Pottery Barn Knock Off: Paper Towel Holder

I saw this Cucina Paper Towel Holder in the Pottery Barn catalog recently and immediately thought of my daughter – she is into kitchen stuff, loves to cook, and into green living– note the un-bleached paper towel roll.  I wanted to get one for her for Christmas, but with tax, shipping, and handling it would cost over $50.   So instead of buying one, I made one using old wooden utensils I had.

The Pottery Barn one is on the left.  I didn’t have a fork as decorative or long enough for the center of the holder, so I switched the utensils around to make my Pottery Barn knock off version on the right.

Knock-off-Potttery-Barn-Cucina Paper Towel Holder

This was very easy to make.  I had everything needed on hand, except the wood base that I bought for a few dollars at the craft store.  I would like to make more and am on the lookout for interesting wood utensils to use.   I decided to paint it to look like the Pottery Barn version, but you could paint it any color. I think it would look divine painted with chalk paint, distressed, and aged.  As with any DIY – lots of possibilities.

Pottery Barn Knock off Cucina Paper Towel Holder





Supplies Needed:

Wooden spoon and fork with round dowel-like handles  – you can find them here:  FactoryDirectCraft
7” round wooden base – craft store
Wood glue
Drill and drill bit the diameter of the wooden spoon or fork handle
Spray paint
Optional:  If your wood utensils are not as high as the paper towel roll you use, you will need to add a section of a 1- 1/4” diameter wood dowel to create more height for the center utensil.  I had the dowel in my scrap wood pile, but a wooden thimble would work well, too. 
If wood dowel is needed:  2 – 1”  flat head wood screws

These instructions are for short handled utensils. If yours are longer than the paper towel roll, then skip cutting a dowel and just drill two holes on the top of the wood base (center and near the rim ) a little smaller than the utensils’ handles.

How-to-make-a-pottery-barn-Cucina paper towel holder

1.  Decide which utensil will be in the center. The spoon I had was much longer than the fork, so I used that for the center.  It still wasn’t as high as the paper towel roll, so I had to cut a 2-inch section from a wide dowel. Drill a hole in the center on one end of the dowel about an inch down into it.

3.  Find center in round base and mark with an “X”. Place end of dowel over “X” and trace around dowel .  Pre-drill two holes for wood screws. Flip over to underside and screw in the screws through the base and into the centered dowel.

Pottery Barn Knock-Off-Decor-Paper-Towel holder

4.  Place roll of paper towels over dowel.  Mark placement for utensil that will hold the sheets of paper towel back. Drill hole into base. Use wood glue to secure front utensil to the base. Let dry.   (Before gluing, if needed, cut the height of the front utensil to resemble the Pottery Barn holder).  Do not glue center utensil into center hole, this needs to be removable so you can change the paper towel roll when needed.


5.  Paint. I used one coat of Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint and one coat of Hammered Bronze.

6. Let dry.

7. Place roll of paper towels on base and then place wooden spoon into hole on the top of the paper towel roll.  Push the end of the spoon into the base.






  1. Madonna says

    The others are correct, your knock-off is better. May I suggest Ikea for wooden spoons and forks. They are the cheapest I have seen anywhere.

  2. Kathy says

    I agree with the others, I like the one you did and what a great idea in time for the Holiday’s!!! A new gift idea!!

  3. says

    I had never seen the original at PB, but your s is TOTALLY adorable! I can’t imagine a cuter paper towel holder!
    You are so amazing!

    Thanks so much for showing us!

    hugs x

  4. Beth Coburn says

    Totally agree with all the other comments, yours is much cuter than PB and I’m sure it cost you just a couple of dollars to make. You are quite amazing!

  5. Margaret says

    This looks fabulous, Diane! I actually like yours better than the one from Pottery Barn. I don’t use paper towels myself – I prefer reusable rags, but this would make a great housewarming gift for someone who does. Thanks so much for sharing. This is definitely a keeper idea!

  6. Patricia in Denver says

    Judging from the comments I’ve read, you out did Pottery Barn, and I agree. Yours is much nicer. Thanks for the idea!

  7. Suzanne says

    I originally thought yours was the pottery barn one because I liked it better. Glad to see it was yours!

  8. Karen says

    Your version is far cuter! I’m definitely changing out my boring marble holder for one of these! Thanks for the great project.

  9. says

    I totally agree, yours is much better looking. Not only does PB’s fork look weird, but their base looks like they just used some scrap piece of wood without fine tuning it. I think I’m going to try making one myself. I found you on Knock Off Decor. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Melisa says

    Where do you find a wooden fork with a round handle? I have looked all over and not found any, and don’t see any at ikea online (as I do not have an ikea near me). In fact I haven’t found any wooden forks at all. I would love to make this so any cheap sources for them would be most helpful.

  11. Debra says

    Yours is shook much better than the pottery barn one. Oh my I think I will try and make this today. Thanks for.the great tutorial!!!


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