How to Repurpose an Urn into a Side Table

How to instantly transform a classic garden urn into a side table.

Black garden urn with fern used to decorate a living room.

This black urn sits in a corner of my living room. I have had it forever. It is one of those classic items that always is in style. It has made it through many of my decorating furnishing purges over the years.

Over the summer I placed a fern in it.

In the fall at my previous house I used it outside. I placed leaves and a pumpkin on the urn. In the spring and summer – I filled it with flowers.

Now I am going to show you how to repurpose an urn into a useful piece of furniture that can work either inside or outside your home. I could have titled this post – My 2-Timing Urn. :-)

I love to find new uses for all kinds of objects.

Many years ago when I started to experiment with transforming the urn into a small accent table, I tried adding a round piece of glass on the urn. It looked nice, but the glass just sat on top and was not secure or safe.


I then tried placing a round silver tray on the top of the urn. The tray was the type where the center section of the tray is lower that the rim. This made it secure in the urn, but it looked like an ash tray you would see at a bus station. Not the look I was after. :-)

white cake plate with beaded edges can be repurposed for other uses.

I like to shop my house… so I kept looking through all the rooms and found this cake stand in my china closet.

Upcycled end table ideas

I placed it inside the urn…

Repurposed end table idea using a garden urn and cake plate.

…Presto-O-Change-O!   It worked.

It looked good and was secure in the urn.

The stand part of the cake stand keeps it from moving back and forth in the urn.

Black garden urn repurposed into a end table using a cake plate.

The repurposed urn makes a sweet little side table that is perfect for a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Repurpose an Urn into a Side Table

Or the perfect small table to hold flowers from your garden.

And the best part of this little table. It can be as temporary as you want or need it to be. In less than a minute I can remove the cake stand and place the fern back in.

More Creative Side Table Ideas

I have repurposed many items in my house to make tables over the years, take a look at how I made these tables:

Repurposing idea using a garden urn for a living room end table.

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  1. Kaye M Emerson says:

    I love the ideas you have implemented into your decor. I was especially excited to see the empty urn, it gave me some ideas for fall outside decor.

  2. Futura Interiors says:

    Much informative blog.
    We are leading corporate interior designers in chennai providing the most creative work environment you just need for your office through our services

  3. Linda L Weeks says:

    Hi, Diane; hope you are well and enjoying life ~ was your urn already “distressed’ when you bought it? Wondered if the antiqued patina was your doing. I do love me an urn, I’ve always found the shape to be very aesthetically pleasing! So whenever I see one at a yard sale, they come home with me! A classic!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – I bought the urn as you see it at a department store years ago. I would love to find more – maybe even made of stone.

  4. Brilliant! You are always so good at thinking outside the box. I love this idea, and it looks great!

  5. Teddee Grace says:

    What a good idea…even to turn an urn into a stand for anything from a candle to a cake! I’ve got an urn almost like this, but smaller, and earlier this summer, after seeing a rusted white urn on a patio in some European locale online, I painted mine white and “droobled” what I was afraid would be too orange/rust paint around here and there to create the look of rust, putting it where I thought water might have collected had it been cast iron and left outside. I have been amazed at the result. Quite realistic. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  6. Valarie Sanford says:

    And thats why you’re my favorite blogger Diane…love to shop my house and renew and reuse, TY!

  7. You just gave me an idea for a turned lamp (the kind with the glass bell facing up) that my sister gave me. I couldn’t figure out where it would even make sense in my house, but it goes with my decor and is nice, so I tucked it in with some plants on plant stands. I’ve been thinking of maybe gluing a round piece of wood to that glass bell to convert it to a plant stand, but once I was this I realized I have the perfect little glass cake stand that will fit and I won’t have to glue or destroy anything. So much better! Thanks!

  8. Wow, I just love your blog Diane! I found you today on craftgawker and every post is better thna the next.


    1. Hi Maddy – thanks so much. It is so nice to hear from new readers. I appreciate you taking the time to say hi and leave a comment.

