A Tea Time Chat With You

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I am sharing a different kind of post with you today – not my normal DIY or how-to post, but more of a chatty post on what is going on in my personal life as well as things on the blog – as the online blogging/website world has been changing by leaps and bounds over the last month.

colorful travel coffee mug on table with computer next to it.

I love the hospitality of my Pennsylvania friend, Neve. She grew up in Ireland and always asks when you first enter her home…“Shall I put the kettle on?” Yes – please as there is nothing as cozy and special to sit down with a good friend with a cup of hot tea in hand.

I love hot tea and I carry my 8-year old ceramic travel mug with a lid with me all day long. I love dainty teacups, but I drink my tea slowly. If I used a cup without a lid, it gets cold too fast.

So let’s have tea together virtually. Take some time to make yourself a nice cup of hot tea or your favorite beverage and join me while I fill you in on a few things. From what I am up to, to the state of blogging, thrift store shopping, and more.

There have been a few major events in my life that had my blog taking a back seat over the past 16 months. When my granddaughter was diagnosed with leukemia, I left for Los Angeles for weeks at a time.

She is doing very well through her treatments and will be 4 years old soon. Thank you for all your continuing emails and prayers. XO. She is also going to have a baby brother in May, so I will happily be adding to my accumulating frequent flyer miles.

As I mentioned a few times, I had my hip replaced in the fall. It became very painful and hard to walk in June. It zapped my energy and creativity until I had surgery at the end of October. I lost my focus, didn’t get out much or get many projects done over the summer waiting for surgery and while recovering.

It has been 3 months since my surgery and I am very happy to be back to being able to do everything I did before. I feel energetic again and very excited that my brain is back into creative mode. I have so many projects in the works that I will post as I get each completed.

The most exciting project I am working on now is how I am giving what I call the more feminine guest room in my house a refresh. It is coming together so nicely. I will be posting about it next week.

I Am Craving Color!!!

dreary-winter-landsacape - lawn and lake

Winter in South Carolina has been cold and very dreary until this week when the temps reached 70 degrees the last few days. Everything around the outside of house and lake looks so drab and BROWN! The lake level is dropped a few feet each winter to help kill weeds so BROWN is everywhere. This year the lake went down very low, so low that our boat sat in the BROWN mud.

Happily the water level is going back to normal levels. You can see how low the water is still – it is usually skimming the rock border(rip-rap) in the photo above.

View from the water of lake house

This photo shows how green the yard gets once spring arrives.

Diane In My Own Style with hat on dock

Now that I am back to being able to walk daily for exercise I made sure to add some color therapy for my walk. I put on the brightest color t-shirt I had to help combat seeing all BROWN outside. :-)

I love being outdoors and always need to have sunscreen and a wide brim hat on because of the vitiligo on my face and arms.

I have bought many hats over the last few years after I started to lose the pigment on my face. One sweet reader’s husband even made me one. This past spring while on vacation in Hilton Head though I found the best Sun Hat for my needs. It is called a Lifeguard hat. What I love about it – it has a wide brim that is stiff and doesn’t blow up in the wind which exposes my face to the sun.

Out Thrifting

This past week I went out to buy supplies for the projects I am working on and to find a few pieces of decor at places like HomeGoods, the craft store and thrift stores.

A sign for the Thrifty Gift Shop

On Tuesday I headed into Columbia to go to my favorite thrift store where I always find good stuff.

wicker bed frame at thrift store

If I had come across this wicker queen headboard a week earlier, I would have considered buying it and spray painting it to fit my style. I no longer needed one as I just bought a headboard that I found online, so I passed this by.

frames stacked against wall at a thrift shop

I didn’t find much on this trip, but did come out with this stack of black frames complete with glass for a whopping total of $3.45. I have colorful plans for them that I will of course share with you soon.

Diane In My Own Style trying on eye glasses
I think LensCrafters needs to up their mirror cleaning efforts.

After the thrift store, I had to head to LensCrafters to get my glasses adjusted. While I was waiting for them, I enjoyed trying on the designer frames since glasses are a part of me now that I need to wear them all the time. (No fun getting older!)

My twin sister who lives in Pennsylvania and I like to share selfies we take of the eyeglass frames we try on with each other since we look alike and can get an honest opinion.

I loved the color of these frames, but the cat’s eye shape was just a bit too dramatic. I wish I could design them slightly differently as I like the spotted white color of the frames.

How Blogging Is Changing – The Good and the Not So Good.

I am not even sure where to start on this topic about how artificial intelligence is going to change how all of us use the internet, social media and online tools.

