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Hidden Chic: Add Pattern & Color Where You Least Expect It

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Instead of wallpapering an entire room or wall with a trendy expensive wallpaper. Try using affordable decorative gift wrap in small doses to update your decor and give your eye something new to enjoy in every room of your home.  Plus… find out my #1 resource on where to find the best gift wrap for under $3.00 a roll.

As I go from room to room decorating my home, I try to find simple and budget-friendly ways to add pops of color and trendy decorating patterns here and there to make my spaces feel happy and alive.

Medicine-Cabinet-Decorating-and-Organizing Ideas
Bathroom cabinet before makeover

When it came time to add some style to the medicine cabinet in my bathroom, I got a very colorful and budget-friendly idea on a way to make it over.

How to line the inside of a cabinet with decorative paper
Bathroom cabinet after gift wrap makeover

I like to add color and pattern to rooms, but also areas where you would least expect to see it… like in my medicine cabinet.

To give the cabinet a fresh look, I added a lined back to the cabinet with some colorful gift wrap for a surprise pop of color. Since this is the first thing I see most mornings, it is like getting a shot of positive energy to start my day.

how to line a cabinet with decorative paper

Decorating-Ideas-Using-Giftwrap Tutorial

supplies needed:

  • Gift wrap – Marshalls and HomeGoods
  • Foam Board – I bought mine at The Dollar Tree
  • Spray adhesive
  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Craft Knife
  • Scissors

Decorating Uses for Home-Goods-Gift-Wrap

1. Remove cabinet shelves.  Cut foam board to size to fit inside the back of the cabinet.

2. Cut gift wrap large enough to cover front and wrap around the back of the board.

3. Use spray adhesive to attach the gift wrap. Make sure it is smooth and use your fingers or a plastic scraper that has rounded corners to smooth it out to the sides and then around to the back.

4. To protect the paper from water stains, cover it with clear Contact paper. Cut a large enough piece so it wraps around to the back. Smooth with your fingers to remove air bubbles and wrinkles.

How-to-line-a-medicine-cabinet-with-decorative-paper-or-gift wrap

5. Place the covered board to the back of the cabinet.  Replace shelves.  Restock and organize your stuff.

Ideas-for-organizing-shelves and cabinets

Now every time I open the cabinet, I am rewarded with a surprise pop of infectious, happiness-producing color and pattern where I least expect to see it.

Other Ways to Use Colorful Gift Wrap to Decorate Your Home

The rolls of colorful trendy gift wrap can be used to cover so much more than gifts. Check out 19 more ways to Decorate with Gift Wrap in your home to line drawers, trays, books on your shelves, storage boxes, and even furniture.

 How to Make a Gift Wrap Organizer

My #1 Decorative Gift Wrap Resource

The best place to find colorful rolls of gift wrap is at HomeGoods and Marshalls. For $2.99  –  you get lots of affordable decorating potential all rolled-up and ready to use.

When the decorating trend fades that you added to your home in 6 months (sometimes it feels like trends go in and out of style that fast) it is easy and budget-friendly to change out and add a new color or pattern.

You won’t feel guilty when you change things, as you didn’t spend a lot of money in the way of a big ticket item, like a rug with the pattern on it or a sofa.

Keeping the trends on pillows, throws, vases or to line a drawer or cabinet for a surprise pop of style keeps your spaces updated and cash in your wallet for major purchases that you can use in the long run.

What ways have you used colorful gift wrap to decorate your home?


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  1. This is so smart!! (Duh, no surprise!) I, too, love good skincare (my choice is Arbonne) but didn’t discover it until I turned 40. Thanks for sharing your great idea!


  2. That is such a great idea, how you do these still amazes me.

    Gift Wrap…. need
    Foam Board…. check
    Spray Adhesive… scares me (I had a close encounter of the worst kind & will ‘try’ 3 M next)
    Clear Contact Paper….. I got some a couple years back at Dollar Tree)

    Now I need the cabinet……. I will wait till I find the spot for this.