  9. Heather R. says:

    This is such a super cute idea! I may try and do this on my back patio since I am in need of a little table there…thanks for the great idea!

  10. very nice! Love it when you have a new “piece” but didn’t pay anything for it!

    it was funny, the ‘ashtray’ comment….:)

  11. Sweet Tea with Cindy says:

    Love your blog! What a fabulous idea with the urn. You have a beautiful home and great decorating ideas! Sincerely, Cindy Eckhart

  12. antiquechase says:

    Fantastic! i just found you… clicking away.. I don’t even remember where I was… oops! New follower!!!

    COme see me if you have time!

  13. No wonder you love to hang out in this room. I would too.

    Love the leopard print combined with the winter white slipcovers. Unexpected drama. Cool.
    Again, coupling the Vintage Urn with the lively flowers is simply “STYLE” and it is yours. Thank for such an inspiring blog.

    Best Wishes


  14. What a very cool and creative solution!

  15. What a great job, the perfect little side table for when you’re relaxing in that big comfy looking chair.
    Glad you didn’t go with the “ashtray” look!

  16. I love your resourcefulness! Thanks so much for sharing.

  17. Linda@Coastal Charm says:

    What a super duper “COOL” idea…thanks for sharing it at my PARTY!!!!


  18. aninchofgray says:

    Looks great! What a sweet little spot to enjoy!

  19. Marilyn Holeman says:

    Hi Diane, I just solved the exact same problem at my house, but in a slightly different way. I have a quiet spot in my bedroom that needed a place for my Bible and a glass or cup, so moved a flat covered basket over next to it. Not as pretty as yours, but it works and it, too, was free! Thanks for sharing. I love your blog.


    1. Hi Marilyn-

      I love decorating with baskets – I bet it looks perfect – and like you said – it was free.

  20. Jane's Junk and Treasures says:

    What an amazing idea!!!
    I just found you over at My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia!
    I love your blog!! Great stuff!
    I just became your latest follower!
    I would love it if you stopped my “newbie” blog!

  21. I stopped by to let you know that there’s a fun surprise waiting for you on my blog this morning :)

  22. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says:

    What a perfect solution!

  23. I love your creativeness. I could see using this in my home.

  24. Great Diane! Shopping your own home is the best advice I ever got from a blog!

  25. Lynn at Cottage and Creek says:

    Love your creativity and thriftiness. Great job. And I agree that it’s essential to have a little something to set that cup of tea of glass of wine on. Brilliant. I found your blog from the Cottage Instincts link party and I’m your newest follower. I hope you’ll visit me at Cottage and Creek and follow back.

  26. I think I’ll look for an flower pot like yours and have a wonderful table like the one you made! I, too, have two wild animals in the house, and when the weather is changing (like now) DO NOT get in the cat’s way as she races down the hall from the bedroom, up the chair, onto the mantle, and back!

    1. Hi Marilyn-

      Trax – the cat who resides in my house has been bouncing off the wall a lot today. He keeps us entertained – constantly! He does exactly what you describe – racing around from room to room, on chairs, etc. It is like he sees something we can’t.

  27. It looks great- I love repurposing things…this is great and if/when you get tired of it – it will be an easy switch back for its orginial use. Hugs- Diana

    1. Hi Diana-

      I will be excited to switch it back to it’s intended purpose – cause then that will mean it’s Spring!!!

  28. I love anyplace that will hold me wine. Awesome!

  29. I love making urns into tables ~ you can also use the glass and put treasures under the glass to show case them ;-)

  30. Diane @ home sweet homemade says:

    Brilliant! It is the perfect little side table. And your point about using the things that we already have in our home, in an inventive new way is well taken. Good reminder and great example!!

  31. Marty@A Stroll thru Life says:

    Super idea. It looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  32. This is lovely! The combo of the classic white dish with the vintage style urn is gorgeous. Good job!