Thinking Ahead to Fall Decorating

Notice the title of this post says… thinking ahead to fall decorating, as I am not quite ready to actually decorate my house for fall yet. It is still August, but how to decorate for fall has been on my mind now that the summer will soon be winding down.

I have been reflecting on past fall seasons and how I decorated the house.

I always plan ahead and this brings up the question – Can you decorate for fall in August?

Well of course you can! You should do what feels right for you or when the fall chills starts where you live even if the decorating world considers anything before September 1st to be too early.

I use August as my fall decorating “planning ahead” month. I still like to see summer all around the house, but use the “dog days” of August to think about how I want the house to look and feel so I will be ready to implement fall decorations once fall does arrive.

This year, I want to create an extra comfy-cozy fall look… as if placing an extra blanket of calm and comfort throughout the house.

I like to start with what I call my Early Fall Decorating Style Starters. Once I have these set up, the rest of the fall decor will gradually “fall” into place.

Remember the catch phrase from the 90’s… Cocooning?

Cozy home interiors - basket in a fireplace filled with maple leaves.

Being at home with all your cozy comforts around you to make sure that you have everything you need to live a comfortable life at home. This is what I always plan for as well as making it all look nice.

Since I work from home, it is even more important to me to get it right as I am always at home.

When I decorate for any season, I try to include the “whole lifestyle package” that fits my life, wants, needs, and budget. Life is too short not to make the best of every second of every single day.

I am finding that this is what I am seeking more than buying new “fall decor stuff” to simply decorate the house.

Chalkboard art for fall. Free printable with pumpkins - farm fresh pumpkins for sale by the pound.
How to draw a pumpkin sign on a chalkboard.

When fall does arrive and the weather gets cooler and life goes back inside. I get excited to let my inner homebody shine.

So, it is still August, but as you sit on the beach or are staying inside with the AC on because it is too hot outside, now is the time to plan ahead to make sure you have everything you need to make your home everything you want it to be this fall.

When Planning For Fall Decorating

Remember, when creating a beautiful home for any season, it is not just about the decor in the room.

Slices of sourdough bread by Alexandra Cooks/

Good sounds and smells wafting through the house add to the ambiance of a home as do many other things that make living life at home the best it can be.

The smell of fresh bread baking brings back fond memories of the fall season that I want to embrace.

So I added it to my life. I have learned to make the best sourdough bread and have tried many recipes that I make year round, but bread baking in the fall takes on a whole new meaning to me.

I found this sourdough starter has worked the best for for me and the temperatures in my kitchen. My favorite recipes are from Breadtopia and the Toasty Seed Sourdough recipe in Bryan Ford’s New World Sourdough cookbook.

I am sure you have memories of the fall season that you would like to rekindle. Think about what these may be for you and try to bring them into your life and home in some way. When you do, home life gets even better.

Foyer table lamp DIY on a table with fall decor.

When Decorating for Fall I Make Sure To:

  • Have cozy comforts in reach – good books, good internet, favorite music, as well as good food stocked in the pantry.
  • Add candles on the coffee table, in the kitchen and foyer. Nothing says welcome fall more than the soft glow of a candle.
  • Use my Spotify account so I can listen to music anywhere in the house from my laptop that makes me feel good all day while both working and just hanging out.
glass of red wine on counter with bottle behind it

And lastly, after closing up my computer for the day, Ed and I like to make sure we can create some “special evenings” in our weekly schedule.

For us in the fall, this involves watching movies while enjoying a delicious meal sitting in our his and her recliners.

For you, relaxing at home in the fall might be something entirely different. Whatever it is… make time for it!

Making sure I have all that I need to do these pursuits in the style I want on a daily basis is what is important to me.

My Fall Decorating Plans

So, back to the question, can you decorate for fall in August? In a way you should – at least in your head or making lists to come up with the best fall decorating plan you can imagine.

Decorating for fall this year has me thinking that the decor I choose doesn’t necessarily mean using lots of pumpkins, gourds, and plaid blankets, but maybe something not so contrived.

Come September, I will start removing the summer colors and touches around the house and will slowly begin to add items that will give a subtle ‘nod’ to fall since Fall doesn’t officially arrive until the end of September.

I hope that I can inspire you to create a home environment that fits your life + style in the best way possible this fall… and that is doing it confidently in your own style.

As the weather begins to transition into the fall season, whatever your life + style is, try to plan ahead for it and embrace what is important to you.

Make sure to make up your own fall season”must have list” so you will be ready as the weather begins to transition into the fall season.

