Simply Decorated Christmas House Tour

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Decorating tips for simple Christmas decor using repurposed items and items from nature. All of these Christmas house tour ideas can be done easily and are very budget-friendly.

Over the years, I have gone all out when it came time to decorate for the holidays. But with each passing year, I have scaled back more and more.

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Green velvet ribbon with glittered pinecone attached hanging from ornate gold frame.

This year, I needed simplicity along with a calming atmosphere. With Ed and I traveling to California to help our daughter with our granddaughter’s care the last few months – life as we know it has changed. Added worry, stress and a new daily routine.

Being home in comfy and cozy style is what we both crave.

I didn’t buy anything new to decorate the house. Instead I went through my stash of decorative accessories and arranged my chosen items in new and festive ways.

Lets Start with the Living Room

My living room is small and the fireplace wall is the decorative focus of the room, so I always try to make it special.

I gathered a collection of empty frames I had and arranged them along the mantel by leaning them against the stone wall.

The large ornate gold-toned frame I found on my morning walk in a neighbor’s trash. I added glitter to the larger frames to give them a vintage Christmas feel.

A group of brass candlesticks and white candles on mantel decorated for Christmas

The brass candlesticks are from a church rummage sale. Two years ago I spray painted them silver. This year, I sprayed stripper on them to change them back to aged brass.

I cut the pine and cedar from trees in my yard.

3 white Christmas stockings hanging on mantel.

I made these white stockings when I first started blogging. I style them differently every year.

Decorate with throw blanket ideas that are not a ladder.

A new addition to the fireplace wall is a holder I made to hold my throw blankets.

Right now – I have faux fur throws on it – they are the best for snuggling under while watching Christmas movies.

Kosta Boda snowball candles in long wood dough bowl

I have a collection of Kosta Boda Snowball votive holders. I like to use them in different places each year. This year I placed them in a wood dough bowl filled with fake snow.

TV and console cabinet decorated for Christmas

I normally place the Christmas tree next to the fireplace, but this year I decided to place it between the living room and kitchen.

I like it here much better for a few reasons. You will see the best reason at the end of this post.

Small pine in planter on console table

I have a smaller faux tree in a ceramic planter on the sofa table. I found both the planters at Publix supermarket. They were a steal at $10.00 and $5.00.

Christmas candles on round wood wicker basket table

More candles on the wicker basket side table. I bought the votive tray in the summer at a La-Z-Boy showroom. The glass votive are each a different shade of green, but with the candles lit – they look yellow in the photo.

The Entryway

Entryway decorated for Christmas

Keeping the decor simple – I placed the large faux stone bowl on the sideboard again this year.

Large bowl filled with ball ornaments

I really like it and the paper wrapped ball ornaments I used on my tree last year.

Black based lamp and natural Christmas decor on entryway console table.

The lamp was a thrift store find that I transformed to look modern.

If you are starting to see a glittered pinecone theme going on in my Christmas decor, it is intentional. Free decor from nature.

A few decorations in natural tones.

I live on the shores of a lake with pine trees all around the house. Pinecones are everywhere. I like finding creative ways to use them.

Christmas cards on tray on console table.

Christmas cards you receive can become decor when you place them on a tray or in a basket.

Looking down into large bowl filled with ball ornaments covered in script paper.

The Kitchen

Kitchen plate rack decorated for Christmas

I added some pine sprigs, ribbon and jingle bells to the plate rack in my kitchen.

Plate rack wall with sprigs of pine and jingle bells
  • To add the jingle bells to the ends of the ribbon, I folded over the end of the ribbon and hot glued it to make a loop.
  • I strung wire through the handle on the jingle bell and twisted it to secure it. Then I threaded the wire through the loop I made on the ribbon and pulled the wire tight and twisted it.
Close up of pinecone made into a Christmas tree ornament.

I also made a few glittered pinecone ornaments with ribbon and hot glue.

Christmas Table Setting

My house does not have a dining room, so my kitchen table does it all. We did make a new larger top for the table this past year so we can seat more people around it.

Holiday table setting snowflake placemat and clear glass plates.

I used these snowflakes as placemats many times in my previous house. Since adding the new tabletop to the table, I went in search for snowflakes and the clear glass plates that I used with them.

I like the mix of casual and fancy crystal wine glasses.

Green napkin folded in the shape of a Christmas tree

I just learned how to fold a napkin to look like a Christmas tree. It was easy.

I bought my napkins at Pier 1 a few years ago. Here are green napkins I found that I think would look great if you like this olive green and white color scheme.

Vintage Christmas Gift Wrap & Ribbons

Wrapped Christmas gifts under tree.

The gift wrap is from Zazzle. It is a replica of vintage bark cloth fabric.

Christmas gifts wrapped on stool

The purple vintage ribbons are from Etsy.

Looking out at the lake at sunset.

My favorite seat in the house, especially at sunset.

4 Christmas Trees in My Living Room

Wide angle shot at night of living room that looks like there are 4 Christmas trees in reflections.

I had a pleasant surprise when I decided to place the Christmas tree at the end of the short wall that separates the kitchen and living room.

Doing this, plus adding the wall of mirrors over the summer that are opposite the sliding glass doors creates a lot of reflections.

I took this wide shot with my phone to show you that when sitting in the room, it looks like I am surrounded by 4 twinkling Christmas trees.

In reality – there is only one tree and 3 reflections of the tree when sitting in the living room – one in the mirror, a second in the sliding glass door and the third in the far window in the kitchen. There is also a fifth when standing in the kitchen as there is another sliding glass door, It is a winter wonderland. :-)

It feels pretty magical. This photo makes the room look much larger than it is.

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I hope you enjoyed the tour. If you have any questions about anything I did, just leave me a comment.

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  1. Diane, your decor is lovely, uplifting and peaceful at the same time. I took so many screen shots of examples that I would like to incorporate in the future. Your living room that looks full of trees is magical.
    My 5 and 7 year old grandsons are helping me decorate this year. They are so excited to bring out my musical trees and Swedish Tomte and small green trees (so am I). I will slowly add in new and different decor.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  2. Wow! You are amazing. So many fresh ideas. You’ve certainly created a cozy and yet festive environment. Thank you for all the eye candy! Merry Christmas to your and your whole family, Diane.

  3. Wishing your family peace, health & happiness in 2022. Your home is decorated beautifully. I adore the jingle bells & ribbon, the snowball votives in the wood dough bowl are stunning. What a great placement for your tree, so many twinkling lights. I’ve been trying for a more natural look this year too, I went a little crazy with all the Xmas signs everywhere a few years ago!

  4. As always YOU are an inspiration! I want everything! Lots of ideas to use when my Hanukkah theme is done and over !

  5. Diane, your home is gorgeous as always and I love your simpler approach this year! I love the green velvet and that pop of purple. I think this is the most neutral I’ve ever seen your holiday decor and I truly love it- those brass candlesticks with the greenery are glorious!