Style Scouting: Vol. 183

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

Traditional Home Magazine cover Spring 2024
photo: THMagazine

Many years ago I used to buy every decorating magazine there was on a monthly basis. I no longer do this as the prices of the publications are no longer only a few dollars, many are around $15 now as is the spring issue of Traditional Home Magazine shown in the photo above.

I still like to find inspiration and browse through the magazines on the racks when I wait in the check-out line at the grocery store. When I enjoy this past-time, I always remember the advice of my friend, Karen who is like you and I – we like decorating, pretty things and being creative.

She told me that when