Throw Blanket Holder for Living Room Wall

Learn a few blanket display ideas and how to store your throws and blankets a few different ways including how to make a wall mounted blanket holder for a living room that will keep your collection of blankets or quilts off the floor as well as decoratively on display and easy to grab when needed.

blanket display ideas - wood holder on wall using doorknobs as hooks.

There’s nothing like curling up underneath a soft and fluffy favorite blanket to make you feel relaxed and cozy at home.

If you are a fan of throw blankets, there are many ways to store blankets in your living room, from placing them in a basket next to your sofa to putting them on display using a trendy blanket ladder.

When your living room has little floor space for a blanket ladder, a stand, or trunk – consider a wall mounted blanket holder. It takes up less storage space while giving you display options that can be functional and decorative.

Colorful patterned throws and quilts are like art, faux fur throws add a cozy warmth to a room.

When up on the wall, they add to your decor instead of hidden away in closets or bins when not in use.

My DIY Throw Blanket Holder for a Living Room

Living room blanket storage idea - use doorknobs on a Shaker style peg wall rack.

I had the perfect wall on the right side of the fireplace in my living room to create a throw blanket holder.

how to decorate with throw blankets. Use a wall mounted blanket holder in a living room.

If you are like me and like to change out your throw blankets seasonally, are a major blanket collector or just can’t pass up a luxurious or colorful throw when at HomeGoods or your favorite home decor shop, read on.

This wall mounted wood board with glass doorknobs used as hooks blanket holder is the perfect place to display them.

I like that I can keep my living room uncluttered, the blankets off the floor or getting in the way on a chair or the couch.

Wood board and glass doorknobs turned into a blanket holder for living room.

I bought the glass doorknobs a few years ago at HomeGoods. At the time I had no idea how I would use them, but liked them and knew someday I would find a use for them.

Other Hook Options To Consider

If you don’t have doorknobs, you can use decorative hooks, Shaker pegs or cabinet knobs to make this wall mounted blanket holder.

Blanket display idea made by mounting a board on a wall and attaching glass door knobs to decoratively hang blankets and quilts.

Wood Board Options

The reclaimed wood board I used to make my blanket holder was given to me by a woodworking neighbor who no longer wanted it.

If you don’t have a piece of old looking wood, you can paint a board or stain new wood to look old the way I did the boards for the wood top I made for my kitchen table.

Get creative to make your blanket display reflect your decorating style.

I used only one board, but for a different look, you can use two. Lay the wide side of a second board on top of the first to create a shelf to hold decorative objects.

Blanket display ideas. 3 fur throws hung on a wall mounted throw blanket rack.

Heavier throws stay on the doorknobs without slipping off.

How Do You Build a Wall Mounted Blanket Rack?

Close up of glass door knob mounted on board to hold throw blankets or quilts.

Time needed: 2 hours

How to Make a Blanket Holder for a Living Room Wall

  1. Measure Wood

    Measure the wall where you want to hang your throws and blankets. Cut wood to the length needed with a saw.

    Drill holes in the back of the wood board so you can hang the wood on two screws that are screwed into the wall.

    Figure out even spacing on the board for the amount of doorknobs or hooks you want to use.

    Use painter’s tape and a pencil to mark this spacing.

    Making a DIY wall mounted blanket rack.

  2. Find Center

    Mark where the center of the board is and line up center of each doorknob with this center mark.

    TIP: Place a piece of painter’s tape next to each door knob so you can make marks on it without marking up the wood.

    How to center doorknobs for blanket rack on wood board.

  3. Take Apart Doorknobs

    My doorknobs had screw fittings, so I could take the shank out of each doorknob to cut it shorter so they would not extend further than the mounting cover.

    Use a hack saw to cut the metal shanks to size.

    When I screwed the cut shanks back into the doorknobs, I added hot glue to the underside to make them more secure.

    back side of glass doorknobs being ready to attach to wood board.

  4. Attach Doorknobs to Wood Board

    Unscrew the glass knob from the cover plate and then use wood screws to attach the cover plate to the wood board.

    Screw glass knob back on and use hex tool to place the small setting screw back into the doorknob’s side.

    How to attach glass door knob to wood board to make a blanket holder for a living room.

  5. Hang on Wall

    Screw two large screws into the wall that are lined up with two drilled holes on the back of the wood.

    Blanket display idea made by mounting a board on a wall and attaching glass door knobs to decoratively hang blankets and quilts.

Decorate with throw blanket ideas that are not a ladder.

What to Do with Extra Blankets?

If you have more throws or blankets than fit on a blanket or quilt rack, you can create hidden storage like I did when I created this living room blanket storage basket.

It is simply a big wicker basket with an inexpensive round wood top that you can buy at the home improvement store.

When this top is placed on the basket – you create a table with a place inside to use as a storage option for extra blankets, but at the same time keep them handy.

How Do You Make a Simple Blanket Rack?

Here are a few more blanket display ideas and ideas to store blankets and throws in your living room when you are not using them.

  • Place one or two baskets under a coffee table, console table or end table to place folded blankets in.
  • Use a storage ottoman with a lid to keep a blanket out of the way, but easy to access.
  • DIY Blanket Ladder you can make.
  • Use a decorative towel rack as a blanket holder.
  • Install a back of a door hanger on a door in the room to keep throws out of the way, but nearby.

Throw Blankets & Holders for Living Rooms

Here are a few throws, blankets and ready-made blanket storage ideas that I found online at Wayfair, Pottery Barn, Ebay and Amazon.


blanket display ideas - wood holder on wall using doorknobs as hooks.

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  1. 808WallArt says:

    Thank you for sharing such awesome ideas. This is amazing. I love all your blogs!

  2. CHRISTINE says:

    What size knobs did you use! Turned out so lovely!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Christine – I measured the knobs – they are 2-1/2 wide and 3″ deep.

  3. Linda Weeks says:

    Hi, Diane; Hoping you and yours are well and able to enjoy the holidays. I find that more than being in love with the throw blankets, I love the IDea of throw blankets, it conjures up the idea of having a ‘snow day’ where sitting in a big chair with a nice soft throw would be just heavenly… but I seem to never find the time to take a ‘snow day’! So my throws wind up doing most of the work of enjoying themselves!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – Since moving to the south, I miss snow days!! Ed does not, but I would love to have one. I think we need to make our own. Yep – you need to schedule yourself a snow day. Put in on the calendar so it becomes part of your busy schedule. :-) No excuses – life is too short. Enjoy!

  4. Love the look of your blanket holder. I made one out of a piece of driftwood that flowed up on our beach. It is one of my favorite DIYs.

  5. Donna Marie says:

    This is the best idea I have seen for blanket storage and it looks so good!!!

  6. Great idea and so pretty… I need to do this. You always have the best ideas.

  7. That turned out lovely. And what a lovely neighbor to give you a piece of wood from his stash. The wall space next to your fireplace is the perfect space to display your throws. They look luxurious. Just calling out for someone to pluck them off the wall, and curl up to read or nap. Love how your new principles of color/decor/scheme are cozying up your home. ( I know you had better words to describe your style)

  8. Janis T Hill says:

    What a clever idea, Diane. I, too, have the perfect spot to put a wall hanging throw holder.
    Thanks to you I can’t wait to make one. :-)