How to Create a Mini Mudroom

Moving into a “new to you” home always comes with some give and take. For instance, you may have left a home that had a large mudroom for a house without one, but one that has a large powder room in it’s place.

Or in a previous house, you may have had a dining room… the new one does not, but the new home makes up for the lack of a dining room in so many other ways… like a wrap around deck with lots of tables and seating with a lake view. :-)


I lived in a house with a large mudroom for 22 years and now that I live in a house where there isn’t one, I realize just how much I took the space for granted. It was such a great place to hold, organize and store things that you need as you come and go from the house.

Until last week, Ed and I were bringing our jackets, bags and other little bits and bobs inside and placing them on the kitchen counter.  The counter became a clutter magnet and the in/out stuff was taking up precious room for kitchen items that belong on the counter.

Mudroom ideas for organizing and storage needs for a home

I used to have a place for all this kind of stuff… remember this piece of trash to treasure piece of furniture? I needed something like it or to find a place that we could use like a coat closet, but more of a depository for items like umbrellas, gloves, sunglasses, mail to go out, merchandise returns that come and go out of the house every time we exit and enter.

I had to figure out how to create a mudroom, but not a large one, but a mini-mudroom in the empty space right by the entryway in the garage. The space called out to me… and I figured out a way to turn the un-used corner into a mini-mudroom.

I shared how I first painted the space in my last post.  

ClosetMaid Cubeical organizer hack. All you need is a wall to create a mini mudroom in your home or garage. | In My Own Style

Here is what I added to create a mini-mudroom in our garage.


To make it happen, I bought a ClosetMaid 6-Cube Cubeical Stackable Storage Organizer. Do you have one of these in your home?  They come in many different sizes and configurations. I bought the 6-Cube Cubical since it was the only one that would fit in the space.

I assembled it and Ed helped me attach it to the newly painted wall.  ClosetMaid sells colorful fabric storage cubes that fit perfectly into each square in the Cubeical, but I decided to use 6 storage baskets that I love and already had.

Two shelf and rod brackets and a dowel and I now have a mudroom. Although it is a mini-mudroom, it does it’s job to help organize stuff in an attractive and functional way.

How to Build a Mini Mudroom in a Garage


supplies needed:

To assemble a Cubical:

To hang Cubical on a wall:

  • 4- 3″ angle irons and 3/4″ wood screws
  • 2 Closet Rod and Shelf Brackets and 4 – 3/4″ wood screws
  • 1  – 1-1/4″ diameter wood dowel and  4 – 1/2″ wood screws
  • White spray primer/paint to paint dowel
  • Phillips head screwdriver
  • Drill and drill bit to match the size of wood screws
  • Bubble level
  • Pencil
  • 12″ – 1 x 2 piece of wood
  • Optional: E-Z Wall Anchors if your screws won’t be going into wall studs
How to assemble a ClosetMaid storage organizer

To assemble the Cubical, follow directions that are included in the box.

How to assemble a Closetmaid cubeical

They are illustrated and easy to follow. It took me about 30 minutes to assemble the unit from start to finish.

How to Hang a Closetmaid Cubeical

Use a stud finder to find where the studs are in your wall. If studs are not where you need them to be to, you will need to use E-Z Wall Anchors and the screws they come with to attach the Cubeical to the wall securely.

Cut dowel to 23″ long, spray paint white.

  1. With a pencil, mark on the wall where you want the Cubeical to hang. Figure out the center point and where the bottom edge will be and use a level to make a level line on the wall.

2. Center the 1″ x 2″ on wall. Using long wood screws attach the top edge of the 1″ x 2″ along the level line you drew.

3. Use wood screws to attach the shelf and rod brackets 22-1/2″ apart so that the top edge of each is level with the top of the 1″ x 2″ piece of wood.


4. Have someone hold up the assembled Cubeical so the bottom edge is resting on the 1″ x 2″ and mark placement for angle irons. I used one for each corner of the Cubeical. 

5. Remove the Cubeical and attach the angle irons to the wall, using EZ Wall Anchors if needed.

6. Place Cubical back up on wall and use wood screws to attach the Cubeical to the angle irons.


7. Place dowel in rod holder and use wood screws through the screw holes in the brackets to secure it


Place hangers on rod and baskets in each cube. At first, I left the dowel unpainted, but then…

ClosetMaid Cubeical hack

…I painted it white to coordinate with the rest of the organizer.

DIY mudroom idea

Now all the stuff that was cluttering the kitchen counter has a place to come and go in organized style.


It looks so much better than passing by trash cans every time we enter or leave the house.

