Sometimes… Home Is All About the Little Things

After getting two “BIG” home improvement projects completed – the exterior of my house painted and the hardwood floor refinished, I have been reminded that as nice as it is to have these big projects done, home is more about the little details.

It is the “little things” I use every day or add my own style to around my house. These are the things that truly makes my house my home sweet home.

You have heard the term’s – “Elevate the Everyday” or “Making the Ordinary Extraordinary”.  Where living a beautiful life is all about using and enjoying our precious items on a daily basis or making something useful in a creative way.

blue and white mug filled with beef stew

In a nutshell, it is not waiting for special occasions to use the fine china or items we deem too precious for regular use.  Like eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the fine china kind of living.

I enjoy “elevating the everyday”, but I also enjoy what I call the “Little Things”.

What are “The Little Things” In a Home

Learning to enjoy the “little things” around our home is kind of the same idea as “elevating the everyday”, but is more about not overlooking what you use on a daily basis and not taking these items for granted.

The “littles” around my house that go unnoticed by most give me great pleasure every time I see them when I open a drawer or pass by them on the way through the house.

Some of these “littles” are out for everyone to see like the pink candle on my sofa table that I bought many years ago and still enjoy putting out every summer.

Colorful Kitchen Counter Decorating ideas

Or my iPad that sits out on my kitchen counter that allows me to make new recipes without the need of a pile of cookbooks.

Organizer to make for a desk drawer

Some “littles” may be hidden – like the way I like to add decorative paper to line the most frequently used drawers in my house.

How to line a drawer with paper or fabric

Or the way I like to use small square or rectangular baskets to organize drawers.

What is a drapery wand?

Some “littles” may be functional and needed so I can easily open the drapes on my sliding glass doors.

Look Around Your House: Little details around our homes that make a difference can be anywhere…

Upgrade and old ceiling fan affordably

… like having the ceiling fan pulls be the same throughout the house.

old school address book

Some “littles” may be personalized, like the old school address book that I customized. I covered it with fabric, water-based polyurethane and a tourist map of Annapolis, Maryland where Ed and I were married.

Linen closet makeover

“Littles” can be the way you do something and don’t think twice about it. Like the way my mom taught me to fold a set of sheets together that not only helps to organize my linen closet, but also makes it easy to grab the “sheet set” together when I prepare to make a bed.

Blue and purple hydrangeas in a yard.

Some “littles” can come from outside and only last a short time, but add cheery color to a room with little to no effort on my part.

Each one of these items are “little” in the big scheme of living in a home, but they all add up to make life better, simply by delighting the eye or offering function and ease of use.

In our passion and quest for new, better and best in our every day existence, remember that when making a house a home, there is more to it than a color palette or even a style of decor, but how living in the space makes you feel.

Part of the creative process of decorating a home is letting the details around us bring us joy every single day.

Take a stroll around your home and find these telling “little” details you have added that you may not think twice about, but that make your house truly… your home sweet home.

Decorating with small details that will add up to create style

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  1. It was a pleasure to read this refreshing article about imaginative ways to accessorize your living space with unique adornments and creative items that revitalize it and make you feel “at home.” I like the idea of using decorative paper to line drawers and the basket organizers to hold contents. It’s a ideal way to keep things orderly and add your own personal decorative touch.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Regina – So happy to hear that my post inspired you. I enjoy trying to find ways to use what I already own in colorful and creative ways. Saves money and like you mentioned keeps things organized with a personal touch.

  2. It was a pleasure to read this refreshing article about imaginative ways to accessorize your living space with unique adornments and creative items that revitalize it and make you feel “at home.” I like the idea of using decorative paper to line drawers and the basket organizers to hold contents. It’s a ideal way to keep thing orderly and add your own personal decorative touch.

  3. judy morano says:

    Such a good post. I reread you story about Ed. So well written and happy! Could you please do a post on how you fold sheets. I confess to just dumping mine in a pillowcase! Thanks Diane!

  4. Thank you for sharing your little details!! It really inspired me to do more of the little touches that I would enjoy on a regular basis. I do use my mom’s gorgeous silverware everyday!

  5. Lisa Scroggins says:

    I love this post! Tomorrow is our 37th anniversary! You mentioned using fine china for everyday. It’s not our anniversary every day, but I am inspired to prepare our table for dinner tonight. This is a great tip for me, because I have MS, & there are many things that I no longer do because they can be exceedingly difficult. This one, however, is not! I put our wedding china in a small cabinet next to our dining room table, so it’s simply a matter of pulling out the place settings, napkins, etc. Thank you again, Diane!

  6. Great post Diane. And it’s so true, not only inside your home but outside the home…in your yard and gardens as well. After just having finished all our mandatory gardening chores (weather delayed), that’s where my mind went to right away as I read this post. There are places in my gardens that are special to me, to us, that truly mean a lot. Because we have winter here in Wisconsin, there are special items we put away each fall. It’s fun to take them out in the spring, and place them again in our gardens. Each has a special place. So, thanks for reminding of the special things I use both inside and outside, to truly make this our home! ;)

  7. Your small ideas are what I needed today. After my husband lost his job the bills added up, I am happy to say he has now found a job after 8 months. As we now try to recover from the time he didn’t have a pay check, I am wanting to do things around the house, without a lot of expense. Thank you,, Iove how you do things that are budget friendly, but add so much to your home.

  8. Nan, Odessa, DE says:

    Great post! Thanks for the reminder.

  9. Hi Diane
    I kid of freaked out perusing today’s blog….I saw so many things I also have in my home. The blue and white dishes and I love beef stew, the hydrangeas, I drink Pellagrino water all day long. The baskets in the drawers, and then the little box, next to your pink candle.
    We make a box twin to your little box. Forgive me for asking, but did you buy that trinket box from Wood n Whimsey?
    Anyway I really did enjoy reading your post today…great minds hey?
    Take good care

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Dee –

      Feeling like kindred spirits having the same things in our homes. :-) The little box you are referring to was my dad’s. I am not sure where he got it, but I do know it has been around for a long time. I remember it on his night table when I was growing up.

      1. Thank you for your reply. So nice to have something special from your Dad. Enjoyed your blog