If you are a blogger, then I know you are feeling the struggle on where to focus.

I now have access to artificial intelligence (A.I.)tools like ChatGPT – where articles, posts on any topic and more, including artificially generated images can be auto generated in minutes. The interface comes right up on my computer screen. It can write headlines, titles, social media posts and even blog posts for me. It is not perfect, but learns more with each passing day. It is quite amazing.

The Good

When I was writing my craft room post last week, I decided to do an experiment and ask ChatGPT to write a post about “how to organize a craft room“. In less than a minute a full blog post was generated.

Free download to help you organize files on your computer right on your desktop. | In My Own Style

I was blown away, not only by how well organized the A.I. post was written with headlines and paragraphs, but how accurate the content was. I didn’t use it, but it did have one topic that I hadn’t thought of, so I added it to my post.

A friend told me that she used ChatGPT to write a condolence note. She said it was way better than anything she could have written on her own and it was created in minutes. She did tweak it slightly to be more personal, but she was sold on how A.I. can help us make writing just about anything easier.

So it is good and helpful when used this way, but there is still so much unknown about how it will be used and some of it may not be so great.

DALL-E generated photo of two vintage tea cups

Another thing that A.I., like DALL-E can do is create artificially generated images. I thought I would show you. I asked it to “create two vintage teacups on a table” in line with this chatty post about grabbing a cup of tea while you read the post.

Pretty amazing, right? The image may not be perfect, but it is very accurate in how it pieced together what I asked. It even added a rough configuration of a lace tablecloth.

A.I. – The Still Unknown for Bloggers

Most bloggers have always put readers first when writing posts and content for their blogs and social media. And I know I still will. We have created our own readership and community. At the same time we have had to stay attuned and follow what Google and search engine guidelines tell us to do to bring search engine traffic to our sites.

This may change now with ChatGPT and other artificial intelligent apps. It is coming to search for all of us in just a few days on the search engine, Bing which is going to use OpenAI. Then, in a another few weeks on Google which has created their own A.I, called Bard. I know this sounds like the future, but it is here now and soon you will be using it, too.

No one can predict how users will use the new A.I. features and how will bloggers have to adjust to these changes. Website owners already have a crazy amount of competition. But now that competition isn’t even going to be human. Instead, a website full of posts on any topic, complete with images can be made in weeks if not days can be created by A.I. Plus the computer-generated website will rank on Google above sites that have real-life, experienced people behind them. 

When it first became open for the public to use back in December, the answers were not as good as they are now, it keeps learning as it sees more input.

Imagine how smart it is going to be in a year. You may be able to ask it to “write a chatty blog post covering hot tea, thrift store shopping and the dreary winter landscape to sound like the blogger, In My Own Style.” It can be conversational and sound just like me. Only time will tell.

Have you tried asking any of the A.I. apps to write something for you yet? If so, what did you think of what it came up with?

if you want to try A.I. out, both ChatGPT and DALL-E have free and paid versions. For the free versions you get about 10 entries a month.

FAQ’s I Received This Week

What are going to do in your craft room?

My kitchen is small and we have thought about adding on to the house to enlarge the kitchen, but it is rather costly and we don’t know if we would rather use the money to travel more.

Both my husband and I have found that we are content with the kitchen as it works for our needs, except for one thing. We have limited counter space to keep the small appliances we use on a daily basis out on the counter.

white painted custom work table in home craft roomtable

We have been using this side of my studioffice as a Butler’s Pantry of sorts. We are seriously considering making it into just that. It is only a few steps away from the kitchen and it has been working for us. Now we need to come up with a custom design that will fit our needs. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Do You Still Eat Plant Based?

Yes, I still eat a whole-food, plant based diet with no oil, but what I eat has become more about just eating plant foods as unprocessed as possible.

plant based lunch outside
It was 70 degrees this week so I was able to eat my lunch outside :-)

I don’t strive to find substitutes or recipes for what I used to eat anymore, instead my meals are very simple – a sweet potato and a veggie, homemade soup and a salad or a collard green wrap filled with chickpea salad and soup (my favorite meal).

Not only is eating this way easier, I crave it. I will write more about what I eat in a day next week.

Well that is it for today. Stay tuned for my Style Scouting post on Sunday and next week for the guest room reveal and then for how I changed something I made when we first moved into the house.

Enjoy your weekend. :-)

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to tell me you love my blog. Your comment made my day.

