My Grandest Second Hand Furniture Makeover

I have not one, but two very special second hand furniture makeovers to show you using Country Chic All In One Paint.

I have very exciting news to share with you today.  News that I have been waiting many years to be able to announce.  I am excited to be able to add another name to my titles of Diane, Sister, Aunt, Author, Friend, Mom, Wife, Blogger... and in few weeks… Grandmother! 

My oldest daughter who got married last year and her husband are expecting a baby girl in late March. :-) XO

To prepare for her arrival, when Ed and I were in Virginia spending the holidays with both our daughters, I helped Kelly start decorating the baby’s nursery by painting a second hand changing table.

second hand makeover baby changing table using Country Chic Paint
Second Hand Furniture Makeover

They had purchased this Eddie Bauer changing table at their local ReStore. It was it great shape, but Kelly wasn’t fond of the color.

She is decorating the nursery in a white and lavender color scheme. She was going to paint it lavender, but when she asked my opinion, my “experienced mom brain” kicked in and I told her to paint it white. This way if she has a second child, (which they want) and it’s a boy, she won’t have to repaint it to fit a boy’s room color scheme.

I told her we could use lavender paint other pieces that would stay in the baby’s room as she grows. When I got home, I did just that… keep reading till the end of the post to see what I painted lavender.

Thrift store furniture makeover of a baby changing table using Country Chic Paint

Kelly decided white would be great for the changing table and to use lavender and white decorative paper or fabric inside the fronts of the drawers to hide the contents.

3 colors of Country Chic Paint on top of table

Back in the fall, Country Chic Paint sent me a few samples from their line of paint line to try out along with their oval paint brush. I am new to using oval brushes to paint furniture, but they have become my go-to since I painted the sideboard in my foyer. Game changing in how much easier they make it to paint a piece of furniture and achieve a smooth finish.

I like to try different brands of chalk and furniture paints to see if one is better than the other. I have tried and posted about many and have even made my own DIY chalk paint. I have been happy with all the paints I have used.  They are all good. I think what you choose comes down to liking the paint colors the line offers and how much you can afford to spend.

jar of Country Chic paint in the color Simplicity

Country Chic Paint is an All-In-One paint where minimal or no sanding is needed. It is a clay based paint that is similar to the finish of chalk paint with superior adhesion.

On their website, you can see the selection of paint colors all of which contain little-to-no VOCs along with the other products that will assist in all your furniture painting projects. I like that they offer 4 ounce size jars. These make it very affordable paint when you are painting a small item or want to sample a few colors before making a color choice.

Since I knew the colors Kelly wanted to use, I ordered the colors Simplicity for the changing table and Mermaid’s Tail and Tribe to mix to create a color of lavender for another piece. To seal the paint, I went with their Natural Wax which is clear.

I prefer the look and feel of a waxed finish, but the paint can also be sealed with poly or their Tough-Coat product.

Second Hand Furniture Makeover Using Country Chic All In One Paint

second hand furniture makeover of a Baby changing table that is still wet from getting a coat of white paint

I set up the table for painting, cleaned and gave it a light sanding.  You don’t have to sand when using Country Chic Paint, but I always go over every piece of furniture I make over with 100 grit sandpaper on a sanding block. A quick 5-minute going over can’t hurt and will only help with adhesion.

Both coats went on super smooth. I let the first one dry, ran sandpaper over it, and cleaned the sanding grit off and then applied a second coat. As you can see that second coat is still wet. That is how I left it since I ran out of time.  Our holiday visit was over and Ed and I had to head home.

second hand furniture makeover of a changing table's drawers getting painted

I wanted to do more, but living 6 hours away kept me from finishing it.

Once the paint was dry, Kelly finished it with some distressing and added a layer of clear wax that she buffed to a subtle sheen.

The next time Ed and I visit, this changing table will be in use. :-)

I will get an “AFTER”  photo of it then and will add it to this post, perhaps even with a cute little granddaughter in the photo.

How to Mix Furniture Paint to Get a Custom Paint Color

Doll high chair before getting a second hand furniture makeover with Country Chic paint.

Back at home in January, when I was Marie Kondo”ing”  as I cleaned out the attic, I came across a doll size high-chair that both my daughter’s played with. I kept it all these years for one reason… for grandchildren to play with.

Did it bring me joy? YES!

Now was the time to give it a colorful makeover so it can be used to hold a doll or stuffed animal in the nursery. It also brought me joy in the fact that I could be helping Kelly get the nursery decorated even from afar. This high chair can be easily transported to Virginia in my car.

Small high chair before

I decided that I wasn’t going to buy anything new to make it over, but only the Country Chic paint and supplies I had on hand.

The chair is made of particle board and very porous, but with a mix of the paint, a teeny bit of craft paint, ribbon and nailhead trim I am very happy with how it came out.

Can You Mix Paint Colors to Make a Custom Color to Paint Furniture?

Country Chic paints

Most furniture paint brand’s paint colors can be mixed together to create custom colors. This is also the case for Country Chic paint. It is fun to mix colors to come up with a color that is right just for the piece of furniture and your personal color preference.

Mixing two colors of Country Chic Paint

To make the lavender color Kelly wanted, I mixed together a half cup each of the colors, Tribe and Mermaid’s Tail.  It came out as a very elegant and subtle lavender which was very pretty, but I knew it wasn’t the color Kelly was using.

Mixing two colors of Country Chic Paint plus purple iris

To give the color more “pop” I added  one teaspoon of purple craft paint to the mix and stirred it well… voila!…. the perfect lavender color paint for the nursery’s color scheme.

Note:  When adding craft paint to a chalk or clay based paint, you can only add a little. If you add too much you can change the qualities of the paint. I am not afraid to experiment and knew by added a teaspoon to one cup of the Country Chic paint mix I made would not change much, only the color.

I cleaned, sanded, painted and waxed to seal the chair. The paint covered the textured particle board beautifully, but the chair still needed something to give it some character. I went to my craft supply armoire in my studioffice to find something to use and found ribbon, silver furniture nails and white thumb tacks.

How to Use Furniture Nails and Thumb Tacks to Create Nailhead Trim

Adding nailhead trim is pretty easy to do when you have a kit that helps you attach all the nailheads in a nice even line. I didn’t have a kit and made my own nailhead trim using furniture nails and thumb tacks.

