How to Make Pretty Table Placemats or Plate Chargers Using Paper Doilies

At holiday time paper doilies are one way to accent your decor when trying to stay on a budget. They have an old-fashioned vintage style that can be use in many ways.

I use paper doilies along with festive gift wrap to trim the Open Shelves In My Kitchen for Christmas, to wrap around Glass Votive Candle Holders at Valentine’s Day and as embellishments when wrapping a gift.

red and white dinner plates set on dining table for Christmas

Recently I used the paper doilies to make pretty white placemats for my Christmas Dinner Table Setting.

How to make paper doilies into a plate charger

I layered them in wicker plate chargers, but you can use them alone as a placemat directly on the table.

Vintage red and white plate on DIY round paper doily placemat

How to Make a Round Placemat Using Paper Doilies

The paper doily placemats are very easy to make. If they don’t get wet or stained with food, they can be reused for future table settings.

supplies needed:

This list shows what you will need to make one placemat.

  • One piece of card stock or printer paper
  • 8 – 5-1/2″ round paper doilies
  • Glue stick
  • Scissors

Time needed: 30 minutes

How to Use Small Round Paper Doilies to Make Table Placemats

  1. Make a Template

    Print the template (linked below) on printer paper or card stock if you have it. You will need one for each placemat.

    Using the circle will hold the paper doilies together as well as help to evenly space them in a circle.

    If you can’t print the template out, simply trace around a desert size plate and cut out.

    Placemat Template Round Base

    Round paper disc used to make doily placemat.

  2. Cut Out & Fold Circles

    Cut out each circle with scissors, then fold each in half and half again as shown below.

    round paper discs used to make paper doily placemats

  3. Open Folded Circle

    Open the folded paper circles and place on a work surface.

    Use the folded lines as your doily placement guides – lining up each on a folded line. Use a glue stick to attach the first 4 doilies to the circle.

    How to make a round dinner table placemat using paper doilies.

  4. Add 4 More Doilies

    Once the first 4 doilies are in place, attach the remaining 4 as shown below.

    Let glue dry for about 20 minutes before using placemat.

    How to make paper doilies into a plate charger

Vintage red and white dinner plates on a round placemat made with paper doilies.

The doily placemats adds just enough detail to accent any style dinner plate.

red and white plates on white paper doily charger with red plaid accents.

I have only used white to make the placemats, but for Valentine’s day look for red paper doilies for a special romantic dinner for two. Or for any other occasion any of these colors of paper doilies would look amazing.

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How to make a paper doily placemat

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