Spring Candle Tray DIY

When you need a springtime centerpiece without flowers, head to your decor stash for a few items to create an instant spring worthy candle tray DIY centerpiece for a dining or console table.

A few weeks ago I posted how I decorated the sideboard in my entryway for spring. I decorated it using items I already had that I simply repurposed and styled in new ways to achieve a fresh spring look without having to buy anything new.

3 white candles on white moss lined tray.

One of the items I created for the sideboard was a candle holder tray using sheet moss, drinking glasses and a tray from my tray collection.

How to make a modern spring candle tray holder DIY.

A reader, Julia, wrote to me wanting to know the source of where she could buy the trio candle holder.

At first I didn’t understand what she was asking and had to go to the post to see, then I understood. She thought the tray, candles and moss were all one piece of decor.

I wrote back to her telling her I created it by repurposing a few items I had around the house. I went on to tell her that the reason I like to create decor this way is because I can easily take it apart when it is time to change the decor so the items can be reused again and again for different needs and uses.

For me it is a smarter way than buying “one-season-only” decor that spends more time in storage than out on display.

How to Easily Create a Spring Candle Tray DIY Holder

I was going to make this into an Insta-Style post, but since sheet moss may not be something everyone has in their home, I opted to create a tutorial.

This modern candle tray can be made in minutes for any season, just change the moss to something in season. For instance…. fall leaves, fake snow or sand.

two colors of sheet moss mats

The sheet moss mat I used comes in two colors. I like the color on the left better, but you can use any type of moss to create the candle tray. It does not have to be this type.

supplies needed:

  • Rectangular tray
  • 3 double old-fashioned style drinking glasses or votive holders
  • 3 votives or tea lights
  • Sheet moss color- Instant Green
  • Scissors
Attaching sticky sheet moss to create  tray.
  1. Cut sheet moss to size. I cut mine to fit in the inset of the white tray.
Sticky moss sheet used to create a spring candle tray centerpiece without flowers.

2. If using a sticky moss mat, remove paper backing and place in tray.

  • NOTE: The sticky adhesive on the moss mat is quite strong. My advice: Don’t put this on anything that could peel when it is time to remove the moss – like a painted piece or item with a finish on it. The adhesive could remove the finish.
  • You can still use the moss mat, just cut to size and place in tray without removing the paper backing. The sheet moss will lay flat once you place the candles on.
3 candle votive candle tray holder table centerpiece.

A modern look for your spring dining or console table – no flowers needed.

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Candle centerpiece for tables. Text overlay says: DIY Decor Spring Candle Tray

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  1. I never knew sheet moss mats existed — now I have to buy some!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kathy – I love the moss mat, but they are very sticky and hard to remove, so make sure if it is only on temporary, to only use it surfaces like ceramic, glass, unpainted metal.

  2. Thanks so much. Funny how things that seem obvious to one person- seem completely opaque to another.
    Hope your body is improving as spring comes on stronger and stronger.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Kat – It is very funny how we all see things differently. :-) I am feeling 100% again and ready to enjoy the nice weather. Thanks for asking. :-)