Furniture nails also called nailhead trim

supplies needed:

  • Ruler or measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Furniture Nails
  • Thumb Tacks
  • Hammer
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
Adding nail head trim to the edge of furniture.
  1. Wrap ribbon around the edge where you want the nailhead trim. Use tape to hold it on while you add the nails.
  2. Place a ruler along the edge and using a pencil or pen, mark increments all along the ribbon. Center the marks on the ribbon. I placed the silver furniture nails – 1″ apart.
  3. Place a nail at each mark and use a hammer to drive it into the ribbon and wood.
  4. Once all the silver nails were in place, I hammered white thumb tacks in between each.
Fiskars staple gun for crafting

I really wanted to use this lavender and white striped ribbon under the nails, but it was too wide for the edge of the seat. I used it instead to hide the wood section right under the seat where it fit perfectly. I used a staple gun to attach it.

Wooden high chair paint makeover using Country Chic paint

Furniture nails, tacks and striped ribbon added just enough to give the little high chair a new life in the room of my first grandchild.

Close up shot of Lavender painted high chair using Country Chic paint

The particle board surface still has a few rough areas. Normally I wouldn’t paint something made where particle board is exposed, but the paint did a great job of covering it.

Second hand furniture makeover. Lavender painted high chair using Country Chic paint

Now the chair is just waiting for a car ride to Virginia when Ed and I go meet our first granddaughter. I can’t wait!  XO

Country Chic Paint products

Want to win a Furniture Painting Package from Country Chic Paint?

This giveaway is over. Congratulations to the winner: Beth Sharick

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  1. That Sassy Life coach says:

    ag man this is too special! and clever!

  2. Carole Larsen says:

    Oh Diane, congrats; you are going to be the best grandma. I have 4 grandchildren and it has been so much fun watching them grow and being a part of it all. For me being a grandmother makes all the work of being a mother worth it. Enjoy every minute.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Carole – Thanks and I hope to enjoy every minute. I am very exciting and counting down the days. Every time my daughter texts or calls, I think this is it!!! :-)

  3. Elaine Williams says:

    What a nice quality piece of furniture (the changing table) made even more beautiful by the white chalk paint! I love it. Agree with you – white paint was the way to go. It’s so nice that you had that little baby doll high chair and were able to transform it with that beautiful lavender color and trim. Very nice. See that oval brush I may take another crack at chalk painting.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Elaine – How are you doing? I hope all is well. The oval brush was new to me, but what a difference it made. It took some getting used to, but once I got going, I was like… “Wow , I like this brush”. :-)

  4. By the way, what type/brand of brush did you use on the changing table and/or high chair? Please provide several recommendations. Thank you.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Anna – I used Country Chic Paints, oval brush. It is the best. I loved how easy it was to apply the paint and how smooth the paint went on. You can buy it on Country Chic Paints website.

  5. Lisa Ronan says:

    OMG I am sooooo happy for all of you! This next stage of life is going to be just amazing! I can’t wait to see all the incredible things your little granddaughter is going to DIYed for her! Best wishes for safe travels for you and Ed and for a safe, easy, healthy delivery for your daughter!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Lisa – Thank you so much. We are getting very excited about the birth of our first granddaughter :-) Only wish we lived closer to them. I think Ed and I will be taking a lot of trips to Charlottesville.

  6. Congratulations on your upcoming entry into the grandparent club! I love the color you created and am sure lots of dollies will enjoy that chair.

  7. Melody Wright says:

    I love the color Crinoline. I would paint 2 end tables as well as my TV stand. Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  8. I love the fresh mustard color! It’s perfect for the cabinet I have been meaning to refinish.

  9. Congratulations on your happy news! My two year old granddaughter is 11 hours away from me-so I feel your pain! FaceTime is a wonderful thing and will keep you connected.

    I LOVE the doll high chair you painted in the beautiful lavender color you created. I have a doll cradle from my childhood that needs some glue and a new coat of paint-you have inspired me!

  10. I always enjoy your make-overs, Diane! Thanks for this opportunity to win some paint. My choice would be Elegance.

  11. Laraine Larkin says:

    Hi Diane, I am new to your blog and LOVE it! I went over to look at the Country Chic Paint and had a really hard time deciding which one I liked best! They are all such beautiful colors, but I would have to go with the Rustic Charm.
    Also congratulations on the upcoming grandbaby!

  12. I am so happy for you. You will find grandparenting the best experience ever. Nothing like patenting???. Best wishes to you and your daughter for a healthy baby and safe delivery. God bless.

    1. Congratulations on your soon to be granddaughter. I love reading your posts. I love the color peacoat.

  13. I liked Vanilla Frosting .We just decided to down size and I’d like all light colors in our new house ,this color looks perfect for what I want . Perfect for a Florida beach look !

  14. Beautiful and stunning makeover!! How excited everyone must be. Love the color Bliss!

  15. Happy Hour would look great on a couple small, inexpensive side tables in my family room! It would tie in nicely with my sage cabinets in my nearby kitchen. (Which were painted years ago when I saw your original kitchen cabinet painting post!).

    Congratulations to you and Ed on becoming first time grands!

  16. Janeen Thomas says:

    Midnight sky. I can’t imagine a bright accent in my home, I’m not that brave.

  17. Sandy Cope says:

    I entered the contest. I would like the color Mermaid Tail thank you always enjoy the blog and congratulations on upcoming event

  18. Theresa Skelly says:

    Peacoat! Great name and just the right, crisp look!

  19. Susan Freeman says:

    crinoline matches my cabinets and would love to use it to accent pieces in attached rooms. Congrats Grandma!

  20. JOY E. BELL says:

    I love the color *DEVOTION*!
    I love what you did with the high chair!!! So adorable!!!!

  21. D Mattocks says:

    She is going to ehjoy playing witth this chair. I have Charles’s rocking chair and toy box that could use color help. I would love to do them in Wanderess.

  22. Emily Strickland says:

    Hey, that high chair is gorgeous.. and ingenious. And you used one of my fav colors..
    I really like the CRANBERRY color

  23. Carol Ybarra says:

    They have so many nice colors. The one that I like (at the moment, lol) is Cherry Blossom.

  24. Margaret Mitchell says:

    Would love to try lazy linen on some outdated furniture in my new house. Love your nailhead and ribbon idea.

  25. Christine Reilly says:

    Congratulations on your granddaughter! My room growing up was lavender. ?As for paint…….Dark roast!! Everyone seems to be choosing to go higher but I’ve been loving dark tones lately. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Christine Reilly says:

      Congratulations on your granddaughter! My room growing up was lavender. ?As for paint…….Dark roast!! Everyone seems to be choosing to go lighter but I’ve been loving dark tones lately. Thanks for the giveaway!

    2. Debra Hardin says:

      Congratulations; it seems so exciting to be doing all the fun preparations for your granddaughter!
      I love Mermaid’s Tail: the name and the color. I have made many visits to an aunt who lives on Lake Murray.

  26. Lynn Woodall says:

    Congratulations! So many beautiful colors. I pick Nightfall. It will be gorgeous on my bathroom cabinet.

