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My Favorite Holiday Decorations

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6 Christmas decorating projects that you can make to add a festive holiday vibe to your home. 

Instead of making a new project to share with you today, I thought I would show you my favorite holiday decorations that I have used in past years and that made the cut this year.

No. 1: DIY Ornament Bowl

How to display Christmas ornaments

I made this Trash to Treasure Ornament Bowl the first year I started blogging. I used two unmatched  pieces I found at the thrift store.  I have used it in my foyer every Christmas since making it.

No. 2: Knitting Needle Ornament Tree

Christmas Decorating with Ornaments

This Tabletop Knitting Needle Tree is taken apart to be stored each year since all that is holding it up is a knitting needle.  It is super easy to make.

No. 3: Memory Ornaments


I like to hang souvenirs and keepsakes on my tree.  I call them memory ornaments.  I have shared more in my post, Memory Ornaments.  This key to my childhood home is my favorite.

No. 4: Porch Light Decoration

Christmas-Outdoor-Decorating Ideas for light fixtures

I used real greens to make these outdoor Hook-On Greenery for Outdoor Light Fixtures decorations , but this year I am going to make them with artificial greens so I can reuse them each year.  Wait until you see how easy it is to make and hang them.

No. 5: Christmas Tree Stand Cover


I made this Photo Frame Tree Stand Cover last year. I used it around the artificial tree in my dining room. This year I am going to use it around the real tree for the family room.

No. 6: Paper Wreath


I love preserved boxwood wreaths, but they are pricey. Last year I decided to make my own using paper – Paper Boxwood Wreath. I included a free printable of the leaves in my post.  It is fast and easy to make if you have a digital cutting machine.

I will be making a few more decorations this year and will be showing them over the next 6 weeks.

Have you started thinking about how you are going to decorate this year?

Want to see more of my holiday projects?

Check out my Christmas Decorating Project & Idea page.   It is where you can find all the holiday projects I have posted about in the past 6 years grouped in one easy to find place.

Affordable Christmas decorating ideas. Easy DIY Christmas Decorating projects to make to decorate your home this holiday season. | In My Own Style

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with Robin!! You are simply a true talent and such a gift to the world to share your brilliant mind and creativity with the rest of us! Thank you Diane. I truly love your style and appreciate all of your awesome tutorials!! Wishing you a blessed holiday season.

  2. I adore the trash to treasure ornament bowl. I am going to make one for my holiday table with pink and mint green ornaments! You are a creative wonder woman!

  3. Is there any wonder you’re a top blogger? No, there is not. Such splendid creativity. You stay so true to yourself, too. Love reading about and seeing all you do. Merry Christmas!!

  4. I love the idea of the key. I pinned the porch light greenery one yesterday. Will have to use command hooks since I don’t have lights at my doorway.