13 Easy Clear Glass Vase Decoration Ideas

How to decorate a clear glass vase or a glass cylinder vase to make it come to life with color and pattern, some of these clear glass vase decoration ideas can be done in 5 minutes. These vases will look beautiful on a dining table filled with fresh flowers when entertaining or to place a candle inside when decorating a table top or mantel.

purple hydrangeas in a clear glass vase with bottom half painted white

If you enjoy decorating your home, I am sure you have at least one or more clear glass vases stored in a cupboard or on the shelves in a storage closet in your home. If so, it’s time to get them out on display to add color and style to any room in your home.

The nice thing about decorating your home with clear glass vases is that they are neutral and go with any color scheme, flower or item you place in them when you use them as is.

Pink hydrangeas on a kitchen counter

Clear glass vases are classic, but don’t overlook their potential that goes beyond simply filling the see-through vases with water and flowers.

Most of these DIY clear glass vase decoration ideas can be easily done and then changed seasonally or for special occasions without any damage to the vase.

Here are 12 easy ways to transform your plain, neglected glass vases into a unique, decorative accessory for your home.

Clear Glass Cylinder Vase Decoration Ideas

Cylinder glass vases come in many different sizes from short to tall and look nice all on their own, but since they have the same shape, consider grouping a few together to create more decorative impact.

clear glass vase with pale green hydrangeas on a mantel

1. Add Gift Wrap Inside a Clear Glass Cylinder Vase

The nice thing about transforming a glass vase with pretty gift wrap is that you can coordinate it to your room’s decor or an entertaining theme for a table setting centerpiece.

There is no longer a need to have a closet full of vases when one vase can wear many colors and styles to fit your home decorating needs.

Pink peonies in a tall glass vase with two-tone blue pattern gift wrap wrapped around it.

I found this tall clear glass vase at a thrift shop for $2.00. It has an overall textured dot pattern on it that is pretty. To change the look in minutes to add color and still be able to fill it with water for flowers, DIY it using gift wrap.

a glass vase, a jar and a piece of gift wrap.

You can use any type of decorative paper – gift wrap, leftover wallpaper, maps, scrapbook paper will work.

Tall glass vase being decorated with giftwrap on the inside . Then place a smaller glass vase or jar inside to hold water and fresh flowers.
  1. To cut the paper to the right size to fit inside the vase, wrap the paper around the outside of the vase first so it slightly overlaps. Cut excess. Measure height and cut paper to this height.
  2. Gently roll the cut paper and place inside the vase. Tape the overlapped ends together inside the vase.
  3. Place glass jar or can inside, fill the jar/can with water and flowers.
Tall clear glass vase instantly changed into a colorful patterned vase to match your decor.

Since the paper is inside the vase and the water inside the jar, the paper stays nice looking and can last a long time if you don’t want it to be only temporary.

How to Add colorful style to a clear glass vase in minutes.

When you tire of one color or pattern of paper, simply change the paper to fit the occasion as I did here using a brown paper bag when we recently had friends over to dine out on the deck.

Ways to use leftover wallpaper when decorating a home.

Simple, fast and affordable decor.

2. Wrap Fabric Around Vase

pink and white gift wrap wrapped around a clear glass cylinder vase.

Make this Fabric Wrapped Glass Vase by simply wrapping fabric around the vase and securing it on the back with a dot of hot glue.

You can also use Mod Podge to attach the fabric. When you tire of it, simply soak the vase in water to remove.

Flower Vase ideas

For a more rustic look, wrap burlap around a cylinder vase and secure by tying a few strands of raffia or twine around the vase.

3. Dip the Bottom In Paint

clear glass vase with bottom half painted white. Purple flowers in vase.

Use Painter’s tape to mask off the top of the vase, then use brush-on or spray paint over the bottom half. Let dry and then carefully remove the tape.

If you would like to see a pattern on the painted section, once the paint is dry, use a stencil to paint a design on the vase using craft paint.

4. Splash on Multi-Colors

Easter decorating ideas using paint-

A Painted Glass Vase is nothing new, but when you turn things upside down, you can transform a plain glass vase into something that resembles a kiln-fired ceramic vase.

5. Use as a Candle Holder


No flower blooms are needed to fill a cylinder vase, when a pillar style candle looks just as nice.

Pottery Barn glass cylinder vase filled with acorns and large white candle on a coffee table.

If you have small items like acorns, beans, dried berries, beads or buttons, you can use these as fillers in the base of the vase. Then place a candle or flower arrangements inside.

6. Fill With Ornaments or Fruit


Creative vase filler ideas like placing faux snow in the bottom of the vase and filling with ornaments makes a festive holiday statement out of a simple clear glass vase. For the summer season, fill the vase with lemons or limes for a fresh shot of color.

