
    I’m thinking about the seashore myself. I’m about an hour away and
    Cape May is my favorite place, but I love Ocean City, N.J. too! Have fun! Linda

  2. How fun! I did a similar ribbon treatment with bead trim on two open shelves in my bathroom, adding the same trim around the small trash can, and a couple of accessories about 4 years ago. Everyone wanted to know where I purchased the items and were surprised when I told them that I embellished all of them….mine were attached with Velcro dots.

    Your ideas motivate me, keep up the good work. All the best!

  3. Have a fabulous mini vacation!

    AND just STOP….. take a vacation.

    I am on overload now… and I am just reading….. you work so hard. But I so love you and your posts…… just how in the world do you do it all?

    Leave the tech behind and enjoy! We will catch you on the flipside.