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How to Make a Designer Pillow

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If you love designer labels and logos then this designer label pillow has your name written all over it. It can be made with beaded trim to add a little extra glam or can be made using cording. It is a creative way to make use the labels in your clothing. 

Decorative pillow made using designer clothes labelsHow to Make a Designer Label Pillow

I almost always cut the labels off my clothing because the tags itch and become annoying.

To remove the designer labels – carefully remove them with a seam ripper.  I place them in an envelope until I get enough to make something. 

Depending on how many labels you have collected you could make a much bigger pillow then this 8″ x 10″ decorative designer label throw pillow accented with beaded trim.

I am trying to save enough labels to make a throw blanket to toss across my sofa so that I can snuggle in style, but I am getting impatient.  I want it now, and may just start taking the labels out of everything, including my husband’s and daughter’s clothes. 

How to Create a Designer Label Pillow

supplies needed:

  • Designer labels from clothing
  • Fabric – amount needed will vary by size of pillow
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Scissors
  • Fusible web – like Wonder Under or Heat n’Bond
  • A pillow form or pillow stuffing
  • Optional: beads for trim and clear nylon thread or fishing line
  1. Make a the cover for the pillow using this method – tutorial about making a pillow cover.  No pattern is needed.

2. Before sewing the two pieces of fabric together to create the pillow cover, stitch/fuse the logos onto the right side of the fabric that will be the front facing side of the pillow.

  • Use Wonder Under on each label for placement purposes,  then stitch the sides down on each label.

TIP: I would leave a larger space/border between the labels and the pillow seam the next time I make the pillow, so that the labels along the outer edges of the pillow will lay flat and be seen more.

How to Make Beaded Trim for a Pillow

Once pillow is sewn together, you can leave the sewn seams as is or add decorative beaded trim.

supplies needed:

  • Beads  – can be all the same type or a mix
  • Clear nylon thread of fishing line
  • Sewing needle
  1. To make the beaded trim, I measured the perimeter of the designer label pillow and cut a piece of fishing line or clear nylon thread a little longer than that measurement. This way, I had extra length for securing the beads on each end with a knot and for finishing the ends. 

2. Knot one end of the clear nylon thread and string a variety of beads onto the thread.  When you reach the desired length, knott the other end of the nylon thread.

How to Attach Beaded Trim to a Pillow

To attach the strung beads (it will look like a necklace) to the pillow, lay one end of the strand at one corner of the finished pillow, and hand-sew the beads onto the edge of the pillow using the “blanket stitch”.  

how-to-sew-a-blanket-stitchSewing a blanket stitch is a pretty basic stitch. To do it, push the needle in one side of a bead and bring it out on the other side of the bead— as you bring it out, make sure to grab the thread from the previous stitch. 

Leave enough of the nylon thread/fishing line after the knot to push through a few beads on the other end, and then snip the excess nylon thread/fishing line so you won’t have any showing or poking out.  Repeat on the opposite end.  

If you like the look of beaded trim,  you may like to read my Beaded Window Valance post.

This post was UPDATED 5/12/2019

creative throw pillow made using labels from clothing

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  1. Cuteness, and since I can’t stand tags in my clothing, I will now have something to do with them. The possiblities are endless with this. Thanks for inspiring me, yet again.

    Cha Cha

    Congrats on making it on the Nesters tumblr

  2. That is great! Being a former fashion designer, I totally appreciate it. I have a box of my old labels in the garage…I see a purpose for them now!