Home doormat, bread and pumpkin candles. Text overlay says Living in fall style at home

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  1. The candles in your email photo would make good “witch’s fingers” for Halloween. ha ha Thanks for the great post. After over 100 straight days of over 100 degrees and no rain, I am definitely ready for some fall weather and decor.

  2. The candles are hysterical. Only in the sout!
    Now I want to bake bread. Going to try your starter. Which recipe should I try first?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Alison – I hope your knee is feeling better.:-). I would recommend getting the Bredtopia starter that I linked to and then going to their site: and take a look around. The guy is really good at explaining everything. I found the videos on the site very helpful. I think the No Knead bread is the easiest. Bryan Ford add toasted seeds that you soak first to the mix.They give the bread an amazing taste. The last loaf I made was the No Knead recipe that I added toasted seeds to so you can customize the recipes to fit your tastes. If you have any questions, give me a call or text.

  3. I enjoy seeing how others change their seasonal décor but I live in SoCal and I make very few seasonal changes. I’m about an hour away from LA, the beaches of Orange County, and the ski resorts of Big Bear. Our “winter” is cooler but usually sunny. It will be Oct or Nov before I put my “fur” throw in either the living room or the family room. I’ll add a blanket under the quilt on my bed and change the light throw on the end of my bed for a heavier quilt. The throw/quilt adds color to my white bedding and a little warmth at naptime but I don’t need them for added warmth at night. Even though I don’t really change my seasonal décor I am always looking for new ideas to make my home truly “me.” Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  4. Oh,man! I feel your pain regarding the candles. I never order, or send, candy, candles, makeup-lipstick, yikes!-or anything that can be destroyed in the heat. That does not give me a whole lot of months to send those things. I live in Palm Springs and it will be 107° today! My sister’s birthday is coming next month and I need to plan. Those candles look like crazy carrots! FEDEX, UPS, USPS and others have a heck of a time delivering stuff in the heat. Just having lipstick or makeup in my purse is iffy.

  5. This is super great!! I too don’t decorate for fall until after Labor Day…I enjoy summer to the fullest when it’s here!

  6. My hubby is waiting for a surgery date in September, looks like kidney cancer, so I am kind of fearful about fall this year. Last year I decorated early in Sept but this year we had such a cold late spring & even July took awhile to warm up, that I’m not in any hurry to decorate with my fall decor. And I’ve really scaled back on decor generally.

  7. Diane – Such an insightful post. I too have been preparing for the fall/winter nesting that will take place in our home. Unlike the early spring of this pandemic, we will be prepared. I have stocked up on books, paints for small projects and photo storage containers to finally organize years worth of photos. Each of my children will get a photo storage box and I will organize the ones I am keeping. I am going to save this post to Pinterest and maybe create a new board of pandemic goals. Bless you as we prepare for this next season in our ever changing world.

  8. Yes, warm, cost and simple is my theme. My splurge was a padded storage stool for my throws, it can with a tray on top be an extra table, also got matching open boxes to go on the shelf of my console table for extra storage

  9. I always find your posts to be inspirational and motivational. Just what I need to read, especially when feeling concern about these difficult times. Thanks for offering encouraging words and great ideas!

  10. Your post really struck a chord with me when I read it today. You voiced the concerns that many of us are feeling inside while living in this time of change. We thought it was only going to be for a little while and then we would get back to normal. But now we are wondering if the normal of yesterday will ever be again. So we have shifted priorities, and now what was so important to us before no longer is. Thank you for your comments, and thank you for allowing us to see that we are not alone in our thoughts. I continue to look forward to your projects and your outlook on what is going on around us. We are strong, and with God’s help we will get through this to view the rainbow on the other side!

  11. Loved this post. I think you speak for many of us.

  12. Great ideas, Diane, and a great attitude and mindset!

  13. I’m looking forward to decorating for fall also. But first I have to get through the rest of August at 95 degrees! For the first time in 10 years I will have a mantel to decorate!

  14. This is an excellent post. These past months have been overwhelming for me and as we approach this next season I am fearful of what it will bring. I think recognizing early on that we may still be in for a hairy ride is a good approach. My mouth is watering just looking at that bread and wine. I hope you enjoy hunkering down this fall.

  15. Thank you for exactly expressing how I feel about the coming months and our home! I find I am looking for ways to reuse what I have in New ways and your blog has been an inspiration. I am looking forward to more inspiring ideas in the future. You are my favorite blog to read!

  16. Thank you for your thoughtful post / essay. I enjoyed it very much.