Fast & Easy Last Minute Christmas Decorating Ideas

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Now that Christmas is a few days away. Are you ready?

Easy ways to use candles for Christmas around the house.
Place a pedestal plate in a wreath. Add a pretty plate and candle on top.

I know if you like to decorate, you probably have your home decorated for Christmas and are enjoying your festive surroundings.

Fast & Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas

For anyone who hasn’t had the time to get decorations out or if you are still looking for a few simple ways to add a little holiday to your home, I have a few very quick and easy Christmas decorating ideas that can be done in minutes using candles and items you already own.

Pinecone Vase Filler

small blue and white bowl with white candle and pieces of a pine cone.

Cut off the tips of pinecones with a pair of scissors. Fill a glass, cup or bowl halfway.

White candle in a bed of pine cone needles in.a blue and white bowl.

Then place a candle on top.

Use Cookie Cutters & Candles

Christmas cookie cutter used to decorate for the holidays

My favorite fast and easy way to create Christmas decor out of every day items is to make a votive or pillar style candle look holiday festive. It is 1… 2… 3…. easy to do…

A votive candle placed inside a metal cookie cutter makes for fast and easy Christmas decor

…by pairing it with a star or snowflake cookie cutter.

Snowflake cookie cutter used to hold a candle on a wreath as a Christmas decoration.

Simply place a votive candle inside a small cookie cutter and lay it on some greenery. DONE!

Star shaped cookie cutter used as a votive candle holder for Christmas

Or place some coarse salt on a plate and add the cookie cutter and candle and you have… a candle in the snow.

A glass candle and holder placed inside a copper cookie cutter makes for fast and easy Christmas decor

If you have a larger pillar style candle, even if it is already in a candle holder. If it has straight sides, you can place it in a large cookie cutter to create instant holiday decor.

Candle placed inside a copper snowflake cookie cutter on a tray of salt makes for easy to do last minute Christmas decorating

Leave the cookie cutter and candle on a single plate or place on a tray with greenery and coarse salt.

Copper cookie cutter repurposing ideas for Christmas

Place a Ball Ornament on a Table or Shelf

Easy to create Christmas decor for a table or counter.

This is my go to Christmas decor for my kitchen counter. I don’t have a lot of counter space, but I do like to add a bit of Christmas in the way of a candle and a few ornaments on a tray.

Simple and natural Christmas decorating ideas

A few years ago I used cedar in the white pitcher and left it naked. Another year I used pine and hung small silver ball ornaments on it.

If you don’t have greenery in your yard, ask a neighbor if they have any and if it would be OK for you to take a few clippings.

If not you can buy clipped greens at Home Depot or Lowes. It is sold outside in the garden area for about $7 a bunch.

Hang Jingle Bells on Door Knobs

Christmas garland tie around a doorknob with a jingle bell attached.

Use a garland tie to tie a few jingle bells to a door so when anyone walks into the room, they hear the classic sound of Christmas.

Easy to make Christmas Decorations

Or punch a hole in the top two corners of a greeting card you like and hang with ribbon from a doorknob.

Add a Sprig of Greenery

red Christmas candle in kitchen

Place a sprig of pine or cedar from your yard and place near a candle or ornaments.

Christmas party decor

Or simply place some snips of boxwood in a glass of water.

Pile Oranges on a Pedestal

Christmas decorating using food

Pile oranges or nuts on a pedestal to do double-duty – easy to grab food when your hungry as well as a decoration for your kitchen counter.

Place Gift Wrap on a Table Top

Sideboard decorated for Christmas on a budget using gift wrap.

Cut a piece of holiday gift wrap to cover a table top.

Fill a Large Bowl

Large dough bowl on table decorated for Christmas.

If you have a large bowl or basket, place it on a table…

Large dough bowl on table decorated for Christmas.

… and fill with a few ornaments, wrapped gifts, a strand of beaded garland and greenery.

I like decorating for Christmas using simple ideas like this where you can use items you already own and not have to buy a “stand – alone” piece of Christmas decor that can only be used a Christmas time. Read on if you need more Christmas decorating inspiration.

Do you have a favorite way to use your everyday items to make them holiday festive? If so, please share in the comments.

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  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. You saved the best for last.

    1. Hi Nancy – Wishing you a very happy holiday and fantastic 2023. Thanks for reading my blog. XO

  2. Love the simplicity of your decorations.

  3. Great ideas! Lowes (and possibly Home Depot) have tree trimmings for free! They usually have a large box with trimmings cut off of trees when people buy them. Free for the taking. Can’t beat that!

  4. Alison Johnson says:

    So cute. Love the cookie cutter in the snow!

  5. Your writing seems to be totally an inspiring one. Thank You!!

  6. I LOVE the star ornament & candle on the greenery!! I have been following #tieredtrays on Instagram and I’ve fallen in love with them!! Will definitely be doing a Xmas tiered tray next year.

  7. All the ideas are easy and festive. I like the copper snowflake cookie cutter and candle ❄️
    Lowe’s will also give anyone fresh cuttings from their Christmas tree lot for free!!

  8. These are great, and I like the easy, “think outside the box” ideas. Thanks and Merry Christmas! I always enjoy reading your posts. :)

  9. Great ideas with little effort. Thank you.

  10. Love these ideas, simple little touches creates a warm inviting space! Thank you for your ideas!

  11. I love all of these ideas, Diane! One thing I do every year in my kitchen is to use a fluted vanilla pillar candle I’ve had for years and place it on an antique hand grater, one with each end slightly curved under so it stands elevated. I wrapped a gorgeous Christmas ribbon around the lower edge of the candle, tied a cinnamon stick in the simple knot and placed the candle inside a little greenery wreath. Takes up very little space and is a sweet and comforting little traditional object to enjoy recalling memories with my family!