Game Room That Has No Entry Door

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It has been over 2 years now that I have been showing you how I am making the lake house that Ed and I moved into our own. I have shown you how I transformed my studioffice, kitchen, foyer, living room, bedrooms, baths and more on a budget and even my ideas on what I would like to do with the exterior.

There is one room that I have rarely shown you though, and that is because the only thing I have done to it was clean up stains on the wall-to-wall carpeting and use it as a backdrop for a post I wrote for the Glidden paint blog I used to write for.

Well, it is time I show you the details of this room in my house that has no door. Yep…no door. From the molding around the door, we don’t think it ever has had one.

The previous owners used the room as a game room, they even left the pool table for us. I didn’t want it, but Ed did. In hindsight I am glad we kept it as it gets a lot of use when we have family and friends over.

Before room makeover photos of a game room

For the way we use the room, a door is not really needed, but when we are hosting a houseful of family and friends, we have used this room with a blow-up air mattress style bed.  A door is needed when we do this for privacy.

To keep this game room makeover on budget, we won’t need to buy a new solid wood door to match all the others in the house.  I can use this one..

Fixer upper house removing a wall between two rooms

…do you remember this pocket door that was in the wall we removed between the kitchen and living room?  We kept it. It is leaning against a wall in the garage just waiting for a new place to call home.  I will have to stain it to coordinate with all the other door upstairs, but it is the right size for the entry door opening in the game room.

Game room makeover before images

All the interior doors in the house are the color of this narrow closet door that was a gun closet when the house was built.  We have no need for that, so it is where we store all our luggage.

Decorating ideas for game or spare rooms

Most of the projects – no…ALL of the projects we have tackled so far in the house have involved paint and this one is no different.


We plan to rip up the carpet and replace it with luxury vinyl plank flooring in a medium dark wood tone. I will paint the light fake wood on the pool table since it will not coordinate with the color of the new darker flooring.  I am not sure what color yet, but I will leave the black ends untouched.


I will paint all the walls, trim and louvered doors my “go-to” white.

The IKEA shelving unit will stay where it is and just get a re-styling of what is on it.

Decorating ideas for game or spare rooms

The gym equipment stays since this is the main purpose of the room when it is just Ed and I in the house. He uses the Bowflex and bike and I use my Pilates Reformer.

Ideas for how to update a game room in a home

We haven’t decided on how to go about hiding the exposed electrical wiring on the ceiling.  I guess the ceiling fans were added a long time after the center ceiling fixture.  Once we open it up we will know if it is a job Ed can do or if we will need an electrician.

These two ceiling fans are the best in the house. They are “vintage” Casablanca’s that really cool the room. Right now I think we will keep them, but I may paint over the gold parts, not sure yet. Once the darker flooring is in, I will be better able to figure out what will look best.

I will post updates throughout the makeover starting with the first project which will be painting the walls while the carpet is still down.  Since it will be thrown away, I won’t need to put drop cloths down which will save some time and a little effort. :-)

Time to get out my brushes and rollers.  Stay tuned.


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  1. After 36 years in our 8 room colonial, we are decluttering and updating in preparation for selling our home. We are in the process of sanding and painting our stained doors, trim and windows white following your blog advice. We also will be painting some two bedrooms and the staircase/hallway, pulling up wall to wall carpeting, and having the hidden hardwood floors refinished.
    What order would you recommend? Paint the walls, sand and paint woodwork and doors, and then floors?
    We greatly admire your DIY talents and appreciate everything you share!!! Thanks, Joyce

    1. Hi Joyce –

      The order you mentioned in your comment is the order I would paint in. Doing the walls first is smart so if anything drips on the trim, you can easily fix it when you paint the trim. If you reversed the order then you would have to go back and touch up if a drip occurred.

      The updates you are doing will greatly help the sale of your house. Best of luck. I hope it sell fast.

  2. Hi Diane! This is what I find so inspiring and amazing about your blog—-you actually do reuse and recycle and always make the most of what you have available. I really aspire to do the same so I’m really looking forward to see how you transform this space. Thanks for sharing. M. ( p.s. I didn’t see your reformer….I have a Stott, what kind do you have?)

  3. You will absolutely love the luxury vinyl plank flooring. I have it in 3 rooms of my home (I have 2 dogs and 1 cat in a small home) and it cleans like a dream. After 2+ years with lots of use and plenty of mopping, I swear it still looks like new. I’m extremely happy with it.
    I had no idea you still had this big room left to re-do in your new home. Now we know that you too sometimes leave a space “undone” for a while, at least. :) I’m sure it will be amazing.

    1. Hi Pat –

      We have used luxury vinyl planks in a few rooms and LOVE it, too. Like you mentioned it never scratches and is sooooo easy to clean. It is from Nu-Core. For the game room we are going to use Tarkett Pro-Gen. What brand did you use?

  4. How exciting for you! I’ve been waiting for you to get around to painting the rest of the brown. And can’t you hide the electrical with paint? I’ve been searching for affordable flooring to go over ruined Terrazzo and so far I’ve failed. Have fun with all that hard work!

    1. Hi Sheryll – Once the brown trim in this room is painted, all the brown trim in the house will be history. It will feel nice to finally be done with that update. Ed is looking at opening up the ceiling so he can hide the wiring. If he can’t we may end up just painting it to match the ceiling.

      For discount flooring, is there a flooring warehouse in your area that might have some brands on clearance?

  5. I’m eager to see how your luxury vinyl planks will look. Thinking of those for our living room…..3 scampering dogs to consider so this might be a good option. :-)

    1. Hi Anna – We have installed luxury vinyl planks in my studioffice, powder room, hallway, laundry area and upstairs bath. We love it! It has been 2 years for some of it and it still looks brand new… so easy to clean, too. :-)