7. Wrap It in Tape

Uses for Metallic crafting duct tape

Decorative craft tapes, even duct tape comes in many colors and patterns that can transform a plain glass vase into something fabulous. This Metallic Taped Vase adds just the right accent when hosting a party.

Recycle Glass Bottles Into Decorative Vases

Glass vases don’t have to be store bought. Head to your recycling bin to find clear glass bottles in interesting shapes to use as flower vases.

8. Display Lots of Smaller Vases


Create a collection for a curated look by displaying different shapes and sizes of pretty Clear Glass Bottles Repurposed into Vases along a mantel or window sill.

9. Repurpose Large Pickle Jars

Two sizes of glass pickle jars transformed into modern white dipped glass vases. They are displayed on a side table.

Copycat chic alert! Find out how easy it is to get a “Paint Dipped Vase” for less. No need to buy high end decorating catalog dipped vases when you can easily do this budget decorating project by transforming large glass pickle jars bought at Walmart to make them look “dipped” in paint.

10. Wine Bottles

Fall mantel decorating idea using what you already own

When you want to display tall flower stems or branches, clear wine bottles work very well since the opening is narrow and holds up the stems rather nicely.

Different Size Glass Vases

Having only one size vase probably won’t fit all your decorating needs, so when out and about at thrift stores, search to find different styles inexpensively.

11. Use Only a Single Branch

Nature crafts to make to decorate your home for autumn

For floral arrangement on a tabletop, place a single stem or branch with colorful fall leaves or greenery in a thrift store glass vase to make a simple, yet bold statement.

12. Glue On Cording

fall flowers in paper cord wrapped vase

Transform any clear glass vase to make this Rustically Wrapped Vase by wrapping cord, string or ribbon around the bottom half of the glass vase using hot glue.

13. Glass Candle Vase with Greenery

Close up of fresh herb and greenery DIY candle vase on a wicker tray table in a living room.

Combine two cylindrical glass vases together by placing a smaller one into a larger one to create this fragrant greenery and herb glass candle vase.

Where to Buy Clear Glass Vases

If you like these clear glass vase decoration ideas and don’t have any, you can find them inexpensively at thrift stores or purchase brand new ones at stores like HomeGoods.

For more quick and easy decorating projects like these vase ideas, head over to read my Insta-Style posts.

What’s Insta-Style?  It’s a series of simple decorating projects you can do in minutes by repurposing items and/or combining them.

You may not own the same items I show in the series of posts, but my hope is that the ideas will inspire you to look at everything around you with new eyes and ask yourself…”what if?” to come up with your own unique home decorating ideas.

12 clear glass vase decoration ideas image showing 4 photos that can be done in minutes

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  1. Diane-I purchased two very large clear vases from my work place when they had to close the store and can’t think what to do with them. Help


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      Hi Caroline – Didn’t any of the clear glass vases ideas in my post give you an idea on what you can do with yours?

  2. Love the paper inside the glass idea! Thanks for sharing!

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      Hi Cindy – Thank you. I have quite a collection of gift wrap that I can’t seem to pass up when I am at HomeGoods, so I can change the color and style of the vase pretty quickly to fit my needs.

  3. Hi Diane – We loved this idea so much that it will be featured in our Home Imagined Link Party tomorrow!

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  6. Love your idea of using paper to line the vase. I watch grand kiddos and had them make Valentine’s heart decorations on paper and inserted those. We all had fun and the vase is worth a million to me. Thanks for the idea!!!

  7. This was a cheery post! I especially liked the stenciled vase and thought the others were pretty, as well. Love recycling. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  8. I love being able to repurpose things. Thanks for some fresh ideas!

  9. Love these ideas Diane! As we prepare to downsize…oh I have a few too many vases😳. Love the paper lined one and I was a scrapper so I know I have seasonal papers. Great ideas!

  10. YES to clear glass vases!!! Thank you for this post. I learned a couple of new ways to use mine. Planning on something football/SuperBowl themed for Sunday 🏈

  11. You have no idea how many clear containers I have gotten rid of lately! I just counted 75 canning jars in my stash and 2 of those exact gallon jars. My wheels are turning, thank you!!

  12. Thanks, Diane! I have lots of vases and canning jars that could use this treatment. Hope you have a fabulous day!

  13. Rebecca Payne says:

    I love this idea. Thank you for sharing.

  14. Very cute idea! Will definitely try this. Thanks Diane

  15. This is so cool. I can’t wait to try it today. I always disliked looking at the stems and water in the vase. This makes me smile.

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    I seriously LOVE this idea. So ridiculously simple yet stunning. Thanks for another quickie trick I’ll definitely use often!!

  17. Betty Baker says:

    You are definitely not just a pretty face, you are also pretty crafty. Great idea,thanks. Betty from Ontario, Canada