Decorating an Easter Table & Fuss-Free Centerpiece

Easter is just around the corner. Do you have any plans to host an Easter gathering for family and friends? I don’t decorate my house for the holiday, but I do decorate my dining table in a different way each year for my family’s Easter brunch.

Setting a dinner table may seem like a chore, but I truly enjoy playing around with the plates, platters, utensils, napkins, candles and more that I already own to come up with new ways and combinations to use them to create new looks when setting a special occasion table.

My personal style for all the table settings I create is casual and this year is no different for Easter. I like to make sure what I come up with is colorful and fun for kids of all ages by adding at least one fun element and one pretty element so the table is appealing for everyone.

Causal Easter table setting with rattan, purple, white and blue accents.

This year I made bunny goodie bags for the fun element and an easy no-fuss table centerpiece using faux flowers in a totally new way I hadn’t considered ever doing before.

How to Set an Easter Table

To create my Easter table setting this year, I looked at all the plates, napkins and utensils I own and started to play around by layering different combinations of them until I found a combo I liked.

It is the best benefit of taking the time to experiment with mixing and matching items to find new possibilities, not just for table settings but for decorating in general.

Dinnerware, napkins and Easter goodie bags all ready to be set into a festive Easter table setting.

After playing around with a few different items, I came up with a color scheme of pink, purple with a touch of yellow for the table and then proceeded to set it.

Easter dining table set for brunch.

Some of the items, like my white basket weave dinner size plates I have had for over 20 years. A few of the items are from thrift stores and the rest I found at stores like HomeGoods and Hobby Lobby.

Easter table set for brunch

Layer Plates at Each Place Setting

To make a place setting look more interesting, l think layering the plates you will need to place food on is key. I like to to use a placemat, plate charger and a small and larger plate for each person.

Easter dining table place setting without a plate charger.

Here is the place setting without the woven plate charger.

Decorate Easter table place settings in layers.

And here it is with the plate charger. The plate charger is not needed, but it does add another layer of interest that I like to see.

The topmost flower plate is for decor only. When I am ready to serve brunch, I will remove them. The smaller purple plate is used as a side plate for cinnamon buns and then the white plate is for the rest of the brunch food.

Easter table settings each with layered plates at each place setting.

The bunny goodie bags are filled with Easter candy for each person. Head to this post: How to Make a Bunny Goodie Bag to learn how easy it is to make.

No-Fuss Spring Dining Table Centerpiece

Pink floral table centerpiece on wood table.

When trying to decide what to use as a centerpiece for the Easter table, I knew I didn’t want it to be a tall vase of flowers. I also wanted to keep it simple.

Pink flowers surrounding a large candle that is placed in a large bowl on a wood table.

I like the centerpiece so much that I am going to keep it on my dining table all spring long… and perhaps even into the summer. :-)

Pink flowers surrounding a large candle that is placed in a large bowl on a wood table.

If I hadn’t taken the time to play with my dinnerware and more to come up with new ways to use them, I would have never come up with this idea.

And if you are thinking that I damaged the stems to remove the blossoms, I didn’t. Once I tire of the centerpiece, I can simply push the flower blossoms back onto the stems to use once again in the way they were attended.


I know many readers like to know where I bought items I show in my posts. Some are no longer available or I found at a thrift store. I try to find similar items. What I could find is listed below.

Easter table set using white, pink, purple and yellow.

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  1. Thank you very much for showing us the process you use to make a table setting using things you already have. Especially thank you for explaining how you actually use the plates — that is the part that has been missing for me with fancy table settings! Now a question – I have some vintage footed sherbet dishes, goblet style shall we say? I would love to use them (also have matching goblets) but I have no idea what I could serve in them. Do you have any ideas? Thanks!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kim – Your sherbet dishes sound very pretty. In the sherbet dishes you could serve soup, chopped salad, fruit salad, yogurt with granola – even scrambled eggs would look elegant served in the footed dishes.

  2. Simple, Simply Beautiful
    Happy Easter!
    And, I too always enjoy your emails.

  3. Margot Chapman says:

    Love that you creatively use what you have in new ways! It gets me thinking about using what I already have. You are my favorite blogger, Diane!

    1. Your table is pretty and colorful.

    2. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Margot! :-)

  4. Absolutely LOVE the centerpiece and I’m going to try it too!