  27. Congratulations on your new addition. :) Both projects look wonderful!

    I have a hard time choosing colors, but Tropical Cocktail caught my eye.

  28. Marlane Miller says:

    OMG.! I have the perfect project to use Devotion. The colors are all the prettiest I’ve seen.

  29. My husband’s family china cabinet is up for a paint job and Rustic Charm would be perfect. Congratulation on the soon to be new arrival.

  30. Carla from Kansas says:

    Vintage Cupcake is my color! I love knowing about different brands. Plus I trust your reviews, Diane. And happy grandmothering.

  31. JoDee Clark Lompa says:

    Loved the Lazy Linen. Thanks for giving me the courage to try some new things.

  32. I think I’m in love with licorice & Caroline!!

  33. I have wanted to paint a credenza in my dining room and the color Bliss would be perfect. Congrats on becoming a grandmother! Being a grandmother is–hands down–the best time of my life!

  34. Amanda Pennington says:

    Congratulations on your granddaughter on the way! What a blessing!
    The Crinoline is just a lovely color; I’d love to try it.

  35. I’m loving the color Peacoat! So many ready made chalk paints don’t have a true navy color. Congrats on the new title! (And I wish I’d have painted my nursery white! Grandmas are so smart!)

  36. Congrats! from the one known as G’ma. The high chair is adorable. I like all the colors. Hard to pick one, but since I have a project in mind, a sideboard similar to the one in your entryway, I have to go with Peacoat.

  37. I’m disappointed there is no deep purple but the Peacoat is beautiful.

    Congratulations on the soon-to-arrive granddaughter!

  38. jane rubino says:

    Kinda have a paint-crush on Nightfall. Such a cozy, creamy blue. Love it!

  39. I love Hurricane. I’d use it for my bathroom cabinets.

  40. I love the mermaid s tail!

  41. Dune Grass is so pretty!

  42. Tropical Cocktail is beautiful!

  43. Kathy Witt says:

    My favorite color was Cranberry Sauce.

  44. Kathy Leach says:

    Oh my gosh! Full Bloom for the win!! Please

  45. D McLennan says:

    Would love to try this paint. I really like the Crinoline colour

  46. Mary L Stevens says:

    Congratulations grandchildren are wonderful !! I like the color peacoat

  47. I love the Crinoline color for my french Provincial farmhouse plank table

  48. Debbie Norling says:

    Love the Lazy Linen. Nice neutral

  49. Rosie Fyffe says:

    Congratulations! Your future grandchildren will be so happy and grateful to have you as their “Nana”. The highchair is sweet, and I envy the fact that you are having a grand-daughter and can use that beautiful color. It looks great and the added touches make the piece unique. I have been a follower for many years and I am so grateful for the ideas you’ve shared. You are my “go to” person when I have questions about painting and refer my friends to you.

    The paint colors are all so pretty and I am having a difficult time choosing just one. Lazy Linen is so clean and fresh looking and could go in several rooms at my home. Thanks for sharing them with me.

  50. Wendy S. Hancock says:

    Congratulations! Grandchildren are the best!! :) The paint color that I like is Sunday Tea.

  51. Congratulations! Grandparenthood is awesome!
    Really want to try this line of paint.

  52. Congratulations on your new title !! I couldn’t pick just one colour so I’m telling you that I love the “Cranberry Sauce” and the “Nightfall”.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  53. Congratulations Grammie! That’s what my only granddaughter calls me! Simplicity and Icicle are so pretty!

  54. As I am getting through the longest and most dreary part of winter right now, I have been looking to bright, cheery spring colors for a pick- me- up. Therefore, I like the color Fresh Mustard the best. I would love to paint my next thrift store find in this smile- inducing hue! Thank you for the offer!

  55. Diane, Congratulations on your soon- to- be status change! This happened to me four years ago with the birth of twin granddaughters. What a joy! You will not believe what I brought down out of our attic. A wooden doll size high chair that I played with when I was a little girl. It looks very similar to yours. I cleaned it up and now my granddaughters play with it and usually have a stuffed animal or doll baby sitting in it waiting to be fed!! They love it and I am so glad we were nosing around because I totally forgot that it was up there. I would never have believed that someday another generation would enjoy it as much as I did! Enjoy every second of the days ahead. Prayers for Mommy and baby.

  56. This is a message of thanks, Diane, for including us Canadians ~ I and so many of your northern neighbours certainly appreciate being thought of as well as getting the go ahead to participate in your offers!

    Our only grandson turns 2 in May — he’s got his Nana and Grandad wrapped around his pudgy baby finger! This is our son’s family and, just like you, they’re 6 hours away. Difficult saying bye-bye ….

  57. I love Crinoline!
    And congratulations on our entry to “The Grandmother’s Club”! Can’t wait to see all the sweet, colorful things you put together for your sweet grand baby!

  58. Heike Woolard says:

    My favorite is Peacoat.

    I absolutely love how you made over the little high chair. It is adorable and your granddaughter will cherish it.

  59. Simplicity and Nightfall. So many wonderful colors. Congratulations on being a grandma.

  60. Deborah Birney says:

    Very cute doll highchair! I love the Wanderess and Elegance colors.

  61. Georgia Smith says:

    I like simplicity. Thank you!

  62. I like the cranberry sauce and fresh mustard colors. Or, possibly, I’m just hungry :D

  63. Diane, Your doll high chair is beautiful. Turned out great and your daughter is going to love it.
    I like the color Nighhtfall — it looks grey with a touch of blue. I can imagine it on a piece of furniture. I look forward to your blog & check every day — hard to wait for the next one.

  64. Pick out *ONE* color,Diane? Well, I finally managed to narrow it down to two. I Love Icicle and Bliss. Great colors, all!
    Congratulations on the upcoming new baby. How did you manage not to tell us sooner? That highchair is just adorable! Can’t wait to see pics, Diane–don’t forget. We want to celebrate with you.

  65. ANNA KENNEL says:

    Wow, u knocked it out of the park with the changing table & high chair!! I did check out the Country Chic website, never heard of it before. If I win, I;d love the Fresh Mustard to redo my jewelry stand. Hope I win!!!

  66. Beth Sharick says:

    I love Sunday Tea. I need to paint a cabinet in my guest room and it seems a very calming yet inviting shade. Congratulations on your soon-to-be granddaughter. What a special blessing!

  67. Mary Cadwallader says:

    WOW! Love all the colors. Difficult to choose. I choose Crinoline. I’m looking for a slight blush color or a vey pale lavender. I may have to mix, so I really appreciate your “experiment” results. Bookmarked the page. My painting will begin when the weather allows me to work in the garage without either myself or my paint freezing.

