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Fall decorating ideas and inspiration for your home.

What are the best Fall-flowers-to-plant-in-planters?
Fall decor bloggers home tours. Foyer and entry way decorating ideas for autumn.

Last week, I told you that I was keeping my fall decor simple. I still am, but moved some things around, like the fall printable I originally had in my kitchen. You can find it here: Download Free fall printable.

I also ended up buying a basket. I loved it and could not pass it up. I shopped the house to find a few more items to add some fall texture and color around.

Since posting this tour, I have painted this sideboard. It is now blue and looks amazing.  You can find it here: Blue Painted Sideboard. 

Tall vintage basket filled with fall flowers used to decorate for fall.

Here in my foyer is where I placed the new basket. It came in two sizes. I bought the largest at my local Kirkland’s.

I filled it with fake autumn leaves I had from previous years. I looked for it on their website so I could link it here, but I could not find it. If you like it to find one, it was right in the front of the store in a floor display.

Easy ways to decorate a home for fall. Small pumpkins on a tray of Navy Beans.

I removed these little raffia pumpkins from a potpourri mix I had that no longer had a scent.

Out to the trash that went, but I kept the pumpkins. To add some texture, I went to my pantry and grabbed a bag of Navy Beans and then poured them into the tray before placing the pumpkins on top.

Fall mantel decorating by DIY bloggers

My other small purchase was 3 Tiger Baby pumpkins at the supermarket that I added  to the mantel. More about the mantel decor in this post:

Simple Fall Mantel Decor

Fall home decor ideas for mantels

I love the orange stripes. I didn’t paint them, it is how they grow. When adding decorative accessories, adding odd numbers looks more pleasing to the eye- 3 is the magic number… not always, but you can never go wrong using 3 of anything in decorating.

Inexpensive Fall Decorating ideas using pinecones and items around your home.

Moving on… pinecones are something I have in abundance since our property is framed with pine trees. I placed some on a white oval plate and put them on the side table. These are on the small side and came down when Hurricane Irma blew through.

Note: If the pinecones you find are closed, have a lot of sap on them, or have bugs in them, you should bake them first.

Line a baking sheet with foil, place the pinecones on and place in a 200 degree oven for 30 minutes. This will kill any bugs and lessen the sap.

White decor for fall

I liked them displayed on the table, but then I decided to move the plate to the coffee table.

The black & white throw is actually a very large two patterned shawl I bought at TJ Maxx a few years ago. It is very soft, perfect for snuggling.

Table scape ideas for autumn. DIY bloggers fall home tours.

All the accessories on this table I have had for years, except the WELCOME tray. My sister gave me that. I always like to display my collection of doorknobs in the fall.

I usually place them in a wire basket, but I can’t find it. I will keep searching. One of these days I will show you my attic where I keep all my decorative accessories that are not in use.

Coffee table accessorized for fall. DIY bloggers Fall home tours.

I made the initialed coasters a few years ago. We use them all the time.  They are sort of a “semi-DIY” and very easy to make. You can see just how easy in this post: Handmade Hostess Gift

Lake house in the fall

Moving out to the deck. This is where you will find me once the weather begins to feel fall-like.

Ways to use raffia in home decor

I made a few raffia tassels to add a little chic to the planters. They are easy to make. I will write a post on how I made them next week.

Fall home decor using items from nature and your yard.

I also added two to the pumkins. The cut tree trunk I use as a table. I got it from a local nursery for ten dollars.

They even delivered it right to my house. :-) It is very heavy.  I placed it on a tri-wheel dolly so I can easily move it around.

No carving pumpkin decorating ideas. Add a raffia tassel or two.

I know white and light green pumpkins are the trend now, but classic orange pumpkins are one of my favorite things.  For my eyes, nothing says fall more.

Fall home decorating ideas used outside on a lake side deck

I bought the Lantana to place in one of the big planters that line my deck. I will keep it here until the weather really becomes fall-like.

They only had orange, but next spring I was told they will carry many other colors.  It is new to me, are you familiar with it? Does it come back every year in your planters or garden?

Do you plant fall flowers?  I have some pansies I plan to plant soon, too. They will last all winter and spring here.

To find more of my fall decorating posts and ideas: Fall Decorating Posts

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  1. Kathleen mark says:

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  2. Arcade Voice says:

    thank you for sharing such a nice post. The tips are very helpful to me

  3. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Everything in or about your house is just perfect. I love Lantana and the fragrance. If you enjoy the Lantana, you should try Verbena (I adore it). I have yet to get excited about Fall, but 84 instead of 94, today sure helped. Soon it will be open window time. We usually get a cold day and then hot again for Halloween, so we will see. You never disappoint me with all your gorgeous but doable decor.

  4. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    OHMYGOSH…love your decor….it’s not too much but little touches seem to bring an autumn pop in your rooms. I had the opportunity to paint with Annie Sloan back in 2011 (I think) in San Francisco. I put my name in a contest with one of her stockists here in Southern Oregon and WON (I always say I never win anything but I guess I did win this?!). She is such a lovely lady, inside and out. And was very encouraging to us who hadn’t done much DIY painting before. I had her autograph my apron and an empty ASCP can that I use for my special brushes.

