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Happy Colors – Drawer Organizing Ideas

I want to share with you today some of my drawer organizing ideas that will bring a little color to your life where you least expect it. So far,  Spring has brought me 2 days of warm sunshine, one dreary rainy day, and today is colder, but the sun peaked out a bit this morning.
On days like this I need a little color therapy to make me feel revitalized.  It is a scientific fact that surrounding yourself with your favorite colors can brighten up your mood dramatically.   Most of us pick favorite colors to paint a room with or choose an outfit to wear because we like the color and it makes us feel good.   Don’t stop there, use every opportunity to add color to your world.

Drawer Organizing Ideas Using Color

Before –  My desk drawer.  Functional, but Boring! 

Desk-drawer-organizing ideas

After   Truly inspiring to me, as I love this color of purple.

Add Color to your Drawers

  Before    I open this kitchen drawer every morning.  It is drab, drab, drab.

Kitchen-Drawer-Organizing Ideas

  After   With orange poster board, it becomes fab, fab, fabulous – making my morning a little bit brighter.

Kitchen-Drawer-Organizing Ideas

Adding a pop of color here and there in unexpected places is sure to inspire and is good for your psyche.

supplies needed:

Before  My medicine cabinet.  I open it a few times each day and have missed the opportunity to put a smile upon my face by leaving it plain.


After   It looks pretty in pink and makes me smile every time I open it now.  Most of us look much better when we are smiling :)   Most medicine cabinets have mirrors.  Smiles and mirrors go together very nicely.

Medicine-Cabinet Organizing Idea

Before  How many times a day do you reach for the remote’sssss?

Remote control organizing ideas-Drawer

After  Stimulating!!!  Drawer organizing idea for remote controls

Are you missing the opportunity to add some c o l o r to your life?

DIY Colorful Organization Tips for Drawers and Cabinets



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  1. I love how something so simple can brighten your day. Going to add some colour to some of my hidden compartments soon! Thanks for the inspiration. :)

  2. I realize that this is kind of an oldish post, but I just love it. Your way of quickly and easily adding color has inspired me to try it in some of my own decorating!

  3. I realize that this is kind of an oldish post, but I just love it. Your way of quickly and easily adding color has inspired me to try it in some of my own decorating!

  4. How neat you home is – what a wonderful place to live with. I adore your homes organize.

    Deirdre G

  5. My favorite color is pale Aqua! You know that color of the water in Bermuda or more importantly my little beetle car!!!
    Love it!!!

  6. Thanks for all the “colorful” comments. The comment from Heidi reminded me about contact paper. If you wanted to protect your decorative paper, you could apply clear contact paper over it. this way it could be wiped clean. You can also buy self adhesive vinyl at fabric and craft stores that would protect it too. See you on Monday for Day 5. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

  7. Wow you love color!! I love color too but normally shy away from anything too daring. I really do love black. Black and white combos make me really happy!! Crazy I know.

    BTW- I love how organized everything is in your home and now is not boring at all. Great job!

  8. What a lovely idea! So simple and yet such a powerful way to make us smile, because little things like that really do make us happy! Thanks!

  9. I am now a follower and my favorite cheerful colour is orange – invigorating, playful and a little citrusy :)

  10. I found your blog googling “painted rugs” and was directed to your amazing painted rug (I had to do a triple take to realize it wasn’t a REAL RUG!). Now I will spend the next few hours poring over your other entries. I’m hooked!

  11. great idea to spice up your furniture! btw, violet & mustard yellow are my two favorite colors! :)

  12. Purple/lavender for me . . . then there’s green . . . and pink. Love those three together!

  13. Love the idea! I sure will need to find a lot of paper now…back in the day we used contact paper, which we could NEVER remove! LOL Thanks for the chance to win such a pretty frame! ~Hugs, Heidi

  14. I just love, love, love this. My life is all about color, it just makes everything happier, doesn’t it?

    STop by my painting blog and say hello sometime! Jennifer

  15. I need to reorganize my kitchen drawers too, maybe I’ll try your little color pop, it’s a nice touch.

  16. Yellow makes me happy:) We just moved into a new home and the kitchen is a beautiful yellow… talk about uplifting everyday:)

  17. Green makes me happy. It is my favorite color and after a long dreary winter I am seeing the green peaking through everywhere!

  18. What a totally cute idea! And easy, too, which is the best kind.
    My family gave me a “Wii” system for my birthday, and the extras came in these sturdy, compartmentalized ‘trays’ that are a pretty turquoise color. I just couldn’t throw them out. So one of them now sits in our ‘junk/tool’ drawer in the kitchen. It’s so much easier (and pleasant-looking) to open that drawer and find the dark and boring tools in a neat little pastel holder!

  19. Love the idea of putting gorgeous scrapbook papers in drawers and cabinets, never thought of that! Oh, and my happy color has always been Turquoise, ever since I used my first “Blue-Green” crayon. I hate that Turq is so “in style” right now, because that means it will soon be “so OUT of style”, lol.

  20. Great tip! I love how the color completely changes the drawers / cabinet.

    I’d have to go with light blue as the color that makes me happy… although seeing what you’ve done, I’m going to try a variety! This will come in handy when we move this summer and decorate our new apartment.

  21. What a great idea to line all of those drawers and cabinets!

    There are several colors that make me feel happy…..hmmmm…..I’ll go with PINK.

  22. Thanks Stefany for the nice comments. I chose the drawers that were the neatest to show the color tip. Most of my drawers are not this neat. In my studioffice – you can’t see the desk in the photo of the drawer – it is piled with papers!!!