DIY Floor Lamp Makeover for Less Than $10

When you like an existing floor lamp you already own, but not it’s color or style anymore, why not give it a facelift. It’s easy and you can do this floor lamp makeover for less than $10. No paint needed!

I have a thing about lamps. I have posted a few thrift store lamp makeovers on the blog, discussed why lamps and lighting are so important in decorating and even how to change an existing lamp switch by adding a dimmable light socket to any lamp.

Recently I mentioned that I wanted to give my living room a makeover to lighten it up to bring in new energy for the summer. I wanted to add a bit of coastal with a stylish rustic charm to fit into my white and woodsy decorating style.

To do this room makeover, I also challenged myself not to buy anything – not even a paint brush to complete the makeover.

So far – I am finding everything I need by using up previous supplies and decor I already own.

I am in the midst of 3 projects this week – all of them requiring paint, but this stylish, but cheap floor lamp makeover didn’t need paint, only natural cord that I had leftover from the DIY projects I did for my older daughter’s wedding.

As I finish each project for this living room makeover, I will post about each, then do a before and after whole room post on how I changed the look of the room without buying a thing.

I like the way my living room is decorated both for comport and style, but I also enjoy coming up with new decorating ideas. It is just how my brain works. Many may think it is too much work to make tweaks to a room, but I love the creative process.

I also like to share inspiration so that you can see what is possible in decorating your home that may inspire you into action or to try your hand at a DIY project you may not have considered before.

Floor Lamp BEFORE Makeover

Brass floor lamp with white shade in living room

Here is my existing tripod floor lamp. When I first bought it, it had a brass finish. About a year after, I used spray paint to change it to oil-rubbed bronze, then removed the pull cord and added a dimmable socket so I could dim the bulb at night.

Floor Lamp AFTER Makeover

I added my personal touch to give the lamp base a new look using polished hemp cord. The classic white drum lampshade stayed the same.

How to Makeover a Floor Lamp for $10

This DIY floor lamp now has a coastal vibe that reminds me of the pricey lamps and decorative accessories that the catalogs West Elm and Serena & Lily sell. If you have a lamp in good shape, instead of buying a new lamp for hundreds of dollars, buy a skein of cord for $10.

In a few hours time, your lamp will have a new coastal look. If you use darker cord, it will feel more rustic.

If your lamp shade needs a refresh, the best places to find them affordably is at Lowes. They usually have a nice variety of sizes and shapes that can be bought separately.

supples needed for DIY floor lamp makeover

supplies needed:

Time needed: 4 hours

How to Wrap a Floor Lamp With Polished Hemp Cord

When buying natural fiber cord or twine to wrap a lamp or any item or piece of furniture, use natural polished hemp or natural color twisted paper cord. These are smoother than other natural fiber twines that will have a lot of fraying.

  1. Prepare Lamp

    Unplug floor lamp, remove shade, light bulb and harp.

    To make sure the hot glue will stick, make sure the base of the floor lamp is clean.

  2. Start Wrapping Cord

    Depending on the height of your floor lamp, you can either sit or stand while wrapping the base, pole legs or other wood or metal parts you want to cover. As I worked I stood and sat while covering different sections to make wrapping easier.

    Place a dab of hot glue at the very top of the main pole of the lamp or top section of your floor lamp.

    Use the tip of the scissors or stick to press the hemp cord into the glue. Let cool, then begin wrapping the cord around the main pole or base.

    Wind the cord around a few times then tighten and move it up on the pole with your hands. Make sure the cord is level as you wind it around.

    how to start wrapping hemp cord around base of floor lamp to give it a DIY coastal decor makeover

  3. Add More Hot Glue

    After wrapping the cord around a few inches, add another dab of hot glue. Pull the cord, tight, make sure it is level and push the cord into the glue and then continue wrapping and gluing in this manner.

    Note: As you wrap the cord may get tangled. I left the cord on the skein and held it in my hand as I wrapped. Once you start wrapping, you will get the hang of it and find the best way to hold the cord as you wrap.

    wrapped polished twine around base of floor lamp.

  4. How to Wrap Where Base Meets the Floor Lamp Legs

    When you get to a part on your lamp that is not a pole or where parts of the legs meet the base, you will need to figure out the best way to proceed. Every floor lamp will be different.

    I chose to just keep wrapping over this junction. I needed to use more hot glue so the cord would stay in place.

    Where to place hot glue on leg of diy floor lamp makeover

  5. Continue Wrapping Each Leg

    I wrapped where the legs meet the base as one wide part. Once I got past this area and the legs were separate, I continued wrapping the cord down one leg, glueing a wrapped area every few inches.

    Wrapping twine around a tripod style floor lamp to give it a new look for summer.

  6. How to End & Start New Pieces of Cord

    I wrapped the main pole without cutting the cord. When I did have to cut the cord, I made sure the end would be at the back of the lamp. I placed a dab of hot glue on the pole and pressed the cut end into it, making sure to keep the cord tight around the pole.

    Then I butted the end of a new section of cord right up against the other end and made sure it was glued down and continued wrapping.

    On some sections, I pushed a cut end up under the wider section and glued it in so it would stay hidden.

    close up of junction area where base meets legs and how to wrap with the hemp cord.

  7. How To End Wrapped Cord on Bottom of Legs

    To end the wrapped cord on the bottom of each leg, I added more glue for the last few wraps around the pole. Then cut the cord and pushed the cut end into and under the cord using a few dabs of hot glue.

    how to end the wrapped twine on the leg of the floor lamp.

  8. Change the Base Shape

    If you want to change the shape of the lamp base, add a second layer of cord around one or more areas.

    I did this for one section where there was a small decorative accent in the base pole column. I added a second wrap to make it stand out more instead of looking like it didn’t belong.

    close up of polished hemp cord wrapped floor lamp pole.

  9. Place Light Bulb and Shade Back

    Remove and hot glue strands that may be hanging from floor lamp. Plug in and enjoy the same floor lamp, but in a new coastal style.

    close up of polished hemp cord wrapped floor lamp poles.

Completed DIY floor lamp makeover done by wrapping with polished hemp cord.

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  1. I like the update on your lamp. My husband and I made all the lamps in our home from embossed antique wine and grape bottles. They turned our beautiful since the bottles had imprints of fruit on them. I have received so many compliments on them.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Nancy – Your lamps sound really beautiful and best of all – unique to you and your decorating style.

  2. Wow!! Looks like you went out and paid good money for it….awesome idea to use the twine 👏

  3. So clever. Love the look. I have a floor lamp that would work perfectly for this technique. Thanks Diane for another great idea.

  4. Julia@Cuckoo4Design says:

    Love how it turned out! Such a great update.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Julia – Thanks – I really enjoy making or transforming stuff to fit my style. I know you do the same – our visual merchandising display jobs surely helped us be super resourceful. XO

  5. The best! This is why I love your posts. I am also here for the recipes! This is one I will do yo a floor lamp. Keep em coming😊

  6. Linda Weeks says:

    Good job, again! always like to see clever ways to update my household! Best, Linda W