What Is In Your Capsule for Home Decor?

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The title of this post sounds a little like the credit card commercial with Jennifer Garner when she says… “What’s in your wallet?”

At this time of year, we may be saying “nothing” after overspending during the holidays.  I titled this post, What Is In Your Capsule for Home Decor? because it is the time of year when the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations are back in storage and our normal decor can seem a little barren to our eyes.

We want our decor to have a fresh feel just like we want a fresh start with new resolutions in the other areas of our life.  It is too early to decorate for spring, so what is someone who is passionate about decorating do?

Capsule Home decor items that work for Winter decorating. Decorating items that are fast and easy and budget friendly.

The first thought may be to run out to our favorite decor store and spend money to buy something new to add new life into our winter decor.

This can be a fun excursion, but if you are like me, you don’t want to spend any money on mid-winter decorating that can end up being bought on a whim just to fill a space until spring rolls around.

I want to remind you of a way you can get both – new winter decor at no expense.

When I was putting my Christmas ornaments away, I looked at my stash of decorative accessories that I keep on shelves in the attic and realized, I have a collection of “Capsule Home Decor”.

White hydrangeas on a stack of white books on a table in front of a wall of mirrors.
Thrift store books make perfect risers for decorative accessories.

Use What You Have Decorating” is my favorite way to decorate, but it’s little cousin… Capsule Decorating is a runner-up. 

What is Capsule Decorating?

Capsule decorating is the same concept as a “Capsule Wardrobe” where you compile a collection of a few essential wardrobe items that go with everything and can be used seasonally or year round.

Streamlining your wardrobe eliminates the need for a closet full of clothes that take up space or that you never wear. 

Your capsule pieces become your go-to items that you wear over and over again and that are chosen for quality over quantity as well as their ability to mix and coordinate with each other.

As I move forward in life I have found I like this capsule concept for all facets of my life, even to paring down all my kitchen cooking gadgets.

I am also reminded of something my mother always preached, which was to never decorate unless you love what you are adding to a room.

If you just buy something to fill a space, you will just end up wasting your time and money.  Wait until you find something you truly love and that is where a collection comes into play when decorating your a home.

Instead of buying something just to have something new to freshen my home for the new year. I want to find ways to simply add a tweak to an item I already own that will send my eye to a new focal point in a room or I can move items from one room to another to give them a new purpose.

I also like to re-arrange the furniture every once in a while. Using my capsule decorating items allows me to take a room from boring to looking fresh and new in no time without spending any money.

Diy winter decorating ideas on a budget using the capsule concept.

So that is what I did to decorate after the holidays. I chose some of my favorite white pitchers and arranged them on my mantel with candles and wood slices.

I call my decorating style, White & Woodsy and this mantel fits right in.

What’s In My Capsule Decorating Collection?

Decorating-a-bathroom-with-blue-and-white using glass canisters

Glass canisters that I buy at thrift stores in many different shapes and sizes to hold bathroom items…

Decorating with glass canisters as a part of a Capsule for Home Decor

…or goodies for my guests in a guest room…

Glass canister decorating ideas

…or goodies on the kitchen counter.

Decorating with trays and ideas

Trays… As you scroll through the photos of my capsule decorating items, you may notice something similar in the photos.

There is a tray of some sort in almost all of these photos. I like trays, they are workhorses and can be used in so many ways besides serving food.

I tweaked this one with decorative clock paper and paint that I bought at a thrift store, but have many others types and sizes that I use all around the house.

I use one to corral my collection of candles on my coffee table and a small rectangular white ceramic one to place toiletries on in my bathroom. Trays make it easy to corral small things which create focus and impact instead of clutter.

White kitchen shelves with white dishes

White ceramics – pitchers, platters, cake stand and dishes. They fill my open kitchen shelves, but I can move any one of the items to any room when needed.

Organizing behind the scenes

I have them hidden in kitchen cabinets also.

soap dish that has many decorative uses

For instance, a small white pedestal dish can serve up delicious dip at a party or become a soap holder on my bathroom counter.  It could also become a place to hold jewelry on my bedroom dresser.

Capsule Decorating vase to use for home decor

A white pitcher becomes a vase. A classic idea that works all year long.

No need to buy a novelty or trendy vase just for a holiday or a special event. Using capsule decor items does the job just a well and at the same time helps you keep your home and closets from being cluttered.


Anything that pulls at my heartstrings is also part of my capsule decorating items. I can always find a place for this brass turtle that was in the living room of my parents house my entire life.

It has now become a staple in my house. I may use it to hold matches by the fireplace in the winter, but in the summer it can accent a stack of books.

cylindrical-glass-vases are part of capsule concept of home decor

Glass canister vases –  I have quite a few of these and use them to hold candles, flowers, and a collections of matchbooks, seashells , ornaments and more. I recently showed you how I tweaked a chipped one in my post about decorating for New Year’s Eve.

I painted one which is permanent, but for a temporary re-fresh, I have been know to wrap them in paper or fabric to give them fresh new looks.

Ways-to-use-baskets-in-home-decorating using the capsule concept

You can see a theme in my capsule items… white, vases, flowers, trays… but I also like baskets, big chunky candles, and throw blankets that you have seen me use over and over again all around my house.

So, if you are feeling that your rooms need a tweak, think about what items you already own that make up our Capsule Decor.

Round them up and try to look at each item with new eyes to come up with new and creative ways to use them to add some of your own style to your home’s decor.

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  1. Your ideas are so smart and always a great way to have a beautiful home without spending a ton of money.

    I have many of the same things in my ‘capsule decor’ and am thinking of getting rid of several things that I thought I’d use but no longer “work” or make me happy. Why let them take up space and never get used, right? ;-) Somebody will get some fun & pretty items when I donate them to thrift stores. Note: most of my decor accessories come from thrift stores too….so I figure it’s a nice way to go: Get it there, use it, fall out of love with it, donate it back. It’s a win-win. :-)

    Happy New Year Diane!

  2. A great reminder that I also have decorating capsules. Some are packed away and some I use every day. It’s time to do some refreshing – putting away the often used and bringing back some that have been forgotten. I’m a pitcher collector and have them in all sizes for various uses. Also, several of my copper pieces (teapots, bowls, platters, etc) can be used in any room for an instant mellow shine.
    Thanks again for your post. Now I’ve got to dig into boxes at the back of my storage closet. Happy New Year.

  3. Love his. I’ll need to take a good look at what I have to see what’s in my capsule; I’ve not thought about it that way. It may make paring down and organizing (that January curse) a more pleasurable and meaningful experience. That may not have been your intention but thank you.

  4. I love this post—I didn’t know it but I too have a capsule wardrobe in my home!! Great ideas!! Happy New Year!!