    Thank you for all the wonder tips and ideas.

  68. Barbara Fox says:

    I like the color “Lazy Linen.” And I was please to see the many choices. Bookmarked their site for future use ?

  69. Congrats, Diane! How exciting!! BTW, my parents’ wedding anniversary was June 16th and I arrived on March 28th (during a MN blizzard!). :)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Cam – That is funny!! Same timeline. I hope there is no blizzard though when my daughter delivers. :-)

  70. Kathleen Koehleer says:

    Wow! They sure have some beautiful colors! I have an ornate pie crust table that I’ve been itching to paint but haven’t found the right color. It’s a toss-up between Bliss and Nightfall. There is so much detail to that table that it will take some time to make everything stand out as I wish.

    Congrats, Grannie! Love that baby!

    Love your blog and have been following you for years. You’re the one who got me started on chalk paints!


  71. Brenda Nolan says:

    I like peacoat. It is a beautiful dark blue or navy blue. I have a 1950s chest that is thirsty for this color. Peacoat would bring the chest alive from a mahogany color to a color that would blend awesomely with the green room in which it is located.

    Love what you do!

  72. Cindy Broadbent says:

    Wow, so many gorgeous colors to choose from! I like the Sage Advice. I have an old bookcase & an old child’s rocking chair (the one Santa brought ME 68 yrs ago!) that I’m going to paint as a set for my first grandchild (it’s a girl!) arriving in August. It will be set up in our pink spare bedroom for when she visits. So much excitement here! I also have a doll high chair nearly identical to the one you painted lavender and that has inspired me! Can’t wait to see pics of the finished nursery with your new grandbaby in residence!

  73. I loved the color Hurricane with it’s blue undertones and Sunday Tea. Can’t wait to go back to look again when I have more time. Love the pieces you have done.

  74. Your life will be forever changed when you meet that precious grandbaby! Congratulations! Love the highchair you did for her. She will, I’m sure, enjoy many hours playing with it. So on the Country Chic site I loved the red color called Devotion! What great names they have given to each color.

  75. Elegance would be my first choice, but all of the paint colors are pretty! The high chair turned out beautifully. I love your blog. And congrats!

  76. The very versatile white for me!

  77. I would love to use the colour Vanilla Frosting on a dry sink that badly needs freshening up.

  78. Sheila Allen says:

    Oh wow, such yummy colors!! I love Full Bloom, Sage Advice and Simplicity. How beautiful!!

  79. We have something in common. Middle of March I will be a great grandmother. They wanted to be surprised so they don’t know the gender. I just received a sonogram and saw a big picture of the babies face. Blew me away. Looks like his father. It’s 4D imaging.. Technology is amazing. She lives in Manhattan but wondered if your daughter had it, too. If I were to win, I would like a light cream or light gray. Thanks Grandma:)

  80. Congratulations on the new Grand baby! I’m looking forward to someday being a grandma! :) I love the color Vanilla Frosting.

  81. Congratulations on your upcoming granddaughter! In looking at the yummy colors of Country Chic chalk paint, I really liked Lazy Linen, Vanilla Frosting, Bliss, and Nightfall. I loved the names of all the colors! What fun!

  82. Congratulations! My five grands call me Nona.

    I love several colors of the Country Chic paint so choosing one was a difficult choice but I think I would pick cobblestone for my next painting project. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  83. TerriC/HoustonLady says:

    Hi Diane,
    Congratulations! You and Ed are going to be the coolest Grandparents : )
    Love the Icicle paint color.

  84. alda ellis says:

    congratulations! This weekend we are celebrating our grandson’s one year old birthday party.. I have had so much fun in planning his party. What will the baby call you?…I am called Happy, and my husband is Daddy-O. You are in for so much love and happiness! congratulations and hugs!!

  85. Sheryll $ Critters. says:, I can’t decide, so will say Bliss, till I change my mind to Licorice! No, it’s Bliss.

  86. Lois Baltes says:

    Love your high chair. Lucky little granddaughter! Love to use chalk paint and would love to try this brand in Vanilla Icing.

  87. I really like Dune Grass, but I also like Lazy Linen. Would probably have to choose Lazy Linen to paint a piece of furniture (OR A MIRROR FRAME!) though, because Dune Grass looks so much like the wall paint in three of our home’s rooms. Maybe that’s why I like it too!. ;o)

    CONGRATULATIONS, DIANE. I am not a grandmother (or mother), but my twin sister and younger sister are! I am obsessed with their grandchildren, but I have always been obsessed with their children so it makes sense. What makes me very happy is that my four nephews and nieces who don’t have children yet now understand my obsession with them.

  88. Kelly Dyck says:

    I love the colour “sage advice” and I have the perfect piece of furniture to paint. Just waiting for warmer weather

  89. Congrats and welcome to the grandma club!! What a blessing!
    Love all of the colors – Dune Grass would be perfect for the dresser in my bedroom.

  90. Kim Harkey says:

    I’ve been in a green mood so Rustic Charm is my pick!!

  91. I love the color Simplicity and know exactly what I would use it for.

  92. Congratulations Grandma! I’m a fairly new grandma & the sweetest words ever are when you hear “grandma” out of their lips! LOVE the high chair make-over.
    Lots of pretty color choices but Elegance is pretty cool!

  93. Hurricane is my fav. I Love the new look of your blog. So fun to paint nursery things and children’s things.–enjoy!

  94. Kathy Duval says:

    I like the white. I am making over my church now with valspar chalky paint and would love to compare the two brands.

  95. Sylvia Robinson says:

    Love your blog!!! And congratulations , I am an “Omi” to 4 beautiful granddaughters.
    I love icicle and bliss.

  96. Peacoat for sure! Thanks Diane congratulations!

  97. Linda Pawlak says:

    Congratulations!!!!! You are going to LOVE being a grandma! We became grandparents when our son married a wonderful young woman and her son. In reality, he IS marrying both of them, LOL. Our grandson considers our son to be his “bonus daddy”. Boy did I have a hard time deciding a color! I kept going back and forth between which piece of furniture I want to do and which color I wanted to use. Final decision…Simplicity to redo a curio in my foyer…the first thing you see when you enter my home. Other pieces will come later. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  98. I really cannot decide! I love Peacoat, Dune Grass, and Jitterbug as my top three!

  99. Congratulations…….such a joy for you All. I love the furniture pieces that you refinished!

  100. Marilyn Stuart says:

    Happy Hour caught my eye. You might wonder was that the left eye or the right eye.? Surprise, it was both!

