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Merry & Bright Christmas Stocking & Pattern

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How to make a Christmas stocking using scraps of leftover fabric, quilts or even old clothing.  Step-by-step picture tutorial and free printable Christmas stocking pattern to use to make your own one of a kind Christmas stocking to use and hand-down through your families generations.

Christmas Stocking pattern free printable. Make your own Christmas stockings. Here I used an old bedspread and fabric remnants on these 4 stockings hanging along a fireplace mantel.

I made these four Christmas stockings to replace smaller stockings we used to use that didn’t hold many of the little things that Santa brought in years past.

I also wanted new larger stockings since the previous stockings I had were red and green and didn’t go with the color scheme in my family room anymore.

Colorful holiday stockings hanging along a mantel

To make the stockings one-of-a-kind, I used fabrics leftover from previous projects – you may recognize a few from the sofa slipcovers I made, the door draft stopper, dining room chair covers and a sofa throw blanket.

UPDATE:  I made these stockings back in 2012 in the early days of this blog. Since then I have made new cuffs to go over the existing cuffs on the stockings.

Christmas stocking with plaid cuff

Plaid Cuffs – I made these plaid cuffs to the 11″ x 14″ size. Once sewn and attached over the existing cuffs, you can see the pom-pom trim from the existing cuffs showing.

Brown fur lined white stockings hung on a mantel

Fur Cuffs  I made these cuffs larger than the original 11″ x 14″ cuffs so they would cover the entire cuff as well as the pom-pom trim.

To make the interchangeable cuffs for the Christmas Stockings:

  • Cut a new cuff from plaid fabric/fur – 11″ x 14″.
    • Fold fabric in half with right sides of the fabric together.
    • Sew long raw edges of fabric together, turn the fabric over. Tuck short ends about 1/4″ into sewn cuff and sew closed.
    • Use safety pins to attach the new cuff or cover over the existing cuff.

When you make a new cuff this way, there is no damage to the original stocking cuff.

Free Printable Christmas Stocking Pattern

I have included a printable .pdf of the pattern I used. It is in 3 parts.

The finished stocking size is: 8″ wide x 20″ long/

Free-Christmas Stocking Pattern pdf

Download free printable pattern hereTOP, CENTER, BOTTOM

No pattern needed to make the  cuff for the stocking:   To make the cuff: Use a ruler to measure an 11” x 14” rectangle on your fabric.

Printing the Stocking Pattern on Your Printer

If you have trouble printing out the stocking pattern.pdfs to the actual size here is a printing option:

  • Open the patterns as .pdfs. and use the % tab to size to 100%.


  • Depending on your computer’s browser, you may not be able to print from your browser because that does not give you scaling options.   Download the files, then open them and use the “scaling to printable area, then print.

How to Make a Christmas Stocking

supplies needed:

  • Fabric for stocking
  • Fabric for cuff and hanger.  For cuff – cut out an 11” x 14” section from fabric. For hanger – cut a 6” x 3” strip.
  • Matching thread
  • Print-out of pattern – or use a stocking you already have as a pattern.
  • Embellishments – pom-pom trim, pretty pins, ric-rac, jingle bells
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Straight pins

How to Assemble Christmas Stocking Pattern

  1. Print out the three .pdfs patterns. TOP, CENTER, and BOTTOM.

2. Match up the “X’s” on the pattern and tape together to form the stocking shape.

3. Cut stocking shape out on lines.

4. Place cut-out pattern on fabric and pin.

5. Cut fabric out. (Make sure if you are using a fabric with only one printed side that it is facing the way you want it before cutting.)

How to Sew Christmas Stocking Together

Sewing-a Christmas stocking together

1. Pin right sides together of cut-out stocking.

2. Sew 5/8” seam around sides and bottom. Don’t sew top.   Remove pins.

Make-a-Christmas stocking-cuff

3.  Cut an 11” x 14” section from fabric for cuff.  Fold in half  – long sides together and right sides out.

How to make a Christmas stocking tutorial and free printable pattern

4.  Lay fabric over top of stocking.

5.  Match short sides together and pin. It should be about an inch larger than the top edge of the stocking.  If it is too wide, you may need to trim.

6. Sew a 5/8” seam along short sides.

7. Press seam open.


If you want to add trim – sew or use fabric glue to attach it all around the bottom edge of the cuff

Steps showing how to sew a Christmas stocking together.

9.  Place cuff – right sides out into stocking.

10. Pin to top edge of stocking.

11. Sew together.

12.  Pull cuff out, up, and over top edge of stocking.


To make hanger:


Fold the two long sides of the strip to the center and press, then fold in half. Sew a seam along the folded strip.

How-to-make-a-Christmas-Stocking with a cuff

Bring two raw ends together to create a loop and pin to the inside seam of stocking. Sew it on using a few rows of stitching for extra hold.

Free-Pattern-for-Christmas Stockings

Hang.  Mine is the green one with the pretty rhinestone pin.  It matches the throw blanket on the sofa in my family room. I only had a little bit of the fabric left over, that is why the cuff is shorter than the other 3.

How-to-make-Christmas stockings using scrap fabric from previous projects, old quilts or clothing.

Are your stockings hung yet, eagerly waiting for Santa to fill them? For many more ideas on how to decorate for the holidays, click to my Holiday Project Gallery.

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Photo showing a Christmas stocking pattern and completed stockings hanging along a mantel.

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  1. I always enjoy a project that uses leftover pieces from other projects, the pom-pom fringe is really fun. Thank you for including a pattern, & as always great instructions & photo’s.

  2. Cute stockings! I noticed the slant shank foot on your sewing machine, then noticed the tan color. I’m curious. What model of Singer did you use to make these darling stockings? I want to see your sewing machine! ;) Be blessed! Michelle