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How to Draw a Pumpkin Sign on a Chalkboard

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I like to draw and do lettering, but never really have the time to do more of it. A few years ago I painted the narrow wall between my living room and kitchen with black chalkboard paint to create a creative wall where I could have fun creating drawings, signs, quotes and more throughout the seasons.

First sketch of chalkboard art on chalkboard.

I created the wall not just for me, but when we have friends and family over. If I leave the wall blank, many pick up the chalk to start writing their names or to show off their drawing skills.

Chalkboard wall drawing supplies on table.

Recently, when my 18-month old granddaughter was visiting, she found a piece of chalk and scribbled on the wall at her height. You better believe I loved seeing those little scribbles and didn’t erase them for a long time after she left.

Anyway – this fall with the world in such a state, I have taken a step back in recent months to find the quiet place in my head. Drawing is one way I can concentrate on something that brings me joy. With football on the TV as the soundtrack, it got me into my fall groove.

I wrote a post about all my chalkboard drawing tips when I first started blogging and even was a contributor to a how-to lettering book, More Creative Lettering.

The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering by Valerie MC Keehan on a table with chalk and tools around it.

But for learning tips and techniques on all things chalkboard drawing, my go-to book is The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering. I like the subtitle the best…. Create & Develop Your Own Style. :-)

I bought this book a few years ago so I could get better at drawing and lettering on chalkboards. With each board I have created, step-by-step I have picked up techniques and tips to up my skills.

Finding joy, not perfection, is my goal.

Step-by-step is how you make anything happen especially when it is learning to do something at which you want to get better.

Each step will bring you closer to your goal – no matter if it is learning to decorate your home, to knit a sweater, become a master carpenter, or draw and letter like an artist on a chalkboard.

Open copy of the book The Complete Chalkboard Lettering Guide

The process is the same no matter what it is you want to do better….taking one step at a time.

Finding inspiration is always one way to start if you are feeling stuck. I found just the inspiration I needed in the chalkboard step-by-step lessons in the book.

I used one of the author’s designs as the base of my fall chalkboard design.

Open page of chalkboard lettering and art book.

When it comes to decorating a house or room, learning one step at a time and putting what you learn into play to see how it looks or works and then building upon it is the way to go.

Chalkboard drawing tips that make it easy to create artistic chalkboard art in your own style.

With each step, your confidence builds and you are no longer afraid to experiment with colors and styles.

When decorating a home, each step keeps building upon the last as you become better at rearranging furniture and accessories according to the principles of design, adding new items, displaying accessories in groups, etc. and then taking the most important step – editing out until you like what you see.

Close up of chalk lettering and pumpkin drawing on chalkboard wall.

Step-by-step is how you will get to your goal. If your goal is to make your home the best it can be for the life you want to live in it, then keep at it.

Fall chalkboard art on wall painted with chalkboard paint. Art says Farm Stand Pumpkins for Sale by the pound.

Over the years I have gotten better at lettering, but my drawings will never be perfect which is fine with me. I don’t do them for that reason. I created the drawing to bring me joy and the fact that I love pumpkins this time of year.

Seeing the wall every day will put a smile on my face.

Close up angled shot of fall chalkboard art on a wall in a kitchen.

This post is more about doing what brings you joy at home this fall, than just sharing a beautifully decorated room. I seek meaning and connection to everything I use in my house to make it the best place for both my family and me.

Fall Chalkboard art autumn pumpkins. close up shot of wall that says Farm Stand Pumpkins

What do you enjoy doing or seeing in your home at this time of year?

For you, that smile-making item may not be a chalkboard, but I am sure there is something that will bring you the best part of home.

That is the three C’s: Comfort – Cozy – Contentment = BLISS. :-)

Figure out what makes you smile in your home and then add it or more of it.

Chalkboard wall in kitchen

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  1. When professional football became a political platform, I stopped watching. No crafts inspiration for me.

      1. I totally agree with Hannah. Once football players started honoring criminals like Jason Blake and refused to stand for the national anthem, I refused to watch them. Sorry – no fall inspiration for me either. Otherwise, love your blog.

    1. Yet you felt the need to come to Diane’s always gracious blog to express your political opinion and to attempt to turn it into a political platform? That seems hypocritical to me.

  2. Diane, you did a fabulous, and dare I say, PERFECT job of creating an autumnal board. While I personally cannot stand the smell of chalk, I too am searching for my normal “fall joy mode”….I’m hoping it’ll hit by next Monday, as the day before the official first day of autumn is my gather and plan to decorate day! Maybe I’ll turn on the game next weekend and see if it inspires those cozy fall feelings. Although, I did buy Pumpkin Spice Fabreeze today….maybe that’s a start!

    1. Hi Carolyn – When the subject of chalkboards comes up usually you hear about people getting the shivers when the chalk is erased or someone runs their nails over it. Interesting that you can’t stand the smell of it. I guess you never can use chalk paint? :-) I will post how I decorated my living room next week as I am now in transition mode. I bet your Pumpkin Spice Fabreeze smells good.

  3. Diane- I always love seeing what you create! You are so artistic ? I feel the same way you do about the world and domestic events these days. So many bloggers started posting about fall decorating in August! I haven’t been able to muster any excitement at all for decorating but you’re absolutely right about football! Just the sound of it on the TV says Fall to me. Thank you for sparking my fall decorating mood.

    1. Hi Sharon – I love decorating and making my house look just so, but this year, I am taking my time and will be bringing in more meaningful decor to create my cozy.

  4. Love this Diane! I’ve always wanted to try my “hand” at creative lettering.
    Have a good week. xxoo

    p.s. Your previous post talked about doing a veggie garden in your side yard. If you want some excellent advice watch Garden Answer on Youtube. She has a gazillion videos and several on raised bed prep and growing veggies.

    1. Hi Vikki – I will take a look at the Garden Answers site. Thanks. Right now our biggest decision is where to plant the garden as our yard is dabbled in shade. I am keeping a record of what area in the yard gets the most sun. It may have to be right in the middle of the side yard.

  5. Diane…you are so so talented. What a fun surprise for your guests too. It will be fun to watch you transition the wall for the holidays and seasons.