  5. Norma Rolader says:

    I live in Georgia and last week did not seem like fall this morning though it feels like fall!!!! Thank you for sharing your home and awesome decor You have such great inspirational decor God bless and have a blessed Sunday

  6. Molly | My Sweet Lilac says:

    I’m gonna have to try the lantana after reading your post and all the comments! I love the ornamental cabbage with the mums – beautiful combo. Might just go to the store tomorrow to pick up some fall plantings. Thanks for the lovely inspiration!

  7. Mary Ann Howat says:

    Cant wait to see how you paint the stained sideboard. It has good bones. You are so artistic and creative.
    I love your white Pottery Barn sofa you labored over in pst blogs, but I would be afraid to get stains on it.

    You have such courage!!!!!!

  8. What a great tip about baking the pinecones, Diane! Happy fall!!

  9. Debbie Mayfield says:

    Your fall decor is beautiful! I am looking forward to cooler weather, too. It is hot and humid here in Texas. We have a cool front that is coming thru this evening. The temps should be slightly cooler with little humidity. Pansies are my favorite flowers. I was at the nursery just this morning oohing and ahhing over them. I hope to plant them in two weeks…if the weather is cooler. I made the mistake a couple of years ago and planted them early in October and they barely made it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  10. Cathy Clark says:

    Lantana is awesome, comes in lots of pretty colors and does come back year after year (at least in central Florida it does!).
    I’m with you, it’s still so hot here (low to mid 90’s) that it’s very hard to get into a Fall mood”. PLEASE cooler weather come soon!!!

  11. Melisa at High Falls says:

    I live on a small lake in Georgia. We’re almost neighbors. LOL
    I also have lantana that comes back, but don’t worry if it doesn’t pop up first thing in the spring. It’s coming; it just really likes the ground to be warm first. Those huge shrub-like lantana that you may have seen are usually “Miss Huff”, which is often touted as the most reliable to come back yearly.
    P.S. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years. I love that you are honest and real & I’ve learned so much from you.

  12. Katie @ Addicted 2 DIY says:

    Your home is so beautiful! Your deck looks like the most amazing place to curl up with a cup of coffee. And yes, Lantana are a very hearty plant. We have one in our front yard that we cut back to just a stump at least once a year and it grows back every year into a huge bush.

  13. Brittany Bailey says:

    Diane, your home looks beautiful!!! Love the tree stump side table idea. I might have to steal that one!

  14. Gail Vernali says:

    Diane, your mantle looks just lovely and I could so enjoy a cup of tea on that autumnal deck.

  15. I have a lot of lantana plants and they do come back in the spring. But they take over the flower beds in the summer sun. They grow so fast, that it is hard to keep them trimmed. Right now the two in my front yard are trying to climb the front of the house and we are going to trim them tomorrow. I live in Fresno, CA and we have really hot dry summers so I don’t know if that makes any difference.

  16. Carol Griffin says:

    Absolutely love your fall decor! Definitely my style! As for lantana, we live on the South Carolina coast and it does come back. We have the smaller, mounding variety in the “confetti” color (pink, yellow and orangy yellow little flowers) which does not spread and we do cut it back almost to the ground when it dies back. Sometimes it is hard to find the “mounding” variety but my local nursery here in Pawleys Island always has it. I did make the mistake of purchasing the regular variety one year and it almost took over our natural areas. Very hardy, heat loving plant.

  17. Jocie @ OPC says:

    LOVE that autumn chalkboard!!! xoxo

  18. I think being in SC, your lantana will return. Mine does in GA.

  19. I live in Texas, and lantanna is a perennial here. It loves the heat and sun in the south. Mine is sunny yellow.

  20. I think you could teach Annie Sloan how to paint! Kidding aside, I am sure that will be a wonderful event. Love your Fall Decorations!

  21. Love your “fall”. Lantana comes in a variegated type also. I love the yellow red orange variety. Mine is an annual here in Illinois.

  22. We live in Arizona and lantana is very popular here and comes in many colors. Some varieties grow low to the ground and need to be cut back or they become “leggy”. Other grow into amazing bushes.

  23. Heidi Mc. says:

    I plant lantana every year. Love it. I’m in a colder zone so lantana is an annual for me. It comes in a variety of colors. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your style and blog. I’ve been following you for several years. I think we could be friends. :)

  24. If you have deer the pansies will be their dessert. I have to spray it to keep them away from my containers.
    Lantana is great and the deer haven’t eaten mine. Some colors are more hardy than others. I have it planted in the garden and trim it back in the winter. Love your fall look!

  25. Lantana is wonderful and it does come back. I’ve had it come back in planters and in the ground. You can just cut it back after it dies. I’ve seen some varieties grow to look like bushes after some time!