Behind Closed Doors: Organizing Ideas

Here on the blog, I usually show you the parts of my home that are in full view for all to see.  Today I thought it would be fun to show you a few things that are behind closed doors.  They are in the areas that I see on a daily basis that keep me organized, but that no one else who enters my home would see, unless of course they started snooping around, opening cabinet doors and drawers.  I have a few friends who love to do this and, if you are like them, you will enjoy. Behind door …

No. 1

I have shown you the fabric memo board that is on the front of one of my kitchen cabinets. Now you can see what is on the inside of the door…

Kitchen-Cabinet-Door…the household calendar. It is from Paper Source.  I love it, not only because it has a different chalkboard each month, but more so since it is a calendar that starts with August instead of January.  If you are like me, then you feel that September 1 feels more like New Years Day, than January 1.  Getting my new year up and running before Sept 1st helps give me that organized fresh new start.  It is where Ed and I put our schedules, appointments, weekend trips, events,  vacations, and reminders so we can keep track of each other. We each keep our own calendar, but this is our visual.

How to Hang a Calendar on the Back of a Cabinet Door:

On the top part of the door, hammer a small nail into the wood on an angle. Hook the hole or hook on the calendar over the nail.  (Make sure your nail is not longer than the thickness of your cabinet so you don’t punch a hole through it.)

No. 2

This is not quite a door, but a drawer I open a few times each day. kitchen-Desk-Drawer Desk-drawer-organizing-ideasI like to line my drawers with decorative paper; usually I use gift wrap or wallpaper. This wallpaper is no longer available. It is left over from this table makeover I did when I first started blogging.

In the shoebox, I save all the Business Reply envelopes that come in junk mail offers. I use them to create my grocery lists.  They are perfect since I can place my coupons for the week right inside the envelope with my list. EZ!


I recently made over my address book. I like the old-school way of keeping track of all my address and phone numbers.  It is like the song...make new friends, but keep the old... I have my gadgets and devices, but the old school way is so much more elegant and visual  – which makes it more appealing to me.

Pretty-Address-book I covered the outside with a leftover scrap of fabric and used spray glue to attach it.  I used a fun map of Annapolis, Maryland to line the front and back cover. Another fresh start along with my calendar. Can you tell I am a little excited that September will soon be here?

No. 3

This is how I store and keep my tablecloths wrinkle-free.  I hang them in our foyer closet that is right off the dining room. We don’t use the closet for coats since all of them are hung out in the garage where we enter and exit the house.


Last year, I edited all of my tablecloths down to only a few. I fold them long ways and then hang them over men’s suit hangers that I equip with cardboard tubes from gift wrap.

I love the red hangers…they are from my first job working in retail display. They say, Hess’s Mens Store which has been out of business for years. Seeing them always brings back fond memories of working with the person who changed my career path – Paul Kairis. XO


Simply cut a gift wrap tube to the same width as the pants hanger rod.  Open the rod and slide the tube on.  Close the rod.

If you don’t have this type of hanger, you can use plastic hangers.


You just need to cut the tube lengthwise, too.  Once it is cut, place it over the rod.


When I make this type, I duct tape over the cut to secure.


I roll very large or oilcloth tablecloths on the long cardboard tubes that fabric yardage comes on.  I make sure to always ask for these tubes when I buy fabric yardage.

I hope you enjoyed the little peek into what I keep behind closed doors and maybe took away a few organizing ideas that you can use around your house.

I am going to be “down the shore” for a few days this week.  To see what I am up to while there, follow me on Instagram, here

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  1. says

    Thank you for sharing your “behind the scenes” tips. What a great idea to use the envelopes that come in the mail! I am going to begin using that one today. I, especially, love the idea of using tubes on hangers to drape table cloths and fabric. I am going to “steal” that one, too! Have a great day!

  2. Sheryll & Critters. says

    Oh my gosh, oh my gosh…… you have finally got me to think a bit on my own. I remember and have been saving empty paper towel thingies……….. but you were right, they are wimpy. I keep telling myself I will have a slip cover for my pathetic sofa (kitty clawed). Anyway, you are so right about saving the tinfoil empty roller things. BUT…. big butt here….. if you take junk mail and wrap it around and cover it with the empty roller and then glam it up with cute paper…. gift, brown paper bags, scrape book or even cloth that is too small for a top……. YIPPEE!

    See, you finally got me to think on my own………. LOVE you so much Diane!

  3. Kim G says

    So cool about your first job doing retail displays. My major was fashion merchandising with a concentration on displays. I so wanted to work for JC Penney in their display dept (that was the place to work in the 80’s in Texas), but it never came to fruition. I did do all the displays for my first job at the Limited because no one else wanted to do them then decided I didn’t like working retail, so I moved to the high-tech industry instead. I love your ideas, thanks for sharing.

  4. Pam Fulford says

    Thanks again for all the awesome tips..You are the greatest!!!Hope you have a great time on the shores..

  5. Debbie S says

    Thanks Diane for sharing Behind Closed Doors. You have some pretty good ideas there. I will be adopting the envelope grocery list/coupon holder. I have always hated throwing those away; it just seems like such a waste of perfectly good envelopes.

  6. says

    Love your post. You must be from my area, Hess’s was a great store. I remember the fashion luncheons they hosted over the years. What fun.

  7. Denise says

    My favorite is the Annapolis map. Go U.S. Naval Academy…and your hubs who is a graduate!

  8. Valerie - Selling Homes in Philly says

    OMG I love the way you store your tablecloths! Why have I not thought of this before? I have tons of paper towel cardboard rolls collected under my sink, waiting to be used for a project that is yet to come along. Now I don’t have to worry about fold lines! Thanks for sharing, Diane!

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