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How to Decorate a Clear Glass Vase into a Colorful One in Minutes

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How to decorate a clear glass vase to make it come to life with color and pattern in less than 5 minutes. This is a simple home decorating idea that you will be able to easily change seasonally or for special occasions.

How to Decorate a Clear Glass Vase in Minutes

Pink peonies in a tall glass vase with two-tone blue pattern gift wrap wrapped around it.

I found my tall glass vase at a thrift shop for $2.00. It has an overall textured dot pattern on it that I love, but when I temporarily want it to have more color and still be able to fill it with water for flowers, this is how I do it.

a glass vase, a jar and a piece of gift wrap.

To change a clear glass vase into a colorful one gather:

  • Tall glass vase
  • Smaller glass jar from your recycling bin
  • Decorative paper – gift wrap, leftover wallpaper, maps, scrapbook paper
Tall glass vase being decorated with giftwrap on the inside . Then place a smaller glass vase or jar inside to hold water and fresh flowers.
  1. To cut the paper to the right size to fit inside the vase, wrap the paper around the outside of the vase first so it slightly overlaps. Cut excess. Measure height and cut paper to this height.
  2. Gently roll the cut paper and place inside the vase. Tape the overlapped ends together inside the vase.
  3. Place glass jar or can inside, fill the jar/can with water and flowers.
Tall clear glass vase instantly changed into a colorful patterned vase to match your decor.

Since the paper is inside the vase and the water inside the jar, the paper stays nice looking and can last a long time if you don’t want it to be only temporary.

The nice thing about transforming a glass vase this way is that you can coordinate it to your or for an entertaining theme for a table setting centerpiece and not need a closet full of vases when one vase can wear many colors and styles.

How to Add colorful style to a clear glass vase in minutes.

When you tire of one look, simply change the paper to fit the occasion as I did here using a brown paper bag when we recently had friends over to dine out on the deck.

Ways to use leftover wallpaper when decorating a home.

Simple, fast and affordable decor.

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What’s Insta-Style?  It’s a series of simple decorating projects you can do in minutes by repurposing items and/or combining them.

You may not own the same items I show in the series of posts, but my hope is that the ideas will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own Insta-Style decorating ideas.

tall glass vase decorating idea using decorative paper.

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  1. This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it today. I always disliked looking at the stems and water in the vase. This makes me smile.

  2. I seriously LOVE this idea. So ridiculously simple yet stunning. Thanks for another quickie trick I’ll definitely use often!!