Style Scouting Sunday: Vol. 15

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Over the last few days, I have been on a mission to get my house back in order before September 1st. That is the day that my self-imposed lazy days of summer mode will be over and it will be back to business – back to my regular blogging schedule.

It has been nice being in the slow lane over the summer, the down time was just what I needed to get me excited for fall and going forward with new focus and energy.

It’s that time of the week where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me. I found a lot of interesting reads and ideas this week

This home…. even though it is light and bright it is still warm and cozy.

A few weeks ago I posted about dipping a large pickle jar in paint and using it as a modern vase. A reader, Michelle Hayward, asked me in the comments if I knew of a way to hide the screw top section on the jar. I didn’t have an idea. Last night she wrote me to tell me that she found a way after reading this post. It is brilliant!

Today I made a lot of progress cleaning out the upstairs closets. It feels great being able to lighten up.

I just found out about this paint. Has anyone used it? How does it feel?

If you think your veggie garden is done until next year now that summer is almost over, think again.

Two painted table makeovers. This one goes from a smooth and solid color to aged and patterned. While this table goes from beaten-up, aged, patterned and textured to a solid color. Lots of elbow grease was needed in the latter.

I love reading decorating books. I always enjoy seeing this author’s style and look forward to reading this book when it is published in September.

Going to add a few of these to my fall reading list.

Outdoor shrubs and plants that look amazing even when they are not in bloom.

On my bucket list.

How steak became masculine and salad feminine.

Warm weather sounds – makes me wish for simpler times.

The popularity of this exercise has been getting a resurgence due to the Coronavirus. Have you been doing it? I have. :-)

Nature crafts to make to decorate your home for autumn

If you are looking for decorating inspiration as we move closer to fall, you can find 11 years of fall decorating posts right here on the blog. I have a category dropdown for all of it in my blogs navigation bar under my logo. You can find it here:

And… before you go. I love the colors in this room, but am not sure I could live with this wall in my house. Could you?

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  1. Love that possum belly table, but gee, not sure I’m up to that much work anymore! Getting older is for slowing down, right? and just no to the green wall….. It looks amazing, but would make me nuts after a few minutes, but I’m of the “to each his own” club, so good for them! And finally, I adore Sarah Richardson and am a lover of decor books, but I returned Sarah’s first book. I’m not sure I’ll even try the second one…. hope you post about it so I can get an honest review. Kim Leggett of City Farmhouse Style has a new book coming out soon and I’m really excited for it! Right now my current faves, are Holly Kuhn’s New Americana and Joanna’s Homebody, I go through those over and over again and haven’t grown tired of them. And finally, what a cool idea for hiding the tops of jars!! Love these posts a lot!!!

  2. Another option for the jar top is to wrap twine around it and hot glue gun in place. I have done this on several found jugs and looks great.

  3. I would love to know how that fabric paints works too.

  4. Thanks for your links! I’ve used a fabric paint to eliminate some discoloring on my husbands computer chair, however, it wasn’t great coverage. I can’t remember the brand but I bought it at Joann’s. It was expensive even with a coupon and I ended up buying three cans! The fabric felt the same as the original I’m looking forward to a review on the paint you asked about. I would expect good results from that brand.