Easy Christmas Tree Napkin Fold & Video

How to fold a napkin to look like a Christmas tree the easy way that doesn’t require any fancy folding skills or the need to starch the napkins stiff first.

I found a video on Facebook last week showing how to fold a napkin to look like a Christmas tree for a Christmas dinner table setting.

I tried it and it was a total fail with my cotton and unstarched napkins. I wanted something easier and after my failed attempt.

Green napkin folded in the shape of a Christmas tree

I found that not completing all the folds as shown in the video I watched, I liked the way the napkin looked even better.

I showed a photo of the napkin fold in my Christmas Home Tour post and received an overwhelming amount of emails and comments from reader’s wanting to know how I folded it.

This made me realize I needed to make my own video and then decided the Christmas tree napkin folding video needed its own post so it could easily be found by readers.

How-to: Easy Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

How to fold a cloth or paper napkin to look like a Christmas tree and then style it three different ways on a dinner plate.

Holiday table setting snowflake placemat and clear glass plates.

If your napkins are made of heavy or made of thick fabric and not starched and stiff, leave the bottom of the tree pointed. It will lay nicer.

A green and white napkin folded in a Christmas tree shape.

Or you can tuck the bottom section under the folded napkin. This will look better with napkins made with thinner fabric.

Green and white napkin on a dinner plate that is folded to look like a Christmas tree.

If you tuck the bottom of the napkin up under the fold, you can also stand the tree up. You will need to have starched or stiff napkins to do this.

I didn’t starch my napkins, but I did press them with an iron before folding, but a few of them did flop down and needed too much fussing.

So depending on your napkins and the time you have to fold the number of napkins you will need, there are a few options you can choose from.

For ease – laying the napkins I used on the dinner plates looked best on my Christmas dinner table.

How to Video: Christmas Tree Napkin Fold

YouTube video

3 ways to Fold a napkin into a Christmas tree shape on a dinner plate

Are you finding this post during the winter holidays? If yes, you may want to find other holiday decorating inspiration at my gallery.

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