  1. This was a nice and interesting post you did and it is this personal part of you, us, life that Al cannot really replace. If we as human beings, that used to use our highly developed brains, don’t see the damage we have done to ourselves soon it seems it may end us as thinking beings. We have already stopped writing thank you notes for the most part, everything is reduced to a shortcut language, and as many of people who have responded have said we don’t know how to use grammar or spelling anymore.
    Sending prayers and good thoughts for your granddaughter with her treatments. Congratulations on your going to have a grandson.

    1. Hi Pam – I agree with all you wrote about AI. I still find writing letters and cards snail mail style enjoyable. I hope to keep doing it as it us so nice to get an addressed envelope in the mail. Thanks for the prayers for my granddaughter. XO

  2. Hi, interesting post. I have always enjoyed reading your posts, seeing your homes and your projects, as well as your occasional updates about yourself and your family. It seems with AI increasingly calling the shots, I soon won’t know if I’m reading the real you or a “bot” you! Why do corporations want to remove humans from so many aspects of human life? If humans don’t have income coming in from their jobs, how are they going to be able to buy anything these corporations produce? Very unsettling, thinking along those lines.

    On a brighter note, congratulations to you and yours on your growing family!

    1. Thank you Sue – You won’t have to worry about my posts being written by A.I. It would feel all wrong. Where it does come in handy though for a blogger is that it can write pin titles and descriptions for my Pinterest pins. Doing these myself takes so much time trying to get the wording right so that Pinterest knows what the pin is about and will promote it in their feed. Having it do that for me is such a relief – a positive thing about the technology. I use to hire someone to do the pins for me, but it got too expensive – the A.I writer app I have now does it for me.

  3. Thanks for the update on AI, and what you did with it. also, Love that you are taking great care and eating plant based as it has done me a world of good. Excited to see what you have planned for those thrifted frames

    1. Hi Laura – I have two ideas on how I want to decorate the frames depending on what room I use them in. The hardest part so far is trying to make up my mind on how to proceed. :-)

  4. Love today’s post. You should do this more often❤️ I cannot wait to see how you create space that serves your kitchen and craft room together. I also cannot wait to see your guest room. As I have shared before we are hoping to downsize this year. I too yearn for a kitchen with counter space. We just passed on a beautiful twinhome because it didn’t have adequate counter space. Maybe your solution will help me more in thinking outside the box or should I say kitchen😊. Most importantly happy to hear about Zoe’s progress and a new grand-baby how wonderful. Oh I so hope technology doesn’t mess with the written word😔. I cannot imagine how the work of the bloggers will look. Thank you for all your hard work. Happy weekend!

    1. Hi June – I hope to make my idea for the extra counter space in the craft room work the way I envision. I don’t think we have to worry too much about bloggers like me who share the projects that we do. Where we will see A.I writing will be on the big sites – magazine sites like BHG, Bob Vila, The Spruce and other sites like these where they are not personal project posts, but are covering a topic. We are also going to see new sites pop up with no quality whatsoever. These are the ones I hope the search engines don’t give credit. Still so much unknown.

  5. Hi Diane,

    I love reading your post – as I was reading it, it felt like we were having tea together.

    Congratulations to you and Ed on your new grand baby – and that your granddaughter is doing well with the leukemia. My best to you all.

    1. Thanks for the well wishes for my granddaughter and reading my blog. I truly wish I could sit and enjoy tea for real with readers. That would be so much fun!!!

  6. I really loved this post! I am glad to hear you granddaughter is doing well with her treatment. I hadn’t heard about AI in the terms you presented so that was very interesting. I will be watching for evidence of how its being used now. One positive is if AI corrects spelling and grammar. So many bloggers’ posts have spelling errors and grammar errors. They are professional writers! AI may be a big help for everyone in that way!

    1. Hi Linda – A.I. for sure can be a good thing for writers. Lets just hope that is what is keeps doing and shady people don’t abuse it.

  7. Interesting blog post. I like the personal side of learning more about you and your family but it sounds like blogging just got more difficult. Hope you have a great week.

    1. Hi Nancy – I often think that I should write a post on the things that most readers don’t know about all that a blogger who is trying to make a living needs to do every day. It is a 24/7 job. I work by myself, but over the years have hired assistants to help take some of the load off. It is common for bloggers to have more than one employee that help with everything from social media, shopping for materials, taking and editing photos, even rewriting old posts to bring them back to life are only a few things that some blogger’s can get help with. Now with A.I. – who knows how it will effect websites. We will just have to wait and see if the search engines rank sites with a real person behind them higher so we still get traffic to our sites. Hope you having an enjoyable week.

