Low-Budget, But Cozy Living Room Decor Ideas for Fall

If you’re looking for cozy living room ideas for fall or inspiration and you’re on a limited budget, I’ve got you covered.

Read on for creative ideas that can be easily done and will add a cozy autumn feel to any space in your home.

I have always leaned toward comfy-cozy style in my home, but in the fall, my need for a cozy space ramps up quite a bit.

Cozy has also become a trend. After making it through 2020 we crave environments full of tactile, cozy, furniture to wrap us up and project the feeling of safety. With lighting and accessories, texture gives a sense of organic materials that gives the impression of bringing nature into our homes.

I agree and feel the pull to make my home as cozy as it can be and prefer that the decor in my home doesn’t speak much louder than nature.

cozy living room fall decorating and styling ideas for a coffee table.
Coffee table styled for fall. Green fur pillows – HomeGoods

To make my living room feel cozy for fall this year, I decided to keep my white and woodsy color scheme and not use as many oranges, rust and yellow shades as I have in previous years.

Dried hydrangeas in planters on a fireplace mantel.

I kept the fall color scheme to a few warm colors and neutrals with the addition of a few deep olive green accents in the way of a few new pillows on the sofa and two small speckled vases I found at a local home decor shop.

For the rest of the seasonal changes in the room, as well as to answer reader’s questions like, how do I make my living room cozy on a budget?

I looked around my attic decor stash and came up with a few ideas.

Neutral fall decorating colors for fall. Cement covered plastic pumpkin on black pedestal urn.
I covered an orange plastic pumpkin to look like concrete.

My fall colors and choice of decorative accessories may be different than yours, but these cozy decorating takeaway ideas can be done no matter what your style of decorating is.

How to Create a Warm and Cozy Living Room?

Creating cozy home interiors can mean different things to each of us as we all have different tastes and needs.

Having our creature comforts in arms reach though is usually the most important.

pictures of cozy homes - pinecone balls on a table.
Pile small natural items on a plate or platter.

Coziness is also a philosophy as opposed to a style, but I think we can all agree that coziness at home feels good no matter what our style of decorating is we can all make our space feel cozy.

Soft Comfortable Seating

Form follows function is a saying interior designers use that holds merit when creating a cozy room for fall.

Make sure you have a comfortable place for every family member to sit to read, relax or watch TV.

Soft comfortable furniture in living room.
A comfy seat, a fur throw and a place for a candle = Cozy

Mix Accent Pieces

Fall is the time when layers of colors and textures really look perfect when placed together.

Dried hydrangeas in a basket for cozy living room for fall.

Instead of the usual ceramic planter I use on the console table behind my sofa, I used a basket and filled it with a mix of faux and real foliage to create a dried flower arrangement.

I usually use the spray painted the stack of books as lifts for small decorative accessories, but stood them up instead for a slightly different look.

Make the Fireplace the Focal Point

Mantel decor ideas for a cozy home

I know everyone doesn’t have a fireplace in their living room, but if you do, fall is the time to make it the focal point of the room.

Fireplace wood storage in living room.
  • Add logs in the firebox.
  • Decorate the mantel with a collection of candles, vases and dried flowers.
  • If you have any metal accessories, a little shine in the way of warm copper, pewter, or brass will create a mice textural contrast and a cozy accent.

Add Layers

Adding soft layers and different textures on all surfaces will cozy up a room in no time.

Cozy living room colors for fall decor

I don’t have plush carpets in my living room that can add the feeling of warmth to a room.

wood bead strand in a dough bowl on a coffee table

I do however have an insulated layer in the way of a large seagrass area rug that does warm up the hardwood floors.

This area rug has the added bonus of adding a layer of woven texture as well.

  • Even if you have wall-to-wall carpeting, adding an area rug over it in the center of the room will amp up the cozy.

Soft Lighting

Cozy home interiors - basket in a fireplace filled with maple leaves.

A cozy fall room needs just the right lighting that creates a warm glow. If the ambiance feels off in your room, try changing the lighting.

This can easily be done by bringing in a table lamp from another room into the space.

  • Experiment with different types and style of light bulbs to achieve a cozy feel.

Other ways to add just the right cozy mood lighting:

  • Try not to rely on a center ceiling light to light a room. If you do, consider adding a dimmer switch to the fixture.
  • Add real or battery-operated candles along a mantel or on a table to create just the right mood lighting or to create a warm glow.

Add an Accent Wall or Accent Color

Cozy living room colors for fall decor

Remember that cozy home decor doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to introduce a moody color into the room.

You don’t need to have dark walls or use dark colors to create the feeling of warmth and comfort.

In rooms with light and bright colors, adding more layers to the room will add the same feeling of cozy.

I added barnwood paneling to two walls as an accent to the room, the rest of the walls in the open concept space with the kitchen are white.

Display a Vintage Collection or Items from Nature

Do you have a collection of vintage items that you can put out on display? Get it out from a storage box and use it as decor.

Vintage and the season of autumn just seem to go together perfectly, even if it is added in a small way.

acorns in a bowl
  • A collection of vintage pitchers placed across a mantel or console table.
  • Fill a low-sided bowl with a collection of matchbooks

If you pay attention to how you spend time in your living room first, then plan your decor around these, your space will not only look and function better…

…but it will also feel just the right “type of cozy” to fit the needs of your family and your decorating style.

Moody cozy style for a living room without pumpkins.

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  1. Your fall decor is very cozy and welcoming. Love the green pillow from HomeGoods and those green speckled vases are fabulous!! Does the local decor shop you mentioned do mail orders?? I will try and Google green speckled vases and see what comes up.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Deanna – The shop I purchased the vases sadly went out of business recently. :-( I think Covid didn’t help them keep a steady flow of customers. I did find the vases online, but it may be a wholesale site or a member site. You can find it here: https://bit.ly/3vxE4k1

  2. Hi Diane: I love your fall decorating ideas!! Very simple yet so elegant!

    One of my favourite seasons is fall in all its natural beauty and how I hate to see it go.

    I hope you and your family are well and especially little Zoe.

    Take care Diane.

  3. Hey Diane, where did your green throw pillow, on the sofa, come from?
    Thank you!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Amy – I got the green fur pillows at HomeGoods. They are ultra-soft- I love them.