Fall Mantel Decorated With Pumpkins

How to decorate using two mirrors and a collection of pumpkins over a mantel to create a warm and inviting look when decorating your home for fall.

Did I ever tell you what one of my favorite things about fall is – besides crisp air, falling leaves, cornstalks, football, that cozy nesting feeling, and cider.  It is PUMPKINS!!!

I love decorating with pumpkins.  I am a classic orange pumpkin lover – no chic white ones for me.  I love the pop of color the old fashioned orange pumpkins provide in my neutral color scheme, especially when display on a fall mantel.


I have created my own little pumpkin patch right on my mantel.

XO I could eat them all up!  Visually as well as making pie and munching on toasted pumpkin seeds.

How to Easily Create a Fall Mantel Decorated With Pumpkins


I have two mirrors layered on the wall to add more interest. The larger one is hung on the wall.

The smaller on is on the mantel and leaning against the larger mirror.


Either one alone didn’t look right – together they make a much better style statement.


I also like decorating with bigger pumpkins. Placing them in urns is my “go to” way to display fall pumpkins inside my house and out.

Simple and classic – no fuss. I used book pages I shredded in my paper shredder to use as bedding in my jack-be-little pumpkin patch basket.


The white ceramic urn I found for a few dollars at yard sale. The vase is from HomeGoods.

Classic ceramic white urns are hard to find affordably online. Your best bet in finding one that isn’t plastic is a HomeGoods.

You can also display pumpkins on candle holders like I did in this post:


I made the fireplace screen out of a cardboard pattern cutting screen. It was super easy and hides a multitude of sins.

You can find the tutorial here:

A Variation on Decorating With Two Mirrors Over a Mantel


For this mantel, I liked the look of layering mirrors on the mantel, but I only had one white framed mirror.

So instead, I hung an empty white frame over the larger wall hung mirror – so it looks like two mirrors.

I used clear fishing line to hang it. The top of the fishing line is attached to the top of the mirror with a thumb tack.

So what do you think? You may have a few mirrors in other rooms of your house or in your decor stash that you can give a second life- using as is or giving the mirrors a coat of spray paint to coordinate with the room’s color scheme.

For an even easier mirror over the mantel look, you can simply lean a larger mirror against the wall, and a smaller one in front of it. Instant Decorating at its best!!!

How to decorate using two mirrors and a collection of pumpkins over a mantel to create a warm and inviting look when decorating your home for fall.

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  1. Master Painters Association says:

    Very well done! I love how you layered your mirrors! I’d love to do that too! Your mantle is so simple yet elegant! I love every part of it! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Darcy James says:

    Very Awesome tip & points and Help full blog. It really helps me.

  3. Diane~ your fall mantel is so pretty! I love it.

  4. Elizabeth@themustardceiling says:

    So pretty. I love pumpkins too. They are so fun to decorate with. I have never thought of placing them in urns, great idea. One I will definitely have to try.

  5. Lisa @ A Room with A View says:

    You must know that pumpkin patch is adorable!

  6. VERY nicely done! I love how you layered your mirrors! I like to do that too! Your mantle is so simple but it is perfect! Thanks for sharing it! I love every bit of it!

  7. Very crisp and pretty vignette! Really like the layering of the two mirrors! :)

  8. Kristen @ High Heels and a Hammer says:

    Your mantel is beautiful! I love that you layered the mirrors and mini pumpkin patch.

  9. Eileen 2 CottageBeachHouse says:

    Yep, i love the way you made a basket full of pumpkins, your own little patch! And the white urn with the leaves and pumpkin looks beautiful.

  10. Lovely! I feel the same way about pumpkins. lol :)

  11. melissa @ the inspired room says:

    I like the layered mirror! Definitely makes much more of a statement! And the pumpkins in a basket are adorable too!

  12. Debra @ Bungalow says:

    Yes, It’s really pretty! I love the layered mirrors too and the screen….well, all of it!

  13. That is the cutest pumpkin patch I’ve ever seen! Your mantel looks terrific! Love the screen, too!

  14. Michelle @ Sweet Something Design says:

    Pretty Diane, great job! I love the layered mirrors!

  15. Really like what you’ve created. I too like the effect of the double mirrors, and the pumpkins with the shredded book pages. And your screen is fantastic. Really finishes the look.

  16. My eyes were immediately drawn to the layered mirrors. I love it!!! Awesome =)

  17. I love *orange* so I love me some orange pumpkins too! Your mantel is lovely.

  18. Maureen @This (Kinda) Old House says:

    Love the little pumpkins in the basket. I want to do this in my entryway on our desk. :)

  19. NanaDiana says:

    Diane- Your mantle looks lovely…and I really like the layered mirrors too! I, also, love the old fashioned pumpkins for decorating….that and a few hints of spice in the air! xo Diana

  20. Looks like the perfect fall mantel to me!! I love that layered look of the mirrors too.

  21. I am with you; nothing beats natures beautiful bounty and this season, “orange is in” ;)

    Your mantle looks falltastic!

  22. Love your mantle it looks great. Thanks for sharing.