Hidden Chic: Add Pattern & Color Where You Least Expect It

Spring color may not be blooming outside my house yet, but I am making sure it is coming to life inside.  Spring cleaning is one of the best rituals we can do to renew and refresh, not only our home – but our well-being even more.  I am enjoying the process of going from room to room,  purging and cleaning.  As I have been moving along, I am also trying to find simple ways to add pops of color and trendy decorating patterns here and there to make my spaces feel happy and alive.


Lately I have been picking up colorful rolls of trendy gift wrap at HomeGoods and Marshalls. For $2.99  –  you get lots of affordable decorating potential all rolled-up and ready to use.

I made the organizer for the gift wrap in photo below.  You can find the post for it here:  How to Make a Gift Wrap Organizer

Instead of wallpapering an entire room or wall with a trendy pattern, using it in small doses, updates your space and gives your eye something new to enjoy.  When the trend fades in 6 months (sometimes it feel like trends go in and out of style that fast) it is easy to change out and add something new.

You won’t  feel guilty when you change things, as you didn’t spend a lot of money in the way of a big ticket item, like a rug with the pattern on it or a sofa.   Keeping the trends on pillows, throws, vases or to line a drawer or cabinet for a surprise pop of style keeps your spaces updated and cash in your wallet for major purchases that you can use in the long run.  I kept this in mind when I did a medicine cabinet makeover in my bathroom. It really isn’t a medicine cabinet – more like my skincare cabinet.

before: bathroom cabinet

Medicine-Cabinet-Decorating-and-Organizing Ideas

Contents purged and cabinet clean and ready for a Spring makeover.


I lined the back of the cabinet with some colorful giftwrap for a surprise pop of color. Since this is the first thing I see most mornings, it is like getting a shot of positive energy to start my day.

I have a confession to make… I am a skincare junkie – MAJOR!

They don’t have interventions for this addiction. I just know I have to stay far away…far… far… away from Sephora as it is way too easy for me to get lured in and enticed to buy a new lotion or potion with the promise of better looking skin.  I can pass up pretty jewelry, shoes, and handbags, but not skincare products.   My twin sister, Carol shares the addiction and is on a first name basis with most of the cosmetic sales ladies at her local Bloomingdales. She sometimes brings me free goodies by the bagful when she comes to visit me.

How to line the inside of a cabinet with decorative paper

I have always loved beauty products, skincare more than cosmetics. I think it is because I had such horrible skin as a teenager that I did everything possible to get it cleared up.  When I was in college at the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, one of my classes was to design a line of products and come up with a plan on how to market them. I, of course made a line of skin care products. I called it Everyday Essentials.    It was a fun class.

how to: line a cabinet with decorative paper

Decorating-Ideas-Using-Giftwrap Tutorial

Supplies Needed:

Giftwrap – Marshals and HomeGoods
Foam Board –  I bought mine at The Dollar Tree
Spray adhesive
Clear Contact Paper – Walmart
Craft knife

Decorating Uses for Home-Goods-Gift-Wrap

1. Remove cabinet shelves.  Cut foam board to size to fit inside the back of the cabinet.

2.  Cut gift wrap large enough to wrap around the back of the board.

3. Use spray adhesive to attach the giftwrap. Make sure is is smooth and use your fingers to smooth it out to the sides and then around to the back.

4. To protect the paper from water stains, cover it with clear Contact paper. Cut a large enough piece so it wraps around to the back. Smooth with your fingers to remove air bubbles and wrinkles.

How-to-line-a-medicine-cabinet-with-decorative-paper-or-gift wrap

5. Place the covered board to the back of the cabinet.  Replace shelves.  Restock and organize your stuff.

Ideas-for-organizing-shelves and cabinets

Now every time I open the cabinet, I am rewarded with a surprise pop of infectious, happiness-producing color and pattern where I least expect to see it.