  101. Rustic Charm is so beautiful and reminds me of spring!

  102. I love Midnight Sky. I have the perfect piece for it. I’ve not tried chalk paint, but this may convince me that I can do it. :)

  103. I love the color Dune Grass! So pretty!

  104. I would love the crinoline and have two nightstands that I’m dying to paint. They are what you’d call fugly. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on that new granddaughter!

  105. Linda Southworth says:

    Becoming a grandparent is a new glorious chapter! Seeing your daughter as a mom, being a loving grandma to your granddaugher truly will tug et your heart strings! I am so happy for you two soon to be grandparents!
    As for the Country Chic paint , they have a nice color selection. I too have some furniture painting to do and I love the dark blue of MIDNIIGHT SKY. That would would be my color choice!.

  106. Patty Hibble says:

    I’m liking the ‘Lazy Linen’ color!
    And Congratulations to all y’all ❤

  107. Megan Edmondson says:

    Congratulations! What fun you’ll have with a new baby to spoil. The nursery furniture looks great too. I am just starting to dabble in furniture painting and have two small tables that I found on Facebook Marketplace in my garage just waiting for their makeover. I love the colors Dune Grass and Sunday Tea!

  108. What happy news to hear that you are going to be a Grandma! I know that you are excited.

    I think my favorite color of Country Chic Paint is “Driftwood”, although “Peacoat” comes in at a close second. I have a chest that I want to paint and either of those would be perfect. The color swatches on the site looked dark, but when you click on them they are much prettier colors on the furniture! Thanks for the chance to win the giveaway.

  109. Beth Gordon says:

    Congratulations to all of you! Such wonderful, happy news. I love the paint projects, too

  110. Nancy McHale says:

    CONGRATULATIONS DIANE AND ED!! SO EXCITING!! There’s nothing like it when your hold your Granddaughter for the first time!! It is a moment you will never forget!!!
    I love the high chair!
    Best wishes to your daughter and son in law!!

  111. Christy Keyton says:

    Well, that is exciting news! We became first time grandparents last August and it is so wonderful! I love the little high chair makeover. Nursery decorating is so fun! Congratulations and enjoy!!

  112. I would like the color Simplicity if I win. I have not used chalk paint or clay based paint before so would like to try it out as it is so popular right now!

  113. Congratulations on your granddaughter! What an exciting time for your family. The highchair will be perfect for her to play with. I’ve no doubt she’ll use it for years. Your advice on the crib color was spot-on if they want more children. The paint giveaway is lovely and I especially like the color Rustic Charm. It would go well with the color scheme I’ve planned for my new home. I’m currently scouting used furniture resources looking for a few pieces to redo before I move later this summer. Thanks for reading and my prayers are with all of you.

  114. Candie Firebaugh says:

    Congratulations on your first grandchild. I have been following you for years and know how much this means to you! I love all of those paint colors but my favorite would have to be Bliss. Again, best wishes to all.

  115. Theresa Stewart says:

    Oh I love Full Bloom. It will be the accent color in my updated master bath! Congrats on being a new Grammy and also, LOVE your hair!

  116. First congratulations! We just had (well my daughter did all the hard work) our 2nd grand child. They are so much fun! Thank you for this idea, I too have a doll high chair that my granddaughter plays with while visiting. I’ve got to paint it and give it a new life. I love all the colors they have but would probably paint it Lazy Linen and a small dresser to match. Thank you for this contest!!

  117. I would like to paint my kitchen chairs “Rocky Mountain”. I’d like to add some contrast to my kitchen and painted chairs sure would do the trick!

  118. Congratulations on the new grand baby! I have my first coming end of March also :) Lovely makeovers as always.

  119. Linda Deiter says:

    Hi Diane
    Congratulations on becoming a new grandmother!
    Love what you did with the high chair ❤️
    I’m looking to finish an old hutch and cranberry sauce would be perfect.
    Looking forward to your next post!

  120. Laura Dennison says:

    I like the color midnight sky. Love the makeover of the doll’s high chair.

  121. JILL NELSON says:

    Hurricane or Peacoat!

  122. Oh..I forgot to include the color I would chose…it would be cheesecake

  123. Congratulations Diane!! What exciting news!!!
    Both pieces are beautiful. That changing table is perfect and has lots of needed storage. Please keep us updated on your granddaughters pending arrival!!

  124. Lynne Ramsey says:

    I love the color “Bliss.” Most of the furniture I have painted has been a gray moving toward griege, to be practical in case I change my mind (What me? Never!) This aqua reminds of the ocean, from which I live far away from. I would love “Bliss” to break out of my comfort zone.

  125. Jan Nesbitt says:

    Lazy Linen is my color of choice if I win!

  126. Pam Clark says:

    I immediately went to Tropical Cocktail. Congratulations on the baby! ?

  127. Congratulations Diane! How exciting :)

    I like “Tropical Cocktail” it just makes me happy!

  128. Mary Kaiser says:

    I forgot to comment on the paint! I love the colors Rustic Charm and Bliss. I am going to have to order them or win them!! I have a small dresser with drawers for the movies that I own in the living room and I thinks that Green Rustic Charm would be perfect. Thanks for having the contest!

  129. Mary Kaiser says:

    Wow that turned out really cute!! That is awesome your getting a granddaughter! Congratulations, how exciting for you! I have 6 grandsons, last one was just born on Feb 5th this year, I am flying from Michigan to South Carolina on March 1st to meet him for the first time! I have a Etsy shop that I just opened and I have a bunch of cute Burp cloth and bib sets for girls on there you should check out. They are really well made and would travel really well to Virginia. My shop is Mary’s Stitch Niche and I would love for you to check it out. I think that you will love the colors of the flannel I used to make the girl sets. Go to to see. I have all grandsons, but no granddaughters yet, so I am making the sets for others until I get my our granddaughter some day!

  130. Diane Westbrook says:

    Oh how sweet is that doll high chair! Your granddaughter will be so happy with it…and it really will not be long before she is old enough to set her dollies in it! time flies!! thanks for the giveaway…I have been wanting a soft gray and I think that the linen color would do the trick!!

  131. Congrats on becoming a grandma! Loved Vintage cupcake!

  132. Deborah Bethay says:

    Congratulations grandma!

  133. Of course, I like all of their colors, but in keeping with several projects I have in mind, I really like LIQUORICE for one of my projects, and SIMPLICITY for the other two! This is a great giveaway – I’ve heard about chalk paint before, but haven’t ever been brave enough to venture outside of the usual paint selections.

  134. Susan Verbaan says:

    I love Icicle ?it is colorful yet soft, feminine and understated.

  135. Dune Grass is really nice! Congratulations on becoming a grandmother. It’s the best!

  136. Linnea Rodman says:

    Congratulations grand mom “to be”! So fabulous. Full bloom or tropical cocktail would be my colors of choice for an accent and table. Can’t wait to see your photos in March. Now you’ll have to pick your new title, grandma, nanny, Nana or MomMom, etc. ????

