Chalkboard Tile Place Cards & Holders

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How to make chalkboard or glass tile place card holders for table place settings or to use to place in front of food on a buffet table so guests will know what every dish, plate or platter being served is.

Unique dining table place cards made using a popular board game and two types of craft store letter tiles – rustic and modern.


Last week you got a sneak peek at the wood chalkboard tile place cards I made to go on my newly transformed dining room table.   I was inspired to make them after seeing something similar at Pottery Barn on a display table setting.


I could have used Scrabble tiles and left well enough alone, but I wanted to match the driftwood finish of the table to the place card holders.  I also like the contrast of the black chalkboard finish against the wood, so I made my own.


They can also be used on a buffet table to label the dishes you are serving.


I like the look of the Scrabble tiles, too – very classic,  but you are limited to the letters that come with the game. When you make chalkboard tiles, you can create any letters you need and can easily change them by simply wiping off the chalk.

How to Make Wood Chalkboard Tile Place Cards and Holders

supplies needed:

  • Package of wood alphabet tiles  – I found mine at AC Moore. They are made by Lara’s Crafts   – 3/4 in. Alphabet Tiles.  You can also buy them on this Etsy site for $3.50 a pack.
  • Black chalkboard spray paint
  • Base Molding – 5/8” x 1-1/8” or 3/4 x 1 -/8″ .  I  cut mine into 7 – inch sections
  • Miter box and saw
  • Driftwood stain
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint brush
  • White Chalk

1. To make the tiles, simply spray black chalkboard paint on wood alphabet tiles.  Apply 2 coats.  Let dry.


To make the tile holders I used base molding that I bought at the home improvement store.   Make sure you get the type with the indent. It is needed to hold the tiles in place. I used Base Molding – 5/8” x 1-1/8”.   3/4 x 1 -/8 will work, too.


2.  Cut base molding into desired lengths.  The Scrabble holders are 7” long, so that is how long I made mine.  Sand the cut edges with a piece of medium grit sandpaper.


3. Apply one coat of driftwood stain, let dry.  Re-apply if needed to darken.   You can read all about driftwood stain in this post.


4. Write the letters you need for each name on the tiles with a piece of chalk and place in the holder.   Since the tiles are small, I chiseled the tip of the chalk to a point with a knife to make it easier to write on the tiles.

white glass Scrabble tiles

P.S. Look what I found at Michaels!!!  Glass Alphabet Tiles. They were in the mosaic aisle!  Aren’t they fabulous! Love that I can have white shiny or black or white names now on the place card holders.


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    1. Love this idea, but can not find the base molding at our local home improvement store. What home improvement type store did you get the base molding in?

  1. Scrabble games another thing I collect at yardsales and thrift stores just for the tiles. Loving the place card ideas, I was discarding the wooden tile holders, darn it. Won’t do that anymore. You are so clever!

    1. Hi Jaye – I am enjoying reading all of your comments. XO Thanks for voting. I truly appreciate all of your efforts. I am going to be in your area in May. Anna Maria Island for a 4 day blog getaway. How far is that from you?

  2. Hi Diane,
    Thanks for taking the time out of your always busy schedule to let me know. Enjoy your Thanksgiving. Here in Canada it has already come and gone.

  3. Hi,
    The entire post is just great! For glass tiles, did they come with the letters on them. If not, what did you use?
    Thanks for sharing,

  4. I just had a brainstorm! You could make a matching set of chalkboard wine charms. :) I think I will make some for last minute hostess gifts. Thanks for the inspiration, Diane!

  5. Very cute! You could also buy a chalk pen for writing the letters. I got mine on Amazon, and used it to label my new spice drawer jars (baby food jars with the lids painted with chalkboard paint).

  6. such a cute idea! Love that you can use them over and over :) thanks for sharing!