Fast & Easy Wine Bottle Wrap

Happy weekend!  Do you have any fun plans?

I am headed to the Hometalk Meetup in Leesburg, Va tomorrow.  Donna of Funky Junk is going to be there, Karen, The Graphics Fairy, and Marian a.k.a. Miss Mustard Seed as well as many other bloggers and readers.  Donna is one of my faves; I wrote a post about her a few years ago.  Since she lives in western Canada, I figured this may be the best opportunity to finally get to meet her.

While I am away, Ed was invited to dinner by a friend of his.  He bought a bottle of wine to take as a hostess gift and asked me if I could make the bottle look a bit more festive.

I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it, but as soon as I walked into my studioffice and saw all the pretty, colorful, and festive gift wrap that I have been buying for a few dollars a roll at HomeGoods, I had an idea on how to make a festive wine bottle wrap.



supplies needed:

Gift wrap
Ribbon – enough to wrap around the bottle a few times
Glue dots or glue gun and glue stick
Gift tag
Craft knife
Clear tape


I found these all-occasion chalk board gift tags over at You can download them for free there.



I saved the download on my computer so I could use it again, but to save on printer ink, I used the “Snipping Tool” to just snip the tag I wanted from the pdf. I saved it to “my photos” on my computer and then printed it out alone.

Never heard of the Snipping Tool?   It is a handy little tool to have if you like to capture anything from your computer screen and save it.

I have a PC, not sure if Mac has its own version.   It is free. To download and learn how to use it,  click here.


1. Cut a piece of  gift wrap that is about 6 inches longer than the height of the bottle. The width should be enough to roll the bottle on until it is covered.  Lay the wine bottle on its side on top of the wrong side of the gift wrap.    Roll the bottle on the gift wrap and tape the edges to secure gift wrap around the bottle. Tape the excess gift wrap on the bottom to the underside of the bottle.   Cinch the top of the gift wrap around the top with your hands to form fit it around the neck.


2.  Cut out the tag and ribbon.  I chose not to use it as a tag, but a label.


3. I made slits with a craft knife on the tag to thread the ribbon through.


4. Secure the ends of the ribbon using Glue Dots or hot glue on the back of the bottle. Line up edges with the seam in the gift wrap.   Cut and then press with your fingers to make sure it is adhered and smooth.


5.  Wrap ribbon around the neck of the bottle using the Glue Dots to secure.   Using a pair of scissors, make vertical cuts 1/4-inch apart from each other in the excess gift wrap on the top of the bottle.   It will splay out creating a festive topper.


Before I sign off for the weekend, I have a new post up over at My Colortopia. With summer coming – you may get inspired to lighten up your rooms a bit.



If you haven’t heard about the HomeTalk Meet-Up in Leesburg, Virginia this Sunday, you can find out more over on the HomeTalk site.

Are you going?

Hometalk gets Funky Junked at Lucketts

See ya back here on Monday!

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  1. says

    Stopping by from TT&J- love the idea to make the hostess gift super cute- thanks for sharing. I love the way the chalkboard label pops on the pink paper. Sounds like the meeting you are headed to will be lots of fun with the awesome ladies you mentioned.

  2. Christy Keyton says

    So cute – and thanks for the link to those adorable tags. By the way, I LOVE the snipping tool – have been using it for years for all kinds of things!

  3. Linda says

    Thanks for sharing this great idea! Cute and simple, makes a great presentation. Thanks for sharing where to get the labels. Also introducing me to the snipping tool.
    How did you resize the tag after you snipped it from the others? Mine came out as a page.
    Again love follow your blog.

    • says

      Hi Linda – The default on most computer/printer configurations is usually a whole page. The software you use to print is where you would change the setting on the size you want the image printed. I use Photoshop Elements when I print images. When I click “print” a new window opens up where I can choose what size I want to print an image. If I didn’t do this – it would print out as a whole page. Take a look around your printer software program, you will probably find something similar.

  4. Jeannie says

    thanks so much for sharing about the snipping tool! I was unaware of it and I’m sure I will be using much in the future

  5. says

    Your wrapping looks so amazing that I wouldn’t want to open it… but I would probably cave:) I am definitely going to hop over and check out My Colortopia, sounds interesting to a color fan like me. Have a fabulous time on your trip!!

  6. says

    Why am I just now finding this amazing blog?!! I found you through a search for home staging tips. I’ve gone through several of your posts and I can’t get enough! Thanks for posting such realistic and budget friendly home decorating and project ideas.

  7. Mandy says

    How cute and festive! I have a party to go to tomorrow and this just may be my hostess gift! Thanks for the idea!

  8. Emilia says

    6 inches is an enormous amount of paper. I tried and it looked like some circus thing… I’ll try much shorter–that is what your picture shows anyway.


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