  8. You don’t know how much I needed your blog today. I am a tea drinker also. It was so nice to sit back for a bit and see how things truly are changing. I am trying to keep up with the fast paced life and admit it is quite daunting. I am helping raise my nine year old grandson and I really have to be on my toes to keep up with the online activities! Thanks again for making my dreary day a little brighter!!

    1. Hi G – It makes me so happy to know that you enjoyed my Tea Chat post. Life can be daunting for sure. It does feel nice to be able to take the time to sit back and enjoy something simple like a cup of tea. Enjoy your grandson – he will surely keep you on your toes and in the know about all things online.

  9. Sandra Schneider says:

    I appreciate your point of view regarding AI. Well, I appreciate everything you blog about! I’ve been following you FOREVER. Since your girls were still at home. I started a plant-based diet early 2000, when I could tell I was packing on more pounds during Covid. I’ve never looked back! And I’ve found, as you have, that I’m not trying to duplicate meals from my former life. I eat very simply and deliciously. No oil, hearty meals.
    Thank you, Diane, for enriching my life in so many ways.
    Sandy Schneider from Seattle

    1. Hi Sandra my fellow plant-based eater. :-) Thanks for being a long time reader. XO! Like you, I could never go back to eating the way and what I used to eat. I no longer even crave it. Today a neighbor brought Ed and I Valentine cupcakes. I had no desire to even eat it. That would not have been the case 2 years ago. Do you have any plant based meals you enjoy eating? Right now, I am enjoying a bowlful of Brussel sprouts and an Asian sweet potato. I even eat the combo for breakfast on some days. Yum!

  10. I noticed your small Baggallini handbag in the eye frame photo. This bag has been on my radar as I am looking for a small, light bag that still holds a sufficient amount. How do you like yours?
    FYI: I enjoyed this post updating us followers of yours on a variety of topics. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda – I LOVE my Baggallini Everyday bag. I have it in black also. It holds everything I need while keeping my hands free. I have other Baggalini bags that I no longer use since I use the Everyday bag all the time. I like that I no longer need a wallet since it has compartments for $ and change. There is plenty of room of my keys, glasses and phone. I have been using this bag for 2 years now and it has held up perfectly. You can see it and all the colors it comes in here: https://amzn.to/3If6Q0N

  11. Oh no, I think that new technology will take my job away. I work in advertising. How easy to ask it to write a 30 sec commercial. My job will be obsolete. Yikes. Well I’m close to 60 years old, hopefully it doesn’t take effect right away & they can us all. Only a matter of time now.
    Love the butlers pantry idea. I’ve seen some beautiful examples on Instagram.
    Congrats to your growing family & your grand daughter’s health.

    1. Thanks Holly – I read an article over the weekend that listed the job categories that A.I when fully developed would take over and copywriting was right on the top of the list. Here is to hoping that it keeps getting things wrong and the human touch is still needed.

  12. Love your posts, Diane!

    1. Thanks for reading my posts Judy. It makes me happy to know that you are enjoying them.

  13. Susan Honeycutt says:

    Diane, I thought the cat eyed frames looked great on you! A cute Sassy style! They tied in with your cute hairstyle, I say go back & get them! I’ve worn glasses since I turned 40 & I’m 62 now. Happy to hear your sweet granddaughter is responding to her treatments:) Congratulations to a baby boy 👦 on the way!!

    1. Jackie B. says:

      I echo your sentiments, Susan 👓

      1. Hi Jackie and Susan – I have an eye doctor appt this Thursday and my just get those frames. :-)

    2. Hi Susan – I may get the glasses if I find at my eye doctor appt this week that I need a new prescription. They are fun!

  14. Congrats on the new grand baby to be! So happy to hear Zoe is doing well. Thanks for the update!

    1. Hi Barb – Being a grandmom is the best. I am looking forward to having two grandkids soon. Mandy is fostering a cute little dog for a couple of months, so I even have a new grandpet to love and enjoy. Hope you are enjoying being a grandmother too. XO

  15. What a lovely post! Thanks for the heads up on AI and Google Bard.

  16. Margo Arel says:

    I will tell you this, I would rather have poorly written, lame sounding note from someone that have a bottled AI message that required no thought or effort on the sender’s part. Just my opinion, of course, but when we start letting artificial intelligence replace our thoughts and deeds we have started down a very slippery slope.
    I think bloggers should be required to disclose this source and let their readers decide if they want to follow a manufactured blog.

