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My New House + The Shingles

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Yay!  We finally made it!  After 6 months of hard work, starting with getting our house staged and sold and then going on two week long house searching trips to find just the right home on a lake, we finally settled and moved into our new house on Tuesday.

lake house

Here is a view of it from the water. The gazebo and dock are part of our property. It feels good to be able to say that this is home from now on.

house on lake murrray

This is the street side. I took this photo on the day the realtor first showed us the house.

front door

Here is a view of the front door. My mind is filled with ideas on how I want to update the exterior. A new color of paint for the trim and new doors are on my list.

Everything with our move went just as planned with only one snag. The snag happened to me last weekend when we were staying at a friend’s house during our “homeless period”. I hit my arm on a staircase banister very hard the first day we were there. It hurt but I didn’t think further about it beyond knowing that I would get a nasty black and blue mark.

Well… long story short…the hit on my arm affected the nerves in my arm and I broke out with a case of Shingles on my right arm and hand. If you have had or know anyone who has had Shingles then you know it is excruciatingly painful!  Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t do anything but feel a miserable kind of pain!!!  The stress of the whole moving process probably added fuel to the fire in my case, too.

Since we moved using PODS, Ed and I knew that we’d be unpacking four PODS. With me out of commission, it was unclear how we were going to get it done. Thanks to the kindness and support of our new neighbors, we have unpacked two PODS so far and the fridge has been stocked as we are happily getting settled.

After a few days with narcotics, steroids and other drugs, I am feeling a bit better today and wanted to show you some photos of the house.

I am not quite up to par yet and my right hand and arm are still out of order, so typing is a bit awkward. Therefore I will show you the exterior of the house first and next week I will share the interior and more.

lake house

What we loved most about this house is that it is on a point lot and was built with the lake in mind.

lake side view of house

Every room has a sliding door with a lake view. The kitchen has a door and also a window above the sink with a view, too. The only rooms that don’t have a view of the lake are the master bath, powder room and foyer.

gazebo on lake

The gazebo with dock is more than we could have ever hoped for. We purchased a used boat that will fill the slip soon.

gazebo on lake

There is enough room for a table to enjoy dining alfresco.


This is the view of the dock from the gazebo and where watching the sunset (or sunrise) is spectacular.


There is even a palm tree in the yard. :-)

deck on lake

A wood deck runs along the back and wraps around to one side of the house.

lake house living
office door

This is the sliding door into the room that I am setting up as my new studioffice.


There is also a narrow deck off the second floor (left top of photo) to which each bedroom has access. It is wide enough for chairs so guests can enjoy.

front deck

The previous owner left all the flowering plants and planters. I will have to up my game in the flower garden department. :-)

The exterior is in great shape. The only updates I would like to do near term are painting the green a more neutral color and getting 3/4 glass doors for the front entrance that will bring in more light to the foyer.

I will show you that next week. Until then…

sunset view

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  1. SO happy for you! It’s idyllic and looks like a big house. Can’t wait to see more. I’ve had shingles…in fact for 7 very long years I’ve had post herpetic shingles nerve pain and been on narcotics. I literally feel your pain, so sorry. Now listen, be kind to yourself, rest, restore, see a dr if you don’t quickly improve,…you want this to go away and not become your life. My husband and I might be a teeny bit green seeing your lake views. ? gorgeous. May God bless you in your new adventure/home.

  2. Congratulations! Welcome to SC!!!
    What a lovely place! It will be exciting to see what changes you make! I love your style of decorating always so colorful and cheerful. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  3. Oh my gosh, it’s incredible! The views alone would be enough to keep me “busy” for at least a year. I hope that you’re feeling better soon. Our POD (outbound) shows up today. Good luck getting settled into your gorgeous new place…WELCOME HOME!

  4. So very happy for you, Diane – a well-deserved dream come true!

    I hope I can sip an iced tea and watch a sunset on that deck with you some day – perhaps even a game of Risk!

    A speedy recovery to you as well – XOXO

  5. Congratulations! It is a beautiful house and I’m so excited for you!!!! Take care of yourself – Jill