Christmas About The House

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Christmas decorating ideas using the color turquoise.

Christmas garland with cards tied on draped on a staircase railing. Turquoise bench with wrapped Christmas presents in hallway.

Tie Christmas cards with colorful ribbons from a garland draped on a staircase.

Christmas House Tour Decorating Ideas

Display wrapped gifts out in the open on a bench where they become part of the Christmas decor.

 Painted-Hallway-Bench for Christmas
Christmas-Chandelier-Decorating Ideas

I hung an antique ornament from the chandelier in my dining room.  It is really old and the top is broken. I love the shape – perfect drop to hang by itself so I used a dot of hot glue to attach the cap so I could hang it.

If you look closely – you can see the wire I used attach the glued on cap to the bottom crystal on the chandelier.


I just started working on the table setting – will have more to show you in a few days.


The tree is not completely decorated yet – waiting for Kelly and Mandy to get home – they like to help decorate it. I did put on a few base ornaments and used the leftover pom-pom yarn that I used to make snowflakes window treatments last year, as garland.

Christmas Mouse

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, then you may have already seen Nutley.  We don’t have an Elf on a Shelf in my house – but a mouse about the house. 

He gets moved all around.  I bought him at a local retirement community craft fair.  An elderly gentleman made him.  We usually put him in places where a certain cat named Trax won’t get him.


I use traditional Christmas colors outside.

Decorating-Chandeliers-for-Christmas house tour

Now that the decorating is done – I can concentrate on wrapping. Once that is completed – time to sit back and enjoy the season. Thanks for coming along on my Christmas house tour. Still want more? Tour all of my Christmas project ideas.

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  1. Like the neon colors. This time of the year most people are using golds, whites, and silvers but your colors add pop to the design. I like it.

  2. Your house looks so great, as always! I love that you have a house mouse. Everyone has an elf. I have two Christmas Owls that watch out for any naughty things that may being going on. My parent used to threaten us with “the elves are watching” every Christmas. It really did work in the early years.

  3. I love everything….. (I know, surprise, surprise) and your tree is not yet decorated? I sure thought it was, but can’t wait to see more. Back in or around the mid 80’s, I was enamored with turquoise and lavender together, but never could come up with the money to decorate even one room with them…… but now I am into your turquoise and pink…. I love them together too.

    And I am now inspired to paint 3 old table pieces I have that my parents got second (or more) hand one of the times someone transferred to a new base…. and I also don’t like the dark stains…. thinking to do them like your bench… or at least one or two of them and maybe one of your other accent colors. Maybe even tangerine?

    A Very Merry Christmas To You And Your Family!

  4. Diane, Your home is so beautiful, tranquil and inviting. I just want to pull up a chair, sit down and savor the gorgeousness of it all…you may have a permanent guest…I may never want to leave!

    Thanks so much Diane for the years of fab ideas and unbridled creativity you have so kindly shared with your readers. You and Kate at Centsational Girl are part of my everyday routine; I click on both your blogs every morning to get my daily dose of pretty. Both of you ladies rock and you both rule the world when it comes to “getting your pretty on, and getting your resourcefulness on without spending a lot of cash”.

    Happy Holidays and have a wonderful new year from the bottom of my heart!!!

  5. I love the feeling of “breath of fresh air” the pink and turquoise colors give your rooms/holiday decor! How cute is your little mouse! We have “Christmas Moose” who also comes out every Christmas. He usually stays in one place though ;-) Really loved this post! The colors just made me feel great!

  6. Love your turquoise bench! Everything looks so pulled-together. Your home is lovely.
    I like Nutley too! We have an elf that has been making rounds for years – long before “Elf on a Shelf”.

    1. Thanks Cassie – the bench was a hand me down from my husband’s parents. It was stained a medium brown color. I always liked the lines of it, but not the color. I finally got around to painting it :) Now I love it and have been moving it all around the house so I can see it more :) Merry Christmas

  7. Turquoise and pink are my favorite colors. Love it for Christmas. Thank you so much for your inspiration. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Hi Lynne – I love how the cedar looks, but it does dry out very fast. I wish I could spray it with some sort of preservative to keep it fresh looking. I hope you have the merriest holiday. XO

  8. A mouse about the house…that is adorable, and I like it so much better than an elf on the shelf!

    1. HI Melinda – He is so adorable. The man who makes the mice is so cute. He sells many in different positions – standing. sitting, etc. We named our mouse Nutley, after a character in one of my daughters favorite Christmas books. Happy Holidays

  9. Diane, everything is simply stunning! I so love your colors! I am so behind with everything this year for the first time in my life, and seeing your beautiful home is pushing me into 5 alarm panic mode! :) somehow, though, we always get it it done, don’t we? Thank you for sharing your gorgeous decorating with us and have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Thanks Cindy – I feel the same way. I would have liked to have it done a few weeks ago so I could enjoy it longer, but that didn’t happen. I kept the decor to my foyer, dining room, and family room. I normally do more in my kitchen, but just lined the window sill with the cedar. I would be overwhelmed doing anymore this year. Life does get hectic – so much to do – so little time :) Merry Christmas to you and your family – I hope it is a very merry one.