If you would like to see another organizing idea using a 6-Cube Cubeical, check out how I made this cart. You can find the post and tutorial here – Zoom Zoom Zoom…My Crafts Cart on Wheels


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  1. Rachel Perry says:

    I just moved into our forever home. It checked all of the boxes – with the exception of a mud room. The entry into the house from the front door leaves no space for even a coat rack, and coming in through the garage gives a tiny coat closet in a small hall, and from there filters into a powder room and the kids playroom. All of that being said, this is exactly what I have been looking for! I am sending this to my husband – it’s perfect. Thank you for having the vision and creativity to share!

  2. What kind of curtain could be put on a sunroom window? I have 5 long windows about 2. 5 ft X 5.5 ft. My husband does not like me putting holes in the outside walls as it will puncture the vapour barrier. The window has an oak frame. If there is an inexpensive option b/c I have 5 of them to cover? Please – your input. Thank-you

  3. This is a great idea! Maybe I can incorporate this in my garage. Thanks for the post.

  4. Norma Rolader says:

    Now that is a great idea putting a mudroom in the garage

  5. I love these ClosetMaid cubbies- we have several in our house! What a fantastic alternative for a mud room – great idea to have the hanging space below it!!

  6. This is a great idea. I love the pole for the jackets.

  7. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Gosh, since I live in Florida, I am convinced to use this for a storage for my tiny bedroom closet and my tiny kitchen.

  8. I love your mud room idea, but our garage gets so many dang spiders…..I couldn’t have one out there :-(

  9. Elaine Heron says:

    Hi Diane
    Elaine here, Just popping in to say hello from England! Are you surprised your fame has reached across the pond? Have been watching your website for about a year now, and must say I think it’s fab. We have been fixing up our home in the UK for the last 2 years, we have completed 3 rooms out of 7, and added a conservatory. I often look to see what ideas you have on your website to give me some inspiration. Your ideas are always so “down to earth and on a budget” unlike so many house sites, who seem to have owners with an endless pot of money. Your home is very stylish, and much to my taste. Am enjoying following the house move and thought this post in particular was one of your best ideas, and all on an affordable budget too. Many thanks for the inspiration, keep it up. Will pop in each week to check out some ideas to put in place over here in England!

  10. Great and creative use of that space in your garage! As always love your blog.

  11. I just want to say how much I enjoy your posts. I love seeing what you will do next!!

  12. Catherine D says:

    Wonderful! Perfect mudroom! One question, My garage entrance is so disorganized with boots, yard shoes, everyday flip flops for summer. I have white-ish tiled floor from garage into the kitchen. Shoes come off at the door to keep the kitchen floor clean. I’d like to do this for shoe and boot storage on the garage wall entrance to the kitchen, but it would be filthy in no time with shoes and boots. I currently have a couple of old crates with shoes and boots thrown in but they are in the way and no organization, Digging through looking for a shoe mate is …. ugh….. Any suggestions? I love your blog and ideas. Thank you!

    1. Catherine..I live in Minnesota and when my boys were younger I had this same problem. You literally walk into our foyer from the garage – no mudroom. Still put out seasonally large industrial rugs for the transition of snow clothes. However, for a long time I had wire shelves hung on the wall just before entering the home.
      Each of us had our own shelf. Only problem for us is that the shoes and boots get very cold with our Minnesota winters. I also had shelves in the foyer closet for each person that their shoes when dry transitioned there if need be.

      Maybe you have too many shoes?:) Boots?:) We kept only play or fun shoes by the door. All dress shoes were kept in each of our closets.

      Hope this helps.

    2. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Catherine – In my previous house we built up an entire wall 10 ft x 10 ft in the garage that was adjacent to the entry door. It became our closet. We left the bottom alone, and placed boots there. Then above that were 2 long rows of shelves for shoes. Each family member had there own section on the shelves. Then we had a rod installed above the shoe shelves the whole length of the wall to hang coats. Above this were two more long shelves that spanned the 10 ft wall. It was a great space and kept everything organized. Along the bottom on the concrete where the boots where kept, I did have to sweep up the dried dirt every month or so, but other than that, the wall kept us and our coats and stuff organized.

  13. Looks fabulous! Must be the season for organizing. We just completely reorganized our home office ;-)

  14. I was just thinking how nice it is that you can doff your jacket or scarf and even a wet rain slicker before you ever walk into the house. The darling numbered and beribboned baskets are the perfect place to stash your canvas grocery bags, gloves (if it is cold enough), gardening gloves and other things you would rather leave outside than bring inside and have to find someplace to put them. How clever of you to use an otherwidse forgotten space in your garage as a mini mudroom!

  15. It’s a great idea when you live in a temperate climate where you can leave your coats in the garage – or take them off in the garage without freezing. I have no mud room either and would love to be able to do something similar, but it’s too cold in the garage in the winter. I’ m happy that it works for you.