Simple Fall Vase Ideas That Will Make Any Space Feel Cozy

It is the time of year to start thinking about fall vase ideas as the flowers in our gardens begin to fade. These fading blooms along with colorful branches of leaves look just right when placed in a fall vase when decorating our homes and front porch for the fall season.

It is the perfect time to make a simple vase to arrange fall flowers from your yard or grocery store that will make your space feel more cozy and inviting as the chill in the air begins to arrive.

When decorating your home for fall you may think that you don’t have the right vase to use. I want to remind you that you may not have to go out and buy a new vase.

Instead, save some money and try assembling one of these fall vase ideas that can be made using items that you may already have in your home.

How Do You Make a Fall Vase?

If you have a vase that may not look fall-like or is chipped or you don’t like the color anymore – change it with stucco patch to hide the color or imperfections.

Fall vase ideas using Plaster to cover a chipped vase and plastic pumpkin. Displayed on a console table behind a sofa.

Stucco patch or concrete patch can be bought at the hardware or home improvement store. These pre-made mixtures will make any surface look like stone.

Concrete patch will create a smoother look, where stucco patch will add more of a sandy texture.

The mixtures can be used over any surface, just not vases as you can see I used it to change a dollar store plastic pumpkin to look like it came from a high end home decorating catalog.

Fall Vase Ideas Using Twigs or Wheat Stalks

Twigs or wheat stalks will transform a basic vase very easily. When out walking around your yard or in your neighborhood, take a bag with you to gather twigs that are at least as long as your vase is tall.

You can purchase wheat stalks at the craft store or farmer’s market.

Dining table fall centerpiece. Tree twig vase with dried hydrangeas.

Cut the twigs or stalks to the height of your vase and use twine to secure them around a cylindrical vase. I made this a few years ago and bring it out every fall.

If you don’t have any twigs in your yard, you can buy a bundle at the craft store.

Easy Homemade Vase – Paint Glass Jars

For a chic & trendy fall vase to hold a flower arrangement for your fall decor, head to your recycling bin to search for a large glass jar.

Two sizes of glass pickle jars transformed into modern white dipped glass vases. They are displayed on a side table.

Dip the bottom in a gallon of paint and let dry.

Make a Fall Centerpiece By Using a Round Basket

Who says a fall flower vase has to be rigid? If using dried flowers to decorate your home for fall, you may not even need to add water to the vase.

Easy and cheap diy fall decorating ideas using dried hydrangeas and a basket as a fall vase idea.

Simply place them in a basket. If you do need water, place a jar into the basket first, then add the fall flowers or branches.

a hanging basket filled with dried fall flowers used in place of a vase.

A basket can even be hung on a wall to decorate your home with fall flowers or greenery. No vase needed.

Mason Jar Vases or Tin Can Vases

Why settle for only one vase for a fall table centerpiece when 3 or more will make a bigger impact.

Fall vase ideas using multiple DIY rustic vases made from tin cans and fabric.

Making your own DIY fall centerpieces or candle centerpiece couldn’t be easier when you use tin cans from your recycling bin.

Tin cans in any size look great as a rustic centerpiece in the fall. Wrap with a textured fabric and secure with twine or raffia or dots of hot glue.

When using multiple vases on a dining room table or a buffet, place pillar style candles on top of the cans and fill others with fall foliage or flowers.

Mason jars lined up in the center of a dining table are used a fall flower vases.

When you want to set a pretty fall table, one way is to line up a row of Mason jars down the center of a dining table will act like a table runner. Add real or faux flowers or even succulents.

This style of table centerpiece adds color and impact to the table while keeping the flower arrangement low so it doesn’t block views across the table as larger flower vase arrangements sometimes can.

What Can You Put in a Glass Vase?

If you have a large cylindrical vase and don’t want to see the stems and water in the vase as it sits out on a table or mantel, you can make a simple cover using a fall like fabric like burlap or even gift wrap.

Flower Vase ideas that are simple and easy to do using a basic vase and burlap/

Cut the burlap to size to go around the vase and secure it by tying a few strands of raffia around the vase.

