Valentine Decorating with Paper Doily Candles

I have another Valentine decorating idea to share with you today. This one is fast and easy. One that can be done in 5 minutes with items you may already have laying around your house – small glass jars or votives and paper doilies from the dollar store.

Valentine decorating ideas that can be done in 10 minutes

You know I love candles and these sweet little votives are perfect to line up along your mantel, window sill, or table for Valentine’s Day or to bring you a smile on a cold winter’s day.

I like to line them up in odd numbers. For some reason, when placing decorative accessories around your house, odd numbers of items just look more appealing to the eye.

Looking for Valentine decorating ideas that are affordable? Check out this sweet idea.

You can use the paper doilies to wrap around any size vase.  Vases or glass jars with straight sides work the best. I cut a large placemat size doily to cover the flower vase in the same way I did the glass votives.

Doily candles for Valentine's Day decorating

When it gets darker, the candle light shows through the cut-outs in the doilies.

Valentine decorating ideas that you can do in 10 minutes. Makes a good gift also.

So pretty.

How to Make a Valentine Doily Wrapped Candle Holder

If you can’t find placemat size paper doilies, you can purchase them here: Rectangular Paper Doilies

supplies needed: 

  • Glass jar or votive holder
  • Candle
  • Doily – I buy mine at the dollar store
  • Scissors or paper cutter
  • Glue dots or clear tape
Valentine's Day decorating and craft idea using candles and doilies.
  1. Cut doily to the height of the glass votive or jar. I used a placemat shaped doily and cut the long side to make a long strip to wrap around my votive holders. You can use any doily, just find a section you like and cut it out.
Creative uses for paper doilies

2. Use a Glue Dot or clear tape to attach doily to glass votive holder or jar. Place candle inside.

Decorative uses for paper doilies

It is seriously 1…2…3… DONE in 10 minutes.

Valentine's decorating idea that can be done in 10 minutes. Make these sweet doily covered votive holders to light your home or table.

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  1. Shweta Gupta says:


    Nice post.

    Shweta Gupta

  2. kent Service says:

    sweet venture! I have been putting away doilies for quite a while, never concocted a decent use for them, till now!

  3. Shanaya Oberoi says:

    your suggested candles are appropriate according to Valentine’s day.It’s a good designed and well-decorated candle. I really like your post. Thanks for your post.

  4. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins Living says:

    Super quick and easy for a stylish Valentine’s Day!! Love this idea Diane!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Stephanie – Thanks. I enjoy creating simple projects like this where I have everything I need and don’t have to run out to buy something new. :-)

  5. Linda Weeks says:

    very sweet project! I have been storing doilies for some time, never came up with a good use for them, till now!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Linda – Thanks. I have a bit stash too. I always buy them when I see unique shapes and sizes at the dollar store. :-)

  6. Gail Vernali says:

    I so agree with Jolene mentioned above, as I often want to click on that love it box! And continue on perusing your blog. :)

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Gail – Thanks for reading all my posts. Maybe I can create a new “like” app for blog posts and sell it and make a million dollars. :-)

  7. Kim - Today's Creative Life says:

    Paper Doilies are our best friends! Love it!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      I agree Kim. I can’t seem to pass them up when I see them in unique shapes and sizes.

  8. Awesome! Just a thought for you… I keep wishing you had a “Like” button on your site! I read almost every post, but often don’t have time to leave a comment. Being able to click a “Like” button, would let you know I saw it and liked it. I don’t even know if there is such a button, but I would totally click it early, click it often! haha!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Jolene – Thank you so much for reading my posts XO Maybe I can invent a Like button for blogs, sell it and make a million dollars. :-)

  9. alda ellis says:

    I am thrilled with this project…will use it in wedding decor! Diane, you are so talented and I adore your sense of style. We do weddings every weekend at our venue, and I have use many of your ideas. I feel blessed to have found your blog!

  10. Great idea! Using round paper doilies would work also nicely, only with just different look & impact, leaving random empty space to the votives! Here it is quite impossible to find doilies that aren’t roud. Thansk for sharing the idea!