  137. Barb Davis says:

    Would love to win this paint. Have been wanting to try my hand at painting some bedroom furniture and this sounds like the perfect paint to try.
    The paint color I would like to use is Elegence.

  138. Barb Davis says:

    Would love to win this paint. Have been wanting to try my hand at painting some bedroom furniture and this sounds like the perfect paint to try.

  139. Linda L Weeks says:

    Boy, first grandchild AND a giveaway! I envy you! I loved so many Country Chic colors that it took quite a while to decide what my favorite one was – I decided to pick a dark blue, ‘Peacoat’, which will really go well with what I am doing with colors lately!
    I am so happy for you to have grandchildren in your life! My mother told me that when I had my son, that her heart opened up like a flower blooming, she felt brand new herself! My fond regards, Linda

  140. Love the “Dark Roast”. I have a tea cart I need to makeover, that would be a great color
    Congratulations on your family news and that baby girl will love that high chair!

  141. I’d love to try Dark Roast. Your project turned out so sweet.

  142. Janine Rolph says:

    The Country Chic product, Tropical Cocktail appeals to me on this cold, dreary day! I have a chair that I want to paint as a planter/chair for my porch. Spring/summer can’t come soon enough?. Come on, Tropical Cocktail ?

  143. Helena Dias says:

    Wow. So much joy. Congratulations on the baby girl. The high chair looks great. You are so talented. I love Simolicity.

  144. Mary Ann Felkins says:

    Congratulations Grandma!!! You have NO idea what you are in for. You will wonder how in the world you ever lived without them. My two oldest granddaughters now have babes of their own, and the third one is in high school now, but I still relish the memories I have when they were growing up and close enough for Grandma to babysit a lot. I still miss those days. I truly believe one of God’s greatest gifts to us is our grandchildren.

    My heartfelt congratulations!

  145. Sherry Darlington says:

    Such pretty colors…. so hard to choose. I love a warm creamy white & vanilla frosting is perfect. If I really have to pick a color, I’m going with Wanderess. Very sultry…

  146. Congratulations and Best Baby Wishes to the whole family!!!

    I would love to paint our old cherry wood powder room vanity Sunday Tea!

  147. Erin Prohaska says:

    Such a sweet makeover! Green is my favorite color and I’ve been working more green accents into my home lately so I’m of course smitten with ‘Rustic Charm’. Thanks for the opportunity! ?

  148. Melissa Davis says:

    I love Vintage Cupcake ! So Sweet , A Baby Girl . Congrats to you and your family .

  149. Connie McGhee says:

    Couldn’t decide between icicle & vintage cupcake. Fun colors indeed.

  150. Linda O'Neill says:

    I love Bee’s Knees and especially with the distressing. Their website is really nice with examples of each of their colors on different pieces of furniture. Kind of stirs up the creative juices. Thanks for turning us on to this product. And, congratulations on becoming a grandmother soon. What a blessing.

  151. MarilynHoleman says:

    Hi Diane, Congratulations on your granddaughter!! I have a little grandson nearly 2 years old–so much fun! I love the color you created on your daughter’s sweet high chair. I also like the color Elegance. Thank you for the give away. (Oh, and thanks for the printable hydrangeas. I like them!)

  152. I’d choose Lazy Linen … to start!!

  153. I would like to paint a tv cabinet Pebble Beach. Thank you!!

  154. I really like the color, Icicle. I have a 3 drawer chest I would like to paint that color.

  155. Barbara Warner says:

    I live in Virginia! How neat! I love the high chair. That is so cheerful and the touches of ribbon and the nail heads just adds so much shine and class! It is truly country chic! I hope your granddaughter arrives on time and is a happy, healthy little girl. God bless you.

  156. Midnight Sky is my color choice for the giveaway. So excited for you and Ed to become Grandparents- being a Grandparent is pure Joy. So fun that you got to help decorate the babies room.

  157. Sue Barry says:

    Congrats on being a grandma. It’s the best! Loved the paint especially Cherry Blossom.

  158. Congratulations to you and Ed on becoming grand parents! Exciting times ahead! I have used Country Chic before and think it’s fab! Loving the colour Icicle, cool and crisp ?

  159. gloria erdos says:

    Congratulations on the new bundle of joy that will enter your family!!! Grand children are really a treasure for us and absolutely keep us young.

    It’s a gift for us to love, spoil and cherish them……it doesn’t get any better than that.

    All the best to you and your family.

  160. Congratulations Diane! Such happy, happy news! Your grandchild is going to have a blast doing various crafty and creative activities with grandma.
    Interesting decor paint – the color I would use is Cranberry Sauce.
    Best wishes to you and your family!

  161. Linda Lane says:

    Oh Diane! What a gift! You are going to be a Grandma!
    Love this line of paint, I really like hurricane.

  162. Donna Clement says:

    Good color choices! I like the color Icicle the best!!

  163. Pamela Caudill says:

    Its a toss up between “sage advice” and bliss…love both of them! Congrats on becoming a grandma!

  164. Ooh. Love the fresh mustard. They’re all beautiful though.

  165. Ooooooh, Tropical Cocktail would be perfect for a sweet little chair in my granddaughters room. Congratulations on becoming a Grandmother. There’s nothing like it! Also, I love the highchair. I have one that I just left in its natural state (stained) but now I think it needs a little paint. Maybe Tropical Cocktail fot it too.

  166. Kathleen King says:

    Lazy Linen for me!

  167. Janis Hill says:

    What a phenomenal giveaway!

    I had such a difficult time deciding between “Peacoat”, “Midnight Sky” and “Jitterbug” that I finally settled on “Full Bloom.” Say what! The truth is it is a struggle to pick just one color. They are all incredible.

    So this time I am picking “Full Bloom”,” though next time it might just be “bliss.”

  168. Diane Vasti says:

    I love pebble beach! Perfect color for my entryway table I want to paint.

  169. I love Bliss. I have a deacon’s bench that I want to refinish..

  170. my color is Dune, soft, subtle greenish/gray.

    similar to a neutral.,

  171. So exciting! There’s NOTHING like a grandchild! What will your grandma and grandpa names be? I’m loving the Icicle color. I’ve got an antique high chair in the garage and that color would be perfect! Would love to know your thoughts on which oval brush is your favorite. I have not tried COUNTRY CHIC’S. So glad I found your blog! BTW, I painted a couple of ladder back chairs like your dining room ones! They are beautiful!

  172. Edie Yothes says:

    I like the Dune Grass. It has a sort of regal look. Want to paint an old chest of drawers and think it would be very nice that color.

