Valentine’s Table: Easy Heart Shaped Napkin Fold Steps

Looking for ideas on how to set a romantic dinner table for two this year for Valentine’s Day? If so, consider folding cloth napkins or even paper ones into a heart shape using a red or pink napkin. Follow the simple steps below to make your romantic table setting extra special.


Before You Get Started

  • Dinner napkin sizes vary, so the size of your folded heart may be larger or smaller than mine. The napkins I used to fill the center of the dinner plate at each place setting were 18″ square.
  • If your napkins have wrinkles in them, press them with an iron before folding.
  • If you don’t have cloth napkins, fabric yardage or dish towels cut into 18-inch squares can be folded in the same way.

Step-by-Step Heart Napkin Fold Instructions

Creating the heart-shaped napkin fold is very easy…1… 2… 3… simple.  No complicated folds and once you make one, you won’t even need to look at the step-by-step instructions again.

You Will Need:

  • Square dinner napkin – 18-inch square works well.
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Optional embellishment: Heart shaped paper doily
How-to-fold-a-napkin-into a-heart-shape


1. Fold the napkin in half lengthwise as shown in step 1 in the photo above. Press with a warm iron if necessary.

2. Fold the napkin in half again, bringing the edges together.

3. Place a finger at the center bottom section, then fold one side up.

4. Fold other other side up so both sides meet.


 5. Turn the napkin over, keeping the bottom point towards you.

6. Fold over each of the four top corners so that you make four small triangles on the top of the heart.  Use an iron to press the folds in place.

Turn the napkin over to finish. Place on a dinner plate.


Optional Styling Tip: Add a Heart Doily and Initial

Valentine-Heart-Napkin-Folding steps

To add more interest to the heart folded napkin, place a heart shaped paper doily on top, then add a free printable paper cut-out heart with your sweethearts initial on it.


To get the free letter initial hearts, you will find the link in this post: Valentine Crafts – Free Printable Initial Hearts.

Valentines-Day-Drink to serve for a dinner for two
Happy Valentine’s Day

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  1. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    I am late, past the time……… but I am loving this design of yours. And I think the instructions should be printed out for any of our hopeful, young girls……… for their own ‘hope chest’. White linen of course, but oh what fabulous ooohs will be brought out from vivid, true red?????

    Some fringed, some hemmed, some embroidered… oh my!

  2. Stephanie@cre8tive says:

    Oh thanks for the idea Diane! Pinned it for next year. Our Valentine day will be a family affair at home with my husband, daughters and their significant others making tacos. Romantic? No. But after 25 years together, we are ok with it. Plus being with my girls is the best Valentine’s day ever! Enjoy your day with Ed.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Stephanie – Sounds wonderful. I agree that being with our daughters would be the best Valentine ever. I wish mine lived closer. They live a days car drive away. :( You are blessed to have yours close by. Enjoy XO

  3. Diane, I love the napkin idea. I believe I will make them for my husband and my Valentine’s dinner decor.

    Valentine’s Day: My husband and I have planned a romantic night-in. To start the evening off, we are making Sherry Chicken w/ Wild Rice Pancakes (I’m making the chicken and he is making the pancakes). For dessert, Chocolate-Raspberry Cake. And, of course a bottle of Champagne to top off this delicious meal.
    After dinner, we are going to cuddle up to a romantic movie w/ more champagne (probably, more chocolate too).

    Enjoy your Valentine’s with your sweetie.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Bobbi – Sounds like you are set for a wonderful evening. Cozy and romantic – the best! Are the wild rice pancakes – patties of rice or is there flour in them?

      1. Diane,

        The rice pancakes are “pancakes” w/ a small amount of flour. I think I will post the Chicken & Pancake recipes, along with photos, on my blog in a few days.

        Btw-the Sherry Chicken is Sherry Vinegar Chicken. I forgot to add that important ingredient that helps give this dish a wonderful flavor.

        1. Diane Henkler says:

          They sound delish. Thanks I will have to try them.