    1. Hi Margo – I agree with you and think that most bloggers like myself who share the projects we do and our lives will continue to do so as we have always done. It is the larger sites that are already somewhat manufactured (perfect word you used) that I am sure we will start seeing more A.I written posts so they won’t have to pay writers anymore. Sad to know this could become a reality. Only time will tell where it goes and how it will be used. I read that some of the bigger national websites have been disclosing when their content is generated by A.I. I haven’t seen this myself on a site, put after reading the article about it, I guess it is being done.

  17. Diane as always you are keeping your readers informed. We are so so over the moon that Zoe is doing so well and y’all are expecting a new grandchild! Congratulations 🎉 I like my tea hot and nothing added. Hope to see you soon and catch up.

    1. Same here – black no sugar or milk. Let’s plan to get together one of these upcoming weekends. Now that the water is back up, we can even come by boat. XO

  18. Loved this post Diane. I’m not a blogger but I found the AI information fascinating. I like how you are so “down to earth” and someone I would choose as a friend. So excited to hear you will soon be a grandmother again! I’m looking forward to spring. I’ve started my Winter Sowing water jugs filled with lots of different flower seeds. I’m ready to plant lettuce and spinach seeds in my raised beds. What are you planning for your raised beds this year? Here in southeastern Virginia the last two days had high temps in the low 70’s.

    1. Thank you Vikki – So far for the raised beds, I am planning lots of purple kale. I only bought one plant last year to see how it would do and it grew better than anything else we planted. I will be planting a lot more of it this year as it is delicious. Tomatoes and I am not sure what else yet. Enjoy getting your winter sowing done. And enjoy the warmer weather this week.

  19. P.S. Does ChatGPT have an app for the iphone?

    1. Hi Patti – I don’t think there is an official ChatGPT app yet for iPhone, but I do see other apps using chatbots that are available. These are are probably not as well built as ChatGPT is. I am sure there will be an official one soon though.

  20. Hi Diane. Lovely post today. Glad to hear your granddaughter is doing so well and congratulations to you and your family on your soon to be born grandson. Always good to see what is going on at your lake house. Can’t wait to see how the butler’s pantry turns out. AI – guess it shows my age that I’m not ready for this new chapter in the universe. Great to hear that the hip is doing so well for you. Glad you can return to your favorite activities and energy levels. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Deanna – I feel as you do, I am not ready for this new chapter to change the way we do things. It will be interesting to see where it all goes – hopefully to do good things and not raise misinformation and other negative stuff.

  21. I LOOOOOOVE this post ! It feels seriously like I was invited into your home & WE put the “kettle on”.. just in for “GALENTINE’S ” day ! I did not know about the apps you wrote of , but I am eager to explore. Perhaps trying them out will be the “kick” in the butt I need to make blogging a habit !
    Before you added a comment about your adding color to your outside wardrobe I was thinking “she is wearing the color of the season”.. yep “PINKS” are the rage ! TY for inviting us “in”… and most most important.. Your grand daughter is doing well !!
    Have a wonderful day !

    1. Hi Patti – Pink is one of my favorite colors. When I see pink shirts I naturally gravitate to them. Since I stopped coloring my hair, I like wearing pink even more as it goes nicely with my silver hair. XO

  22. Diane, interesting information about AI writing posts or letters, etc. Seems multiple bloggers writing about the same topic could accidently “write with AI” the very same post with a few changes to make it sound like an individual blogger.
    That reminds me of a story an acquaintance told recently about doing her daughter’s homework. The mom would do the homework for the subjects the daughter was already doing well in. Mom wrote an assigned essay and even though Daughter laughed and said it didn’t sound like herself and the teacher would easily know that, Mom convinced her to turn it in. The essay got an A grade and Mom was thrilled. But what did Daughter learn by letting Mom do her homework. Why do parents think this is OK? I once had a school teacher offer me money to write an assigned paper for her teen! Of course I didn’t do it and I lost some respect for that woman as a parent and teacher.

    1. Your comment made me think how are teachers going to handle if the homework was done by AI or the students? Sad enough that some parents do the homework for their kids now a computer program may.
      Gail V.

      1. My daughter is a high school English teacher. She is very concerned about the AI availability to her students.

        I’m also wondering about human creativity. This same daughter is an incredible writer. (I know, proud mom talking here.😊) If she had had access to AI in her formative years, would she have become the wonderful writer she is now? I think not. The same goes for artists, musicians, inventors, oh my! My head is hurting now.

