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DIY Christmas Decorations: Pipe Cleaner Garland

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How to make a Christmas tree garland using pipe cleaners or chenille stems from the craft store. It is a fast and super easy project.

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When I was at Michaels a few weeks ago to buy items to decorate my Dream Tree Challenge tree, I saw the garland below for sale.

Christmas Pipe Cleaner Garland

They were red, green, and white. I thought they would make the perfect DIY Christmas decorations.

I loved the sparkly look, but passed them by because the tree I was decorating was for my dining room where the decorating color scheme is white and turquoise.

chenille pipe cleaners

It was not until I was over in the kids crafting aisle that I saw the wall of “Chenille Stems” in every color imaginable. That is when I got the idea to make my own DIY Christmas Decorations using pipe cleaner.


I made mine using silver & shimmery white chenille pipe cleaners or chenille stems as some of the packages were marked.


As well as 3 shades of turquoise & shimmery white.


Does anyone know when colorful pipe cleaners became Chenille Stems?  I missed that memo.


Whatever you want to call them, they are fun little pieces of wire and fiber that can be made into many different things.

I used them on one of my most popular posts – No Slip Hangers was created using them.


I am a fan of tree garland and think every tree looks better when something is wrapped or draped stylishly around the tree.

These pipe cleaner garlands are easy to make, festive, and fun holiday décor that can be draped not only over trees, but also:

  • over frames
  • on mantels
  • staircase banisters
  • chair backs
  • doorway frames
  • wherever you want!

I made my garland while in a waiting room last week when I took my dad for scans and tests. It was so easy to make that even your kids could make their own.

As I made each loop and the garland got longer, I kept it in a tote bag by the side of the chair I was sitting in.

It was a conversation starter. Nurses, techs, and patients all wanted to see what I was making and asked how to do it. I think I picked up a few new readers and I gave out quite a few business cards.

Most garlands sold in stores are 9ft, but since you are making your own, you can make it one long chain or make separate chains of various lengths to place on your tree.  A short one to go around the top of the tree, the longest to go around the bottom or widest part of a Christmas tree.

How to Make a Pipe Cleaner Garland for a Christmas Decorating

supplies needed:

  • Chenille pipe cleaners – for the 7 ft. tall tree, I used 4 packs that = 100 pipe cleaners
  • Wire Cutters

1. Cut each chenille pipe cleaner in half with wire cutters.  If you want large loops – don’t cut in half – make the loops with the whole pipe cleaner.

Christmas-tree-crafts chenille garland

2. Make a circle shape with one of the cut stems and twist the ends together. Use your fingers to flatten the twisted ends so they don’t stick out.

3. Take another cut stick and put one end of it through the first circle.  Then twist the ends as in step #2.

4. Repeat the process until you have the length of garland you need.

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  1. I love these! We are Jewish and celebrate Hanukkah. I am always looking for decorating ideas, but as you can imagine, there are not many options (there are only so many ways to dress up a Menorah, a dreidel or a Star of David). These are wonderful because they can be customized (ironically in colors similar to the ones you used)and would add some sparkle to this year’s Hanukkah party. Thank you!

  2. I always have a Thanksgiving craft project for the kids in attendance (we are up to 8, none mine) for after dinner when the grow ups break into football watching and chatting around the table groups. This will be one of this years crafts. Thanks!