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Paper Valentine Candy Filled Hearts To Make

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Valentine’s Day cuteness ahead… sweet little paper Valentine candy filled hearts that you can make for everyone you love.

Since Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, I thought I would make something special to give to my family and friends.  In previous years I have made Valentine Gift Tubes, Petite Gift Boxes, Valentine Doily Candles, and Valentine Gift Wrap

To make the candy filled heart pouches, I gathered up the decorative paper, gift wrap and scrapbook paper I had in red, pink, and white and got to work while watching a movie on Netflix.

Valentine-Heart-Candy-Pockets laying on white tableHow to Make Valentine Candy Filled Hearts

I made each paper Valentine candy heart using decorative paper – construction paper, gift wrap and scrapbook paper. I closed each in a different way. I hand-stitched one using Baker’s Twine, stapled another closed, and used my sewing machine to close the third heart.

Doing that one brought back memories of playing with sewing cards as a child and the requirements needed for a few Girl Scout badges.

Close Up View of Valentine Candy Filled Hearts

Two pink Valentine's Day heart pouches made using paper

The magenta heart is stapled closed. I trimmed the edges with scalloped scissors. The pink heart I hand-stitched. The red and white heart – I sewed closed on a machine.

How To Make A Valentine Heart Out of Paper


  1. The easiest way to make a heart to use as a template for your candy filled hearts is to fold paper in half and draw half of a heart shape along the fold on the paper. Cut out.
  2. Use the cut-out as a template to cut out the rest of the hearts from your decorative paper.  If you can’t draw a straight line, I have included a free download of 2 different hearts for you to use as your template.  The print-out also has the letters – X and O to use as gift tags.

Click here to download:  Heart Template .pdf  – Print it out on card stock to create an easier to trace around template.

How to Make Paper Valentine Candy Filled Hearts

supplies needed:

  • Decorative paper – construction, gift wrap or scrapbook paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Candy – I used Valentine colored M&M’s 
  • Choose one:

-Baker’s Twine and sewing needle.

-Stapler and paint.

-Sewing machine and thread.

  • Optional: buttons, jewelry, yarn and small trinkets

hoe to make a Valentine-Craft-heart

  1. Once you have your heart cut out, place it on a folded piece of paper. Trace and cut out.  You will have a front and a back.

How-to-sew-a-paper-Valentine candy-heart-pouch on a sewing machine.

2. Coordinate your thread to your paper.  With right sides of the paper face out, sew a seam around the heart making sure to leave a 2-inch opening.  You will sew the opening closed once you fill the heart with candy.

Make-a-paper-Valentine heart-to-hold-candy

3. Fill the heart with candy through the opening.

Red gift wrap paper made into a heart candy pouch.

4. I left the opening at the top of the heart.  After doing this, I decided it was better to keep the opening along one bottom edge of the heart so that any overlapping stitches made when closing up the heart after filling would be less obvious.

How to Close the Valentine Candy Filled Heart With Hand-Stitching

Valentine's-Day-Pink paper heart sewn with red and white Baker's Twine.

  1. To close the hand-stitched heart, I used a large-eyed needle and Baker’s Twine. I just poked a hole in the paper as I sewed along the edge.

How to Close the Valentine Candy Filled Heart Using a Stapler

How-to-paint-staples to make a Valentine crafts

  1. For the stapled-closed hearts – paint the top and sides of the staples first and let them dry. This way they will match or coordinate with your paper and will look more decorative.
  2. Staple around the heart, leaving an opening along the bottom, fill with candy and then staple the opening closed.

Optional Finishing Touches to Add to the Valentine Hearts


  • Trim the edges if necessary with regular, pinking, or scalloped scissors.

Embellishments to add to paper Valentine hearts

  • Embellish the hearts with whatever you have on hand – buttons, pipe cleaners, yarn, twine, and ribbon.


Little Hearts: I Mod Podged a chandelier crystal with an initial and attached it to the center top of the heart with a large jump ring.  See my post on how to do this – here.

Red & White Heart:  I cut out X’ s and O’s from card stock and tied them on with Baker’s Twine that I threaded through a button first.  Once the letters were tied onto the button, I hot glued the button to the heart.

Print out the X an O here:  Free printable Valentine X and O

Red Heart:  The Key to My Heart. I punched two small holes in the top center of the heart and threaded the twine through to tie on a key.

White Heart:  I tied a bow with Rick-Rac and then hot glued it on the heart.


To tie a gift tag on to the heart – thread twine through a set of buttons. Bring the buttons together and tie a bow on the top button.

Valentine ideas to make

  • Attach the X and O by piercing the top of each letter with a needle and then threading the ends of the twine from the bow on the button through and knot on the back side of the letters.

Another option:  Punch two holes next to each other horizontally at the top center of the heart. Thread a pipe cleaner or yarn through them and bring the ends to the front of the heart. Thread a gift tag on before tying into a bow.

If you would like to add a pre-made Valentine gift tag to a heart, you may like one of these free printable Valentine’s Day gift tags.

Valentine craft-Ideas to make

On this dot pattern heart – I hot glued an earring that lost its mate.

White Valentine heart filled with candy

When the recipient is ready to enjoy their Valentine treats all they have to do is rip the heart open.

Paper X and O on Valentine Candy filled pouch

How to make paper heart pouches to fill with candy or a small gift to give for Valentine's Day

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