        1. Hi Kathi – I totally agree with you about how A.I. will effect students and human creativity. My head is hurting too.

    2. Hi Sue – I agree with you about parents doing their child’s homework. The kids don’t learn a thing. And you are right that if bloggers and websites that write about similar topics are all going to sound the same. Which makes me think staying true to our own voice will come out on the winning end when readers are bored by computer generated writing with no personality or personal style.

  23. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    I had no idea about your grand-daughter Diane. I’m glad to hear she’s doing well and that you are doing better too.
    A.I. apps scare me so much and what it means for us bloggers. It’s crazy!

    1. Hi Julia – I hope all is going well for you. :-) I am not sure how I feel about A.I yet. Do you use Tailwind? They do have a new feature called Ghostwriter that I have been using to write all my pin descriptions and pin titles. It has saved me so much time and no need to hire a VA to do it. So for social media I am on board for using A.I. It is scary though how big sites will use it and how will effect our bottom line. Only time will tell. Take care.

  24. Barbara H. says:

    Thanks, Diane, for this very informative post. I am overwhelmed right now with a broken water heater and a sick cat. Wish AI could help with that! Like Kat, it sounds scary and overwhelming to me – it’s already hard to keep track of what’s true and not true. Will AI make this worse? On a positive note, so happy things are going well in California. Safe travels as you go back and forth.

    1. Hi Barbara – How is your cat doing? I hope feeling better. I hope the trouble with your water heater is fixed now too, No fun being without hot water. Maybe when there are flying cars like in the Jetsons will technology help make a sick cat better or be able to fix broken appliances for us … and at no cost. :-)

  25. I really enjoyed your post, and I’m happy to hear you’re doing so well. You’ve enlightened me on A.I. I’ve seen it in the news, but hadn’t taken the time to read about it. It’s so futuristic. Congratulations on your grandson! More trips to California!

    I always enjoy your Sunday posts, and I can’t wait to see the guest room and what you do in your butler’s pantry. My husband took a closet in the laundry and converted it with shelves and it’s become my small appliance closet. It really works for us.

    1. Hi Heidi – Your converted laundry closet sounds like what I want to do in a section of my craft room. I am trying to decide if we should build a closet or make a wall of shelves and cabinets. Whatever I decide, I know it will be well used.

  26. This post has been fascinating to read, thankyou, I really enjoyed it. I don’t know how I really feel about all this AI stuff!! Is it good or should we be worried. Really hard to guess it but hey, it’s here… so happy to read your sweet granddaughter is feeling better now, may she continue her recovery. As for a nice cuppa, we’ll my kettle works overtime here, I wonder do you take it with milk and sugar or just black. Here in my house it’s always what I call the English way, but whatever makes you happy I say ha ha. Have a lovely weekend. Xxxx

    1. Hi Janette – When I was growing up, I liked my tea the English way, nowadays though I drink it black. My favorite is Twining’s Darjeeling. My husband Ed loves the way I make tea with milk and sugar and will only drink tea if I make it for him. He says I have the touch that he can’t seem to get right when making a cup of tea. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  27. Thank you very much for the background and insights on AI

    1. Hi Lisa – I have found it so interesting and it is moving ahead at the speed of light that I wanted to make sure readers were aware of A.I. and what it can do. Happy Friday!

  28. Diane,
    I always love your site as it is so refreshing and full of good and helpful information. It is like sitting down with a old friend!!! So glad that your granddaughter is doing so well, have her in my prayers all of the time, and how exciting for your soon to be grandson! A lot to look forward to and wishing you and your family much happiness.

    1. Hi Ann – Thank you so much for your note and prayers for my granddaughter. The spring into summer will be a busy time with a new member of the family being born and soon after that, they are moving, still staying in the LA area, but to a different town. I am very happy to assist with all.

  29. Diane- so good to hear from you. I must admit I am very frightened by what AI is going to do. The idea though that it can all be so completely seamless that you cannot tell if there is a person behind that or not-shudder.

    At the same time it makes me feel like an old fogey shaking my fist at the sky. Only time will tell how this all plays out. How youtube manages content farms (spoiler alert: they don’t), make me very doubtful that anyone at google/bing/etc is worrying about making it clear to users what is written by a person vs what is AI generated.

    Guess nothing to do but wait and see.
    Congrats on all the good things coming to you from California.

    1. Thanks Kat – II a excited to soon have both a granddaughter and grandson. In all that A.I. can do to help us, it is scary of what it can also do, spread misinformation. I sure hope that it doesn’t take over what good it can do. We just have to wait it out. Enjoy the weekend.