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A Fun Take on a DIY Sunburst Mirror

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This DIY Sunburst Mirror DIY is an easy to make fun piece of decorative and affordable wall art. So easy to make that you may want to make one for yourself and few more with color variations to give as gifts.

I like to come up with ideas on how to repurpose ordinary things into decorative accessories for the home. Like this DIY Clothespin Picture Frame I made.

I especially like mirrors since they reflect light and can make a room look larger. I repurposed a dresser mirror to create a coffee table for my living room.  and a collection of dollar store frames to create a 3D Mirror Wall Gallery in a guest room.

I got the idea of using clothespins to make a frame for a small round mirror after looking through the Ballard Designs catalog.  I thought one of the gold sunburst mirrors they sell actually looked like decorative clothespins framing the mirror.

DIY sunburst-mirror-with clothespin frame

When an idea like this pops into my head I have to try it out. Sometimes my ideas don’t work out, but I love to experiment.  I am happy to say this idea to make a DIY sunburst mirror using clothespins worked out perfectly.

I was having so much fun making the miror that I also made a few more, each with a slightly different look.

closeup image of DIY clothespin mirror

This is the first clothespin sunburst mirror I made – it is hung on a wall with ribbon. I used the clothespins just as they were. So easy even a child will have success making this starburst mirror.  It is 11-inches in diameter.

Scrapbook paper covered clothespins creating a frame on a round mirror

This is a colorful version where I added scrapbook paper to each clothespin and used an oval mirror.  It is 12-inches in diameter.

Gold-Sun burst-Mirror-made-using-clothespins

Here is my totally glam version. It reminds me the most of the one I saw in the Ballard Designs catalog. I used gold spray paint, but you could use any color to coordinate with your décor.

Total cost for making each Sunburst mirror – under $5.00

How to Make a DIY Sunburst Mirror

I used hot glue to attach all of the clothespins to the mirrors. If you are going to make this a project for children to make, use Super Tacky glue to attach the clothespins to the mirror so little hands don’t get burned.

I found the larger mirror at AC Moore.  Michaels has mirrors for under $3.00.   You can find clothespins at The Dollar Tree, Target or Walmart.


supplies needed:

  • Wood clothespins with springs
  • Mirrors – bought at the dollar store
  • Glue – hot glue. For kids version – Extra Tacky Tacky Glue that will dry clear
  • Picture hanger or ribbon
  • Optional:  decorative paper, spray paint
  1. Carefully remove the plastic brown frame and handle from a hand mirror.

2. Place a dab of glue on each clothespin as shown above.  Open and close the clothespin a few times so the glue gets on both sides of the clothespin and then attach to the mirror. (Don’t use the glue I first tried -in the photo – it is too thin.)  Hot glue or Super Tacky glue works the best.

How-to-attach-clothespins-to a round mirror

3. Add glue to one clothespin at a time and then attach to the mirror by simply clipping it to the edge. Repeat the process until the entire edge of the mirror is covered.

Plate on back of mirror
How-to-align-clothespins to make sunburst mirror

4. Use a dinner plate to act as a guide to align the clothespins and center them. Once all the clothespins are attached, remove the plate.

How to Hang a DIY Sunburst Mirror


1. If adding a ribbon to hang – open a clothespin and put the center of your length of ribbon right up against the hinge and then close. This clothespin must be hot glued on – so if you are going to make this project with kids, an adult can help attach this “hanger” clothespin.

DIY Starburst mirror hung on wall with purple ribbon


Picture hanging hook on back of mirror

To hang without ribbon:  Hot glue a picture hanging hook to the back of the mirror, let dry before hanging.

How to Make a Colorful DIY Sunburst Mirror

Blue green and white starburst mirror

You can add color to the clothespins to create a colorful sunburst mirror. I cut decorative scrapbook paper into strips the width of the clothespins and glued the paper onto each clothespin.

How to Make a Knock-Off Ballard Design DIY Sunburst Mirror

Gold Painted clothespins on a mirror to create a creative frame for a mirror

This is the largest Sunburst mirror I made. It measures 14-inches in diameter.

Fun, quick and chic that can be made in an hour or less. Why not make a few to decorate your home or to give friends and family.

Mirror framed in clothespins and hung with purple ribbon
3 variations on a DIY sunburst clothespin mirror

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    1. Hi Karen-

      Thanks -It was so easy spray painting the clothespins – I used Rust-O-Leum Specialty Metallic spray paint in Metallic Gold. It is the best gold spray paint. I only had to use one coat. It dried super fast as summer arrived over the weekend and the air was perfect for spray painting – we skipped Spring here.

  1. Very cute idea! I love all of the different versions you made! And yes, this would be a fun project with kids. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Hi Pam-

      I used to be the mom who was always asked for gift ideas for kids to make when I was active in my daughters Home and School Assoc and scout troops. Even though they are grown now, my mind is still programmed to seek out kid friendly crafts that would make a mom smile. Even though most moms love anything their children make for them – chic or not. :)