Decorating Your Home With Gift Wrap

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20 Ideas on how you can use pretty gift wrap to decorate your home.

Gift wrap is not just for wrapping gifts. It is my go-to item when I want to add easy and affordable color around my house. When posting about lining my dresser drawers with gift wrap this week, I was reminded of the many posts I have written showing how easy decorating with gift wrap all through your home is.

With so many colorful and beautifully designed patterns, a roll of it adds a lot of style to your decorating projects for only a few bucks.

20 Ideas To Decorate Your Home With Gift Wrap

  • I find the best designs of gift wrap at HomeGoods, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx.
  • If you can’t find gift wrap in the color or design you want, many of these projects can be completed with wall paper, scrapbook paper, maps, and even fabric.
  • There are no rules when decorating with gift wrap – all that is needed is your imagination so that you can come up with ways to add it to fit your decorating style.
Decorating with gift wrap
  1. Table runner
  2. Flower potIdeas that use gift wrap to decorate a home
  3. Shoebox storage
  4. Dresser top
Decorating idea for open shelves

5. line a cabinet

6. shelf backdrop 

Ideas for using gift wrap to affordable decorate a home

7. tissue box

Decorating with paper

8. magazine files9. matchbook cover

10. stacked boxes

Budget friendly decorating ideas

11. chandy shades

12. basket lids

Repurposing ideas for gift wrap

13. monogram stool

14. wallpaper

Budget ideas for decorating

15. cover a table

16. drawer pull update

Affordable decorating ideas that anyone can do food labels

Other uses for gift wrap that you may not have thought of

18. wall art

19. desk set

20. drawer liner

That’s 20 ideas. Can you think of other ways to decorate with gift wrap around your home?

Check out my Project Gallery for more affordable decorating ideas.

20 budget-friendly ways to decorate your home using gift wrap. | In My Own Style

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  1. Hi ,

    I am wondering what you would suggest to use for hinges for a shoe box .60mm thickness? And what type of brad or pin? Having trouble finding the right one.

    I love your inspirational ideas. I am doing antique boxes and more and love crafting. Your immediate assistance to the hinge and where to get would be appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Gift wrap is definitely one of my favorites! So many colors, patterns and designs to choose from. There are so many ways to decorate the home/update the look. I like the wall art!

  3. hi Diane I love the dresser top. Did you seal the paper covering with mid podge or something similar, Looks great against the paintwork

  4. You are one of my favorites! You’re so inspiring and your ideas are refreshing and doable! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much Jessica. It means so much to hear that I am one of your favorites. I am so happy that I have found an outlet to be able to share my passion with you and other readers. XO

  5. Thanks for the great ideas…I’ve never even thought of wrapping paper in that way…I will now! ;)

  6. I love each and everyone of these ideas and I do remember when you posted them… or I should say I remember the posts. My all time, very favorite is the dresser…… I so adore that. Maybe I did not see when you did that one, might have been the mirror or no, the 3 d wall…….. ? Love everything in that guest room for sure.

  7. I have two “Billy” bookcases from IKEA in my craft room. I put red and white wrapping paper in the back of each one and it just makes the whole room pop. I love this idea!

    1. Hi Darlene – I attached the giftwrap to the wall with Glue Dots. They are sold in the scrapbooking aisle in the crafts store. You could also use poster putty or even 3M Command Brand strips. Not the Velcro kind, but the clear refill strips. You can buy them on Amazon.

  8. Great project ideas and thanks for “digging ” them out of your archives and grouping them all together. This inspires me to look at wrapping paper in a different way.

  9. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. Really creative ways to use gift wrap. Have a good weekend.