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Open Concept Almost Done

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I have a project update to show you today.  Back in March, I shared how we had a professional builder put in the needed support beam in the house where we removed the wall and pocket door that divided the living and dining area so that we could create an open concept space for better visual flow and lake viewing.

open concept living

In my last post about the project, I left you with this photo after Ed put sheetrock over the newly installed beam.

Adding a ceiling beam when removing a wall

He completed the sheetrock and added crown molding to each side. With this done, it was my turn to take over and paint the beam and the living room that still had green walls.

Before and after open concept living

You may remember this before photo. This is what the room looked like when we first looked at the house with the real estate agent. See the wall and doorway leading to the kitchen?

Open concept living room

It is gone. Lots of changes have been made over the past 5 months.  :-)

With the wall and pocket door removed, the beam done, the dark green wall color gone and…

How to decorate an open concept living room

….the fireplace wall totally transformed, the space is looking more to my liking and decorating style.

I still have a few details to take care of…like painting the ceiling fan white and getting white screen doors.

Removing a wall in a house to create an open concept space

This week I am going to start painting the brown trim in the kitchen.

How to create an open concept living room

I also am in the process of patching the floor where the wall once was. I found oak planks that were a close match to the flooring. We fit them into the gap in the floor.

We need to sand them so they are level with the rest of the floor and then add a few coats of polyurethane. It is a patch and not going to be perfect. We will wait to redo the entire floor after we makeover the kitchen.

It feels good to have this project almost done. I will post about how I patched the floor soon and how we hung the swiveling wall mounted TV later this week.

Did you see my post on how I transformed the fireplace wall? If not, you can find it here. It is part of a Mantel Makeover Contest. If you have the time, I would love your vote. You can vote, HERE once a day until May 2oth.  XO

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  1. You guys have accomplished so much! Your home looks lovelier with each project completed…

    1. Thanks Phyl – Now that we have the main living area pretty much done, I will be slowing down on my big project list to enjoy the summer and life around the lake.

  2. Because you have one in kitchen area in line of sight from the one in your family room, you could spray your fans, after a light sanding, with white enamel, satin or gloss. I did it in our old home and was pleased with the results. A little work but if the fan is in good shape, it’s worth the time. We had a remote for our fan and light and wanted to keep the functionality of being able to operate it from our bed. So nice if it gets too cool at night to just reach over to the nightstand to turn off.

    1. Hi Maggie – It is good to hear that you successfully painted your ceiling fans. Did you remove everything from the ceiling or only parts? I have painted the blades before, but not the entire fan. I plan to paint the other 8 fans in the house which are all dark. The fan in my studioffice has a remote so I understand your reasoning to keep yours. It is a really nice feature to have. I plan to paint that fan first. The fan in the living room does not work well, so we will replace it. It only stays on low speed which we feel on hot summer days will not be enough movement.

    1. Hi Krista- Thanks. Opening the wall was the first thing we knew we wanted to do to the house. It really doubled the view of the water from both rooms. Over the next few months I will be following your footsteps in painting the louvered bi-fold doors and kitchen. I will be happy when I have successfully banished all the 70’s brown vibe. :-)

    1. Thanks Lauren – Lots of love and work to get the house the way we like, but worth it. We still have lots to do, but are so happy that we made the decision to make the move to live in a house on the water.

  3. My goodness how time flies! 5 months since you and Ed bought the beautiful house. So glad the green is gone. Not a fan of or yellow as my kitchen and bathroom are. Every other room is brown. Summer coming and I think I have chosen my colors. lol. I have been in here for a year.

    1. Hi Jody – When I was counting how long we have been living in our house, I was surprised it has been 5 months already. Time does fly. :-) It sounds like you have lots of painting ahead. It does take time, but once you start and see what a big difference you are making as you paint one room, that will get you excited to to the others. I have lots of brown trim and doors to take on over the next few weeks…months. Happy painting :-)