Go Big! Use a Tall Pitcher as a Fall Vase

Fall vase ideas using white pitchers and tree branches from a backyard.

When the trees in your yard begin to change colors. Instead of snipping a few smaller branches to fill a vase, go big and cut a larger branch from the tree. When placed in a tall pitcher it will make a decorating catalog look.

Fall Vase Ideas Using Glass Bottles

Fall mantel decorating idea using what you already own to make simple all vases.

Save interesting shaped glass bottles from food products to use as decorative fall vases. Use alone or line up a few on a mantel to place fall leaf branches or flowers in.

Arranging Fall Flowers In a Simple Vase

An inexpensive and simple glass vase from the thrift store can look elegant when you place only a few branches into it. No need to have to fill it to look full. These can be real or faux fall blooms or branches.

If using faux fall flowers in a glass vase, then filling the vase with water will make them appear more realistic.

Nature crafts to make to decorate your home for autumn. Use a thrift store glass vase with a minimalistic touch.

Small Paper Covered Fall Vase

Pretty pink flowers on mirror table with a white candle and a bowlful of acorns.

Craft stores sell decorative scrapbook paper in many fall colors and even that resemble tree bark. Cut the paper to size to cover a small vase, can or jar. Use glue to secure it and you have one very perfect for autumn vase.

Create a cozy feel by placing the paper wrapped vase in a table vignette or on a tray that includes colorful fall flowers, a bowl full of acorns or pinecones and a candle.

Use a Crock or Outdoor Planter to Display Fall Blooms

Natural elements create fall decor on a white entryway sideboard.

When thinking about fall decorating ideas for flowers and fall foliage, fall leaves still on branches from your yard look just right.

Place a Styrofoam block in the crock to hold the branches. Look for dried leaves in bright orange, rust, yellow and red for a festive fall look.

What Can I Fill a Vase with Besides Flowers?

If you don’t have any flowers to fill a vase, you can make a pumpkin vase.

Making a pumpkin DIY fall centerpiece is 1… 2… 3 easy. Simply add some moss or leaves in the urn and place a classic orange pumpkin on top.

A white urn make into a fall pumpkin vase.

For a farmhouse look, lay a grapevine wreath that is slightly larger in size of the top of the vase or urn, then place a white pumpkin on top of the wreath.

Fall flowers and branches in a white urn on a mantel. decorated for autumn.

Mini pumpkins nestled in a flat basket filled with shredded book pages is one way to decorate a mantel where you have a vase or two placed. The mix of the textures says fall without too much effort.

Fall Candle Vase Idea

DIY Fall candle holders made from glass food bottle and popcorn kernels

You can also fill a glass bottle style vase with un-popped popcorn and place a candle on the top. If your vase has a wider mouth, stuff the vase with plastic bags and then fill the top portion with popcorn. Use a pillar style candle in the center of the popcorn to create an attractive fall candle holder to use as a dining table centerpiece or as decoration in a kitchen.

A Fall Vase Idea Kids Will Love

DIy Foam pumpkin candy jar that can also do double-duty as a fall flower vase for a table.

When it gets closer to Halloween and you get in the mood to make some fall crafts. Try your hand at making a DIY foam pumpkin candy jar do double-duty as a flower vase to use as a table centerpiece.

What Can I Use as a Vase Filler?

When all the flowers in your yard have lost their color, here is a list of a few fall vase filler ideas that can be used when you don’t have any flowers or foliage to fill a vase.

Any of these items also look nice when added to a vase even with flowers. Take it one more step and tie a pretty fall ribbon around the filled vase.

fall vase filler ideas

Many of these vase filler ideas you may already have in your home or out in your yard. If not, these items you can buy at the dollar store or craft store.

  • Candles
  • River rocks or stones
  • Nuts
  • Crabapples
  • Dried figs or berries
  • Acorns
  • Dried Black Eyed Peas or Beans
  • Cranberries
  • Corks
  • Colorful dried leaves
  • Miniature pumpkins or gourds
  • Un-popped popcorn
  • Snipped pieces of burlap ribbons
Fall Vase ideas that will make any space feel cozy.

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