5 Creative Pumpkin Ideas

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Can you feel it?  Fall is almost here. A chill is in the air – I needed to wear a hoodie when I was out and about over the weekend. It felt delicious!

I am also starting to see Fall everywhere I go in the way of pumpkins… lots of them… I enjoy taking a trip to my local pumpkin patch early in the season to pick a few that are calling my name.

pumpkin patch

I love pumpkins – they are one of my favorite things in life – their bright orange color, the nesting feeling they bring to a home, and the pumpkin goodness they can be baked into. I celebrate the day I bring the first one into the house, but one is never enough.

In my 5 years of blogging, I have posted quite a few ideas on how I decorate with pumpkins, real and fake. I adore them in their natural state the best, but they can be decorated in many ways.

This week I will be traveling to NYC for 3 days and am taking part in a Fall home tour that starts today over at Finding Home.  My post for that will go up on Thursday this week. While I am busy getting that finished before I go,  I thought I would celebrate all things PUMPKIN.

Pumpkins are the quintessential Fall decorating staple. Just think how much they add to the mix that make Autumn lovers out of so many of us. Here are a few of my favorite ways to add them to your home.

Creative Pumpkin Ideas

Pumpkin-Decorating-Idea that uses a napkin

Decorative Napkin Covered Pumpkin can be done on real or fake pumpkins. I did this on a real one and now wish I had done it on a fake one so I would still have it.


I made this Pumpkin Purse out of a fake pumpkin.  When my girls were little they would have loved it.  I placed it by the candy I gave out on Halloween last year. A battery operated candle brings a glow to the eyes.   Foam-Pumpkin-Carving-Ideas-Candy-Jar-on-feet-made-from-cabinet-knobs

Candy Jar Pumpkin and chalkboard is a fun way to have your own private stash of seasonal candy handy.


Carved House Number Pumpkin is easy to create with a Hot Knife.  When placed on a pedestal, a pumpkin goes upscale.

Autumn-Mantel Decorating-Ideas-

I made shredding for a basket by running old book pages through my paper shredder.  When you place Jack-Be Little pumpkins on top you create Nested Pumpkin – your very own little pumpkin patch.

Even though I enjoy decorating pumpkins – I do like them best in their natural state… simply sitting on my mantel, by my front door, and one or two placed in my backyard so I can see them from my kitchen and family room.

Pumpkins in all forms put a smile in my day. XO


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  1. Yes, I do remember these wonderful pumpkins. I want to do that numbered one so much. I like the fact that it looks so flippin real and will not rot. It is still too hot here in good ol’ Florida. Have you been able to do without AC yet up there in PA?

    When it comes to pumpkins, you definitely are the girl to go to! Then too, I can not think of anything you are not the one to go to for information, ideas and all. Do you know if Michael’s have the same foam pumpkin you used for the house numbers?