How To Hide the Cords on a Flat Screen TV

After my last post showing you the thrift store tables in my family room, I received a few questions about the TV in the room – specifically wanting to know how to hide the cords and wires since the TV is mounted above a fireplace.    In a perfect world, I would answer that there were electrical and cable outlets on the wall behind the TV, but since my house was built in 1993 – flat screen TV’s mounted on walls was not something builders included in their design.

We could have drilled a hole in the wall ourselves and threaded the cords/wires through it to a basement outlet, but with the brick fireplace that was not an option.

What did I do?  Abbracadabra…  it is all wireless – Only kidding.   My fix – not so magical or perfect, but one that lessens the eyesore of exposed wires.  I covered them with a sleeve of fabric in the same color as the wall.

How to Hide-Flat screen TV-Cords and wires

I took the cover off to show you how I made it.  This is how the cords looked after I organized and bundled them with cable ties.  There are electrical and cable outlets behind the corner cabinet. The cable box, DVD player, etc. are behind closed doors in the cabinet.

How to hide flat screen TV cords and wires


Hwo to hide flat screen TV cords and wires

The sleeve of fabric has Velcro along the edges to keep it closed.

How to cover-TV-cords and wires



Velcro – sticky back
Cable ties
Optional: wire and a picture hanging hook

1.  Figure out how long and wide your sleeve of fabric should be.  The fabric should wrap around the bundled wires loosely.   Cut the fabric to size and hem with fabric glue or sew it on.

How to make a-cover for electrical cords

2.  Place your fabric right side down -peel the two sides of the Velcro apart.  Attach one side of Velcro along each long edge of the fabric:  On the left edge of the fabric place the Velcro on top of the fabric.  On the right edge – the Velcro goes on the underside of the fabric edge.

How to make a Fabric-Cord-Cover

3. A nice and neat sleeve of fabric.


4. Optional:  I made a hook out of wire and wrapped it around the bundled wires that run behind the cabinet.

How to make a wire hook

5. I attached a picture hanging hook on the wall and hooked the wire loop over it.  This keeps the cords/wires from hanging down directly from the edge of the mantel.


Not perfect – but without a lot of options to choose from – I have been pretty happy with my fix the past 3+ years.     I sometimes place pretty objects in front of  it and other times I leave the space bare since the fabric blends into the wall.

How to hide electrical cords

How to hide flat screen TV cords and wires

Have you done any “quick fixes” that have turned into a permanent fix lately?

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  1. lindsay says

    Omg!! Thank you for this, my cables look terrible!! I never comment on blogs but felt it was a must!! Hopefully I can hide mine as well as you have!

  2. Laurie says

    Thanks! This is the perfect solution for me. I was not looking forward to some hardcore fix of running wires/cables into or behind my fireplace!

  3. Cara says

    Thank you so much for this post! We have the exact same challenge – TV mounted above the fireplace on a brick wall. I’m going to put my husband in charge of bundling the wires and I’ll find/make the fabric sleeve. Problem solved!

    • Jennifer says

      Wondering if you or anyone came up with a good solution for the BRICK Fireplace? My Dad put an 80″ TV above the Mantle. It’s huge and takes up the entire mantle & covers ALL the brick.

      Therefore there is no room for the DVD player, DVR/Satellite Box, etc. and the wires have to come from TV down to a low shelf.

      Any suggestions? She has a window on each side of Mantle so a tall bookshelf is not an option. Thanks!!

      • says

        Hi Jennifer –

        If the fireplace has wood under the mantel, you can add decorative molding on or around it. Create a design with the molding to look like a panel or just vertical design elements on the mantel. Paint it all the same color as the mantel. You can then run the wires behind the molding to hide them. If it is just a mantel shelf, build an entire mantel with wood so you can run the wires behind it.

    • says

      Hi Esther –

      I bought them over 20 years ago. They are made by Hooker. They were hard to find, but the only thing that would really work for the space besides built-ins. They were a medium oak before I painted them.

  4. Barb says

    Do you have an idea for hiding the Tv. cord that goes down the corner of the wall, then across to the elec. outlet? T.v. is up in corner of room and the cord runs down the corner.

    • says

      Hi Barb – Have you looked into the metal strips made to hide cords that you can paint the same color as the walls? They are two parts to the strips. One part gets screwed to the wall, then the cords get placed in. A second part slides over this to hide the cord and since it can be painted the same color as the wall – it blends in. You can find them in the lamp and lighting aisles at the home improvement or lighting store. You could also do something similar with wood molding.

  5. beenish says

    Wow…. ive been trying to get some ideas to hide the horrible looking dangling wires but came up with nothing easy.
    n then I read ur blog. Thnx a ton

  6. says

    What a great idea! I have been looking at these ugly black cords for months, wondering how I can cover them up. Now my problem is solved. Thank you!!

  7. Mary says

    This is exactly what I have been looking for to cover the ugly TV cables on my TV! It is on an adjustable wall mount in my bedroom and the cables look ugly. Thanks!!


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