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Affordable Window Shade Options for the Kitchen

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As I am working my way through my house of 6 months, I am trying to update and add my style to each room. I am trying to get one room updated before jumping to the next project, but it is kind of hard since I have so many plans and ideas for every room and I am eager to make the changes.

White bamboo blinds are great to use to decorate kitchen windows

I’m really happy with how things are coming together in the dining area.  I pass through this space many times a day. It is the hub of the house. I am really beginning to like what I see.

If I had a big decorating budget and could choose the items I love and not worry about the price, decorating would get done a lot faster.  I do a lot of online shopping and return items until I find just the right items for the best price.

The chairs were exactly what I was looking for, I found them at Pier 1. They are called Kubu Dining Chairs. The table is from my previous house.  I painted the trim two weeks ago, but still have to remove the painted wallpaper from the wall and then give the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Affordable bamboo window blinds

Over the weekend after getting back from an 11 day trip to help our daughter move to Virginia, there were a few packages that came for me.  As a blogger I get a lot of packages delivered and when I order stuff on my own, it can sometimes get overwhelming the amount of deliveries I get.  I was on a first name basis with the UPS and FedEx guy after the first week of living here. :-)

Anyway in one of the boxes were white bamboo Roman Shades that I had ordered from JCP. I tried a few other shades before these, but none had fit the crank-out casement window in my kitchen. I am excited that these white bamboo shades did, as well as fit my style and budget.

White bamboo window shades

They are called Woven Wood Bamboo Shades. Using an online coupon on the JCP site they were under $30 a piece for 27″ x 64″ sized windows.

pretty white kitchen
Kitchen Inspiration from BHG

In my grand scheme of things, I wanted the windows to be unadorned like the windows are in this kitchen, but the sun comes in way too bright in the morning in my kitchen. I needed to find something that would filter the light when they are down, but not block the open view when they were up and not in use.


I did have to do a small tweak to the bamboo shades to get the valance on each to lay flat. It was stiff and popped up exposing too much of the underside of the shade.

How to fix a window shade

Nothing a little hot glue couldn’t fix. I simply ran a line of hot glue under the valance where it meets the shade. Once the glue was in place, I pressed the valance with my hands to hold it in place until the glue cooled.

White bamboo window shades

Much better.  :-)

These casement windows from Pella have angled molding around them. It makes it very hard to get a good inside fit. I could have went with one long outside mounted shade, but it would have to be custom made to fit…and that would have been way over my budget.

Where to buy white bamboo window shades | In My Own Style blog

Since I decorate mostly with white, I do like the texture the bamboo shades add to the mix to provide interest.

White bamboo blinds are great to use to decorate kitchen windows

One more project down.

Yesterday I also enjoyed the more relaxing parts of decorating a house…

Where to buy affordable white window shades for the windows in your home | In My Own Style

…with all the rain we have been getting the past few days, the hydrangeas in my yard are flourishing.

Kitchen shades-3

I clipped some to bring into the dining area to add some color while the space is getting a makeover.

White bamboo blinds are great to use to decorate kitchen windows

I could not be happier with their color.  :-)

Kitchen shades-12

If you have hydrangeas and want to bring them inside without them wilting, I wrote a post about how to keep them perky and fresh for a long time. You can find the post here: How to Cut Hydrangeas So They Won’t Wilt

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  1. Diane- I have casement windows throughout my home. When I’ve hung woven shades the dilemma has always been how do I remove the screen at a later date without having to remove the shade? Do your screens easily slip out for window cleaning? Thanks for sharing, your home is coming together beautifully!

    1. Hi Teresa –

      I have the same problem. I will have to remove the blinds first then the screens when they need to get cleaned. I am not sure how your shades are hung, but these are very easy to take up and down. All I have to do is unscrew 2 wing nuts on each blind.

      1. I never remove my screens. I just use my garden hose with a nozzle attached and of course, with the windows closed. I live in Florida, so maybe that is the difference?

        I have a question about your gorgeous , Bamboo shades. Are they easy to break off on the outer ends? My kitty kat break off my plastic mini blinds as they climb into the open windows. And my windows are open most of the year. Also, I don’t have enough depth for those faux wooden blinds (or so it says). And I really don’t want outside mounting, but might not have a choice. What do you think???

        1. Hi Sheryll – I have a cat and know what they can get into. I think it would take a lot of chewing and playing to break the ends of these blinds since they are wood and not plastic. Faux wood blinds are about 2″ depth. These are about an inch, so they do not take up as much room. They may fit perfectly. If they don’t, you can always return them. I had to go through a few styles of shades until I found these.

  2. OMG DIANE, thank you for this most needed post!!! I am looking for blinds for my new home! They will be perfect!!
    Again you are so helpful!
    I have Hydrangea envy! Mine at the Lakhouse didn’t bloom last year so when I go back up there I hope I’m surprised!!

  3. OMG! As soon as I saw them I recognized them. These are the exact same shades I have throughout my house and they came from JCP. I had mine cut to measure “custom” – not all the windows measured the same. They have great sales all the time. We live in a water access area in Baltimore County called Millers Island – (it”s really a peninsula) and I love the beach house look of these shades.

    1. Hi Elaine – JCP has the best stuff if you take the time to look. I find many decorative items there from dishtowels to lamps. :-) I have heard of Miller’s Island, but have never been there. It sounds divine.