The rolls of colorful trendy giftwrap can be used to cover so much more than gifts.  Try lining drawers or trays with it, covering books on your shelves or coffee table, storage boxes, furniture

What ways have you used colorful gift wrap to decorate your home?




  1. Sheryll & Critters. says

    That is such a great idea, how you do these still amazes me.

    Gift Wrap…. need
    Foam Board…. check
    Spray Adhesive… scares me (I had a close encounter of the worst kind & will ‘try’ 3 M next)
    Clear Contact Paper….. I got some a couple years back at Dollar Tree)

    Now I need the cabinet……. I will wait till I find the spot for this.

  2. says

    This is so smart!! (Duh, no surprise!) I, too, love good skincare (my choice is Arbonne) but didn’t discover it until I turned 40. Thanks for sharing your great idea!


  3. JaneEllen says

    Love the green paper with the gorgeous pattern, very now. You did a great job getting paper on evenly.
    I don’t have a medicine cabinet in our bathroom but could line the back of our towel/toiletries stand which sits under our window. No linen closet so we had to make some thing/place to put all our goodies. Good thing I have a handy hubs. Would really love to have a nice cupboard but never seem to find what I like that I can afford. Just need to repaint what we have for awhile. Your med cab is so neat and well stocked. Happy Week Gina

  4. Patti says

    I love these little update punches around the house, so easy! And I have to admit I have the same addiction to skin care products … I think for the same reason as you, I had terrible skin as a teenager and was very self-conscious. Now I fall for every promise!

  5. says

    I love this! I’ve been thinking of adding brightly patterned wrapping paper to a bookcase that’s in my kids’ new media / play space to make the room more fun. Thanks for posting!

  6. Linda Southworth says

    I was checking out at Home Goods this past weekend and remembered this post. I went to the boxes of paper and found a beautiful flamestitch pattern in yellow, green, orange, pink and teal. Just a pretty Now I am thinking of what special project I will use this for.

  7. Betty819 says

    I love this medicine cabinet makeover..seems simple but I have a question and I think I have figured out the answer but do you attach the foam board to inside of medicine cabinet or once you put the glass shelves back in, that hold the foam board in place? How thick is the foam board? It looks like it might be too thick and it would make the glass shelves stick out too far.

    At Michael’s or A.C. Moore, one can find lined pads with magnets attached, like for writing a grocery list on..they sometimes will be in a bin maked $1..and I often buy a bunch of those at once. I figure one could attach one of those to the inside of the medicine cabinet door and write down any supplies you know are running low or completely out and every day when you open that medicine cabinet, you’ll remember that you need to replenish those supplies.

    A lot of stores will stock large sizes of mouthwash and they are so heavy to lift in/out of medicine cabinet each day. I plan to buy a smaller size and when that container is empty; keep it to put fresh mouthwash in from the larger size. Makes sense to me..

    • says

      Hi again Betty –

      Thanks for sharing your idea about using the magnet pads inside the door. Great idea! As far as the boards to use for the back drop – cover poster board with the gift wrap if the cabinet does not have any extra room for the door to close if foam boards are too thick.

  8. Betty819 says

    Where can you buy the clear contact paper? It’s hard to find shelf lining paper anymore unless you go to a store that specializez in kitchen supplies only. Does Walmart or Target sell the clear contact paper or The Container Store?

  9. Betty819 says

    Found a roll of clear contact paper today at K-Mart..must be popular, there were only 2 rolls there, so I grabbed one roll. Now I’ll look at Michael’s tomorrow for that Spray adhestive. Thanks for your response.
    Have lots of gift wrap here..DH says there is some semi-gloss white here but knowing him, it’s been around too long. I’ll go buy a pt. and be on the safe side. My nightmare is the bottom of medicine cabinet..where the mouthwash and toothpaste get put..

  10. says

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  11. Cathy says

    Awesome ideas! Thanks for sharing!
    Just moved into a new house this week! Could you tell me how you did that storage of wrapping paper rolls on the back of a door. I am creating a craft room and that would be perfect!
    Thanks much


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