  173. Congratulations on this blessed event! The tiny high chair is adorable, and the color you mixed is beautiful. I would love to paint an old triple dresser in Peacoat and add some beautiful new hardware.

  174. Michelle Janowich says:

    Congratulations Diane on your news of becoming a grandmother very soon. Becoming a grandmother was one of the happiest things that ever happened in my life. My first was also a girl. I now have 3 granddaughters, 2 being a set of twins and 1 grandson. All thanks to my daughter and son in law. My husband and I even moved from Southern Maryland to a small town south of Raleigh, N.C. to be close to them.

    I loved your make over of the little highchair and the color too.

    Congratulations again .
    Michelle Janowich

  175. Oh, what fun you will have with a grandbaby! The changing table took on a whole new life painted in white! Purple is dear to my heart, so, of course I love the high chair too!
    Lazy Linen is the paint color I’d choose to use on an old chest that is in our guest room. It would really brighten up the room! duchick at gmail dot com

  176. Congratulations, Diane! My 5 sweetest blessings call me Nana, & it’s they bring such joy to my life! I like Hollow Hill —it would look great for pieces in our lake cottage.

  177. Simplicity it is for me! Being a grandparent changes your life forever. It is the best thing in the world. Congratulations to the whole family!
    Proud to see this is made in Canada!

  178. Cheri Partridge says:

    I absolutely love Hurricane, but I also am torn between midnight sky. I looked through the photo gallery on there sight a few times and there product is amazing. I have a few things to paint so I’m gonna be able to use a few different colors. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful news with us along with this amazing product.

  179. I’m planning to paint a cedar chest in Full Bloom for my bedroom. I’m anxious to try the oval brush.

  180. Congrats! So happy for your new title~! I love the Pebble Beach color.

  181. Congrats on becoming a grandma! How exciting! I like the color Jitterbug.

  182. Ellen Sorce says:

    How can you choose just one? I am a single woman and decorate to please me, however a friend is retiring and moving back to the area. This single guy has asked me to help him with decorating his new home, even those he’s afraid I’ll go all girly girl on him. I’m seriously interested in Sage Advice, Hurricane and Mermaid’s Tale. Now I just have to convince him.

  183. Congratulations! So very exciting! I love the Vanilla Frosting color.

  184. Congratulations Diane! Being a grandparent is the best!
    I’m a Dune Grass kind of gal. Would love to give it a try.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  185. I like the Vanilla Frosting color. CONGRATULATIONS! There’s nothing like grandchildren!

  186. Sue Foster says:

    Rocky Mountain is the perfect color for my lower cabinets in my kitchen…perhaps Lazy Linen on the uppers!

  187. “Simplicity” please ?
    I’m intrigued by that oval brush! Wow?

  188. Being a Grandmother has been the most rewarding and lovely part of my husband’s and my life. Hope it’s the same for you.

    I like the crinoline color for my next project.

  189. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    I am so happy for you!!! Being a granny is truly one of the greatest joys of my life! Love the sweet makeovers! Congratulations to you all!!

  190. DonnaMarie says:

    Wanderess speaks to me!
    You’ll be an awesome grandmother!


    Congrats Diane! There is nothing better than being a grandmother. I’m Mimi to 6 boys whom I adore. I like simplicity although it’s hard to choose .

  192. Mary Anne Komar says:

    Painting baby furniture is so much fun! Imagination can just fly off the paint brush. Thank you for the opportunity to win a paint pot. I think Mermaids Tail is my fave. Xx

  193. First of all, Congratulations. And next, what a cute little chair for your granddaughter’s room. She will have such fun using it with her dolls and stuffed animals. Hand-me-down toys are the BEST.

  194. I’m loving lazy linen!!
    We are installing a new bathroom vanity that will need to be painted. Would love to try this paint.

  195. Romeogirl says:

    Cherry Blossom please! Congrats on your announcement!!

  196. 1960s girl says:

    Congratulations future grandma! When you talked about revealing exciting news a few weeks ago, I was sure it was about a future grandchild…
    Becoming a grandmother is not in the cards for me, not for now, at least, but I’m so happy when I see other people becoming proud grandparents.
    And nice work on the high chair!
    By the way, I found a great WebSite selling great personalised fabric, wallpaper and wrapping paper. They’re not cheap, but I think it’s so great to have something printed just for me and with natural inks too! The site is called “” and it’s American. But I’m sure you already know it, right? : )
    You can even design your own pattern and have it printed by them.
    Can’t wait to see the nursery… and maybe a picture of a pretty baby girl!

  197. Congrats on getting ready to become a grandma! I have 3 now but sadly they are in Washington State and I’m in Indiana so I only get to see them at least once a year in person, sometimes on Skype if they will stand still long enough on screen. They still get spoiled even from a distance but not as much as I’d like.
    So many pretty colors but I’m in a blue phase right now so I am leaning towards Jitterbug for something a little different than the usual blues.

  198. Carrie Covey says:

    I love Rustic Charm! I love your blog even more!

  199. Congratulations! So exciting…and you get to create lovely memory-making gifts for your new little bunny! I’m intrigued to see how Simplicity works with the other whites in my house. Thanks so much!

  200. I really enjoyed all of the beautiful colors but am drawn to jitterbug and elegance.
    Congrats on your new title! We watch our littles (2 and 4) two days a week. They are the best days of the week!

  201. Julie Shepherd says:

    I love the “nightfall” color. Beautiful!

  202. Congratulations, I know you are excited for the arrival of the sweet baby girl. I think yoy are right we pick paint for the color. Vintage Pink would be mt favorite

  203. Rebecca T says:

    Oh, how exciting – a baby girl! Enjoy this happy time! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity. I really like the color Elegance.

  204. Perfect timing! I’m waiting for it to get a little warmer outside (and less snow, of course) to start sanding my childhood chairs for my own granddaughter. I like Elegance & Wanderess, but I’m sure she would prefer Vintage Cupcake!

  205. Congratulations on the new grandbaby! The changing table and high chair are gorgeous!

  206. Sandy Simmons says:

    I loved Tropical Cocktail. It is such a pretty Spring color.

  207. I’m so excited for you and your family. Congratulations!
    I’m sure both pieces are going to look beautiful in her room and she will always love her doll’s chair that her Grammy/Nanny/Grandma (or whatever sweet name she calls you :-) ) restored for her.

  208. Hi Diane :) What a wonderful announcement and such a fun way to celebrate! The toy size high chair is adorable!!! I’m still waiting to make that announcement myself and I don’t think we’re by ourselves. It’s just life in this century. I really like the peacoat color. I’d like to use it to give a Christmas shadow box a background coat. Praying blessings on you and yours!

  209. Oh Diane, a little girl, what fun you are going to have using all of your signature colors for her. Congratulations, enjoy every minute you can with them they grown so fast. I’m a Meme to four, they are wonderful . I really like the Mermails Tail, beautiful blue.

  210. Love what you have done for the baby’s room. You are so talented. My husband and I are going through baby withdrawal. We have 7 grandchildren and the youngest is 6. No more babies. You are in for the best time of your life!! Trust me.

  211. oh, yes, Congrats on the upcoming blessed event!!

  212. Tropical Cocktail just grabbed me! I’d love to paint my dresser with that colour. Thanks for the chance to win some paint!

  213. Mermaid’s Tail for me!

    Thanks for the give-away, Diane.


  214. Connie Carter says:

    I love the color vanilla frosting. Very pretty. Thank you

  215. Debra Dunham says:

    hi Diane,
    you are a wonderful inspiration for me in make overs that are reasonably affordable! this is really a great blog and I thank you for all the work you put into it. Also congrats on your first grandchild! In this post you asked your readers to pick a paint color that we liked from the Country Chic paint line. I like the Lazy Linen and if I win the giveaway I would use it to paint a side table in my bedroom that I have wanted to paint since I bought it in 2015 at a sale. our home was destroyed in a fire in Jan. of 2015 and little by little I have been trying to remake the second hand items I acquired afterwards. I think I’ve been very fortunate in obtaining my furniture but want to update the look. That’s why I like your blog! You give good instructions and I feel confident when doing makeovers following your advice . thank you so much

  216. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Congratulations Grandmommy & Granddaddy! Wonderful, fantastic news!

    I really love the lavender & white colors Kelly chose for their nursery. And the darling chair turned out so perfect!

    Great job Grandmommy!

  217. Congratulations, Grandma….that is such exciting news! I know exactly how you feel, because my only son and his wife are having their first child (a son) also at the end of March….March 29th. is their due date. I am soooo excited. I love your furniture redo’s and all the great ideas that you show us on your blog.

  218. Congratulations! I like the color, Fresh Mustard.

  219. Midnight sky or Peacoat for sure!

  220. Melinda S. says:

    Congratulations to you and your family! I enjoy your blog so much! Midnight Sky reminds me of the foyer sideboard redo. Loved the way that turned out.

  221. Kathy Weisner says:

    I loved four colors (Dune Grass, Cobblestone, Lazy Linen, and Wanderess) but want to paint our bed in Wanderess right now!

  222. Congratulations!!! How exciting. Love both of your projects. I did not know you could mix a small amount of craft paint with it, that is good to know when I want to tweak the colors. I think I would choose Jitterbug. I am wanting to paint my master bathroom cabinets as they are builder cabinets, the white paint is chipping and this color would pull in the colors from my master bedroom. But they have a lot of really pretty colors…

  223. Congratulations!!! Grand parenthood is the BEST!

  224. Tammie N. says:

    I love the Country Chic color Mermaid’s Tale. I’m really drawn to blue colors. Thanks for the giveaway!

  225. Mary Milnarich says:

    Elegance is just a beautiful color., and one I would use in my bedroom.

  226. So happy for you. It is amazing to be a grandma! The furniture is beautiful!

  227. Congrats to you, Diane and Ed, and congrats to your daughter and hubby!

  228. I really like Elegance. I have a small cabinet that needs an update and this color would be perfect!

  229. Norma Fisher says:

    I love Pebble Beach. I love some of the others, too.

  230. Congratulations on your new family member! All the paint colors are beautiful. I would choose Jitterbug for a project.

  231. I love the “full bloom” color but I would need to pick the “Simplicity” for what I need. Love your blog!

  232. Thank you for the great giveaway & congratulations on your becoming a grandma! I would love to try out the color Liquorice on my bathroom cabinet.

  233. Congratulation, Diane! Grand motherhood is the best! Meeting your first grandchild is an amazing, emotional experience. Enjoy that little girl.

  234. Carol Gregg says:

    Congratulations on becoming a grandma! Grandchildren are so much fun. I really liked the colors Crinoline and Peacoat!!

  235. Love the high chair and the details you gave it. I want to congratulate you on your soon to be grandchild. I know you will find that being a grandmother is the most wonderful thing! Judy M.

  236. maureen mawby says:

    I love the color “Dark Roast”.

  237. Congratulations! That purple is perfect! My daughters room was lavender, white and a little bit of mint green. I loved that room. 6 hours is not a bad drive.
    My tv stand in my room has been on my paint to do list for over a year. Pebble Beach would be my go to color. I’ve been dying to try chalk paint since I saw your sideboard post. Fingers crossed.

  238. Ashleigh Hall says:

    Oh My Gosh! They have so many gorgeous colors but I’m really loving the Midnight Sky color! It would be perfect for a bench I’m redoing for our front porch!

  239. Ooooh, I KNEW instantly what you were going to say!!! Congratulations, Diane! Just wait, it’s only the beginning…
    I like the “Devotion” and the “Cherry Blossom” colors. They would make my craft room SO inviting.

  240. Sandy Stevens says:

    So many pretty colors but Vanilla Frosting gets my vote!

  241. Carol (Lewis) Griffin says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your new title! I am a “Mimi” to six grands and love it…..3 boys almost grown and 3 little girls, 2 of which are identical twins. Absolutely love your “Grand” makeover which is so perfect for that little girl. Now you just need to find the perfect doll or stuffed animal to sit in the little chair. Let the fun begin!

    1. Carol (Lewis) Griffin says:

      Oops, forgot to post my favorite paint color……Cherry Blossom!

  242. Sandra Collins says:

    Jitterbug and Cobblestone. I’m really into the grays and blue-greens right now. Love the colors!

  243. Crystal K. says:

    I like the Lazy Linen color.

  244. Laura janning says:

    Congrats to Kelly and your entire family Diane. What exciting news to see in my email. Love ya and miss you!

  245. Deb Wostmann says:

    Congratulations on the new family addition. There is absolutely nothing better than grandchildren and you will love her with an intensity you never new you had!

  246. Beth Deane says:

    Oh! I am partial to Pebble Beach….it could work so many places!!!

  247. Vivian Reynolds says:

    Congratulations to you! How very exciting that you’re already helping make your grandaughter’s nursery in “her own style!” Also, I love the color vanilla icing in the country chic line.

  248. Anne Marie says:

    I love the color Slimplicity – I am a simple person!

    1. Hi Diane,

      Congratulations on your upcoming role as a Grandma, Nana, or name of your choice. I appreciate you and what you are bringing to the blogging world of DIYing. The color I like for my next project is Midnight Sky for a new entry console table. I do have a question about the round brush you used? What about it makes it better? Thanks,