Repurposed Patron Bottle + Doorknob

I have an elegant re-purposing project to show you today. For as long as I can remember, Ed and my daughters have known that I enjoy finding new uses for stuff destined for the trash, be it old furniture all the way down to tin cans and bottles.

They would and still do always ask me before they throw any cans or bottles out,  “Do you want this for anything?”

They know that I like to keep interesting bottles and packaging to re-use to make into something else. I had a stash of them in the basement of my previous house.

I did have to purge a lot of them when we moved, but did keep a few of the more interesting bottles.

When The Art of Patrón reached out to me asking if I would like to come up with a decorative idea using a Patron bottle, of course I jumped right on it.

Patron Bottle

The “Art of Patrón” Bottle Art Competition celebrates the iconic Patrón bottle. Have you ever used it to make a Margarita? It is Ed’s favorite summer drink so I have a few of the bottles in my stash.

The competition encourages fans and artists across the country to share their artistic vision, using Patrón’s signature bottle as inspiration for a chance to win $10,000 and a national platform for their work.

Fans year after year create incredible unique pieces of art that honor the bottle – past entries have included a glass spun necklace, a chess set, plus chic and stylish light fixtures.

How to repurpose a Patron bottle into a pretty bottle with a crystal top to hold bath salts

What I made was pretty simple, but very pretty.  I repurposed the bottle into a place to hold bath salts, but instead of using the existing cork, I also repurposed another item, a glass doorknob to make a pretty bottle stopper for the bottle.

How to Repurpose a Patrón Bottle and Door Knob Into a Glass Decanter

supplies needed to make a doorknob into a decorative bottle stopper

supplies needed:

  • Empty and clean Patrón bottle and cork
  • Doorknob
  • Craft knife
  • Rotary drill with carving tip
  • Marker
  • Glue
How to cut a Patron cork
  1. Place cork on its side on a cutting mat. Use a sharp craft knife to cut the cork in half; right where the cork begins to narrow.
How to make a doorknob into a bottle stopper

2. Center the end of a doorknob on the cut end of the narrow section of the cork. Use a marker to trace around it.

Uses for a rotary tool

3. Use a carving bit on a rotary drill to hollow out the center of the cork.

Using a rotary drill to make a doorknob into a bottle stopper

It should look like this after carving out the cork’s center.

Doorknob repurposed into a Patron bottle stopper

4. Place a few drops of glue into the cork and around the bottom of the doorknob.

Doorknow bottle stopper

5. Push the cork over the bottom of the doorknob.

Glass doorknob into a bottle stopper

6. Let dry for a few hours.


6. Once the glue is dry, place the doorknob bottle stopper into the Patrón bottle and you get one pretty decanter.

I use it to hold bath salts, but it could become a chic wine decanter to place on a bar cart.

Repurposing idea. Look what you can do with a Patron bottle and an old doorknob. Make it into one pretty glass container for bath salts or even a decanter for wine to place on a bar cart.

Cheers!  :-)

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  1. Thus idea/diy is soooo amazing and creative. I love it! Thanks for sharing

  2. Gemma Spot says:

    You may have made some good memories while emptying this bottle, but now you can re-purpose your bottle as a keepsake for those memories. Once the bottle is empty, you can create new memories :)

  3. You’re so smart! I love it.
    You know, I’ve always wanted to buy this tequila BECAUSE I love the bottle! haha– Now I have a good excuse!

  4. Stephanie @ Casa Watkins says:

    Love it Diane!! So chic with the new door handle stopper.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Stephanie – Thanks. :-) I think I am going to make a few more to have ready to use as hostess gifts to give over the holidays.

  5. My friend’s brother has a glass recycling biz. He gets TONS of Patron bottles in all the sizes. I have two sizes she gifted me. They’re positively lovely! LOVE your idea using a door knob for a stopper. Excellent!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Connie – What a great contact to have :-) I love the light fixtures I have seen made. If I ever get enough I may just make one for over my kitchen sink.

  6. Oh I LOVE this Diane! I always wondered how to repurpose a lovely glass doorknob into a stopper and now I know. I wonder if my Dremel has a carving bit…

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Sue – If you don’t have a carving bit (tiny ball on end of bit) you could use one of the pointed bits. It may not shape the hole as nicely, but will work.

  7. Beth Fagundes says:

    We turned our Patron bottles in to oil lamps for our patio with wicks and ceramic stoppers. I love them as they are the perfect size and shape and because they are clear they make nice warm light. Oh and then there is the added bonus of the fact they come originally filled with tequila! :)

  8. lindalw666 says:

    That is such a beautiful bottle! Especially with your lovely doorknob as a top! Now I have to start drinking tequila to acquire some extra Patron bottles!
    It’s a little early in the day for me though…

  9. Elaine Williams says:

    This is gorgeous! Good idea about giving as hostess gifts – I personally would be honored it someone came to my home bearing one of these beauties as a gift.

  10. I love the idea! It is so cute ♥

  11. Melissa Leach says:

    Simplicity at its best! Love your Patron bath salt decanter with the glass knob top.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Melissa – Thanks. It was a fun project to do. I have a few more doorknobs…I may make a few more to give as hostess gifts for the upcoming holiday season.

  12. I had to smile when I saw this post’s title as my guy also enjoys summer margaritas and we have wondered what to do with the attractive bottle. Now I know. Thanks. Who knew this was ‘a thing’ with these bottles. I have upcyled the cork stopper before using one of our son’s high school trophies. I’ll email a photo to you.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pamela – I never knew there was a competition with the bottles either until I was contacted by Patron. If you “Google” Patron bottle or go on Pinterest and put “Patron Bottle” into the search you will see lots of ideas and inspiration. I would love to see how you used the school trophy.