Fall Home Decorating Ideas

Fall decorating ideas for every room of your home so you will be ready for the arrival of the cozy autumn season.

Come in and get cozy orange fall door mat on a homes front porch entry

Today I am taking part in the Seasonal Simplicity Bloggers Fall Home Tour. It is a week long tour showcasing 40+ homes dressed and ready for fall to help inspire you with all kinds of ideas for your own fall decor.

I am a fan of using the color orange to decorate my home for fall.

To me, nothing says autumn more than an orange pumpkin, orange mums, orange foliage and more. I enjoy seeing the vibrant color when I look around the house.

It is energizing and makes me smile with fond memories of growing up in a home that was always colorful, but warm and cozy to settle into when the outdoor temps began to drop.

It's Fall You All Written on Small Chalkboards on a mantel

When I begin to change the decor, I don’t go overboard, but do like to create something unique on the mantel by repurposing items I already own.

I kept the glass cabinet door (curbside find) that I painted navy and laid on its side that I used last fall and this past spring and summer.

Fall leaves in basket placed in an unused fireplace.

I removed greenery and the flowers and in their place I added a mix of faux fall foliage and chalkboards – also repurposed from another project. White pitchers and a clear wine bottle complete the look.

For anyone who would like to know more about how I made the chalkboards and attached them to the navy cabinet door. I will be posting the how-to on Wednesday this week.

Seeing rust and orange and the comfy texture of a velvet orange throw pillow makes my color-loving brain happy.

Bloggers Fall home tour living room decorated in fall colors of orange and brown with a navy accent.

Along the wall next to the mantel is the sofa where I played around with throws and pillow covers to see where I like them better. It will never stay the same – I move the throws and pillows to other seating when needed.

Even my daughter’s dog who was visiting over the weekend, coordinates with the decor.

Fall leaves in basket placed in an unused fireplace.

Until the weather changes – it is still in the 90’s, I place a basket in the fireplace filled with faux fall leaves. Once the temps drop, I will remove the basket and we will use the fireplace to add cool weather ambiance to the room.

Decorating TIP: When placing faux flowers or foliage into a large basket:

  • Fill the basket with plastic bags from the grocery store. Bunch them up and fill the basket – 3/4’s of the way full, then place faux foliage in the basket. When you do this, you will not need as many branches of faux or even real flowers or foliage to make the basket appear full.
Leather throw pillow on sofa in fall decorated room

I did buy two new pillow covers. I wanted to add a leather pillow on this side of the room to balance the two leather recliners that are in front of the fireplace.

Pottery Barn Fall Pillow Cover on a sofa

And this textured one that is thick and plush… adding to the comfy cozy factor.

diy wood block frames painted in fall colors

I made these fall-colored photo blocks so I could easily change photos.

DIY Fall candle holders made from glass food bottle and popcorn kernels

On the coffee table, I made fall inspired candle holders using items from my pantry.

Pretty pink flowers on mirror table with a white candle and a bowlful of acorns.

On the side table, I added some deep pink in the way of fall flowers from the grocery store as a little surprise pop of color.

2 window sashes mounted on a wall to create a tall wall mirror. Fall wreath on center.

Out in the foyer on the DIY window sash mirror I made, I hung the wreath I used last year on my mantel.

I concentrate my fall decor in my living room and foyer, but also like to add a few fall touches to my kitchen like this low dried hydrangea arrangement for my dining table that I made using a collapsible basket and hydrangeas from my yard.

Paper mini pumpkins in a long wood bowl

I filled the dough bowl behind the sofa with faux mini pumpkins that I bought at TJMaxx a few years ago.

Since it is still early and fall hasn’t even arrived yet, I will probably be adding, moving and changing a few things around the rooms until I achieve just the right comfy-cozy factor to help me begin the nesting season.

Do you like to decorate with vibrant fall colors or do you prefer another cozy color or neutral color scheme when decorating your home for fall?


Blue sideboard in a home's entry foyer with fall door mat in front of it that says, come in and get cozy.

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  1. Frances Batson says:

    I love your orange! I have it too. Love the colors of fall.

  2. Love the dark blue color of the chest In Tuesday’s post. Would you share the paint color please?

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Denise – I wrote a post about how I painted the sideboard the dark blue color called DC Blue. You can find it here: https://bit.ly/2DKGXb6

  3. Beautiful pics, and what a wonderful approach to decor. Not only is repurposing items great for the environment and for the budget, but also it keeps things exciting from one season to the next as it allows for different decor in different seasons. By the way, the bowl of acorns is so cute – perfect for fall. I can’t help but imagine putting one outside each day for a squirrel.

  4. Niki Jones says:

    Diane, We can feel the coziness of your home. The ideas behind overhaul are awesome.

  5. Gorgeous Diane! I love how you decorated for fall…I’m with you, I love orange in autumn decor…it’s classic and cozy!

  6. Sandi from Wisconsin says:

    Love your use of real corn seed, acorns, and colorful leaves, besides the normal pumpkins. Very clever!

  7. Rhonda Hallstrom says:

    Love the doormat!

  8. I love all the pops of colour, that leather pillow cover, and the tips you provided on your tour, Diane. And it must be comfortable if the dog likes it! Happy Fall.

  9. I went to Joann.com and found the Cozy doormat for $8. Great sale!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – I got mine on sale also, but not $8. That is a great deal for such a cute fall doormat.

  10. I love the fall touches and you encourage the budget-minded decorating that so many can use. Someone told me once that anyone can decorate if they have a lot of money. since I don’t , that was discouraging. You speak to my sensibilities with your absolutely beautiful decorating skills, and that no nonsense AND no apology reuse of past decor. Again, a big thank-you.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Debbie – Thank you for taking the time to comment to tell me that I speak to your sensibilities. This is so nice to hear. I always try to stay true to myself and not feel that I have to be part of the crowd or need to do what every other DIY decorating blogger is doing. :-) Your comment means a lot to me.

  11. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Every fall decor item looks beautiful! I’ve been in love with the orange, velvet pillow since you showed it.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sheryll – I love my orange velvet pillow. I think I bought it at World Market. It is very smoochy and soft and great to cuddle up with when watching TV or reading.

  12. I love your decor, Diane! It does feel cozy and inviting. Your granddaughter is precious beyond words, too! Good job!!

  13. cassie bustamante says:

    your home is just so happy! i love the additions of the orange to your space and love that get cozy mat!

  14. Abby Lawson says:

    Love your gorgeous fall touches, Diane! The orange and navy is such a beautiful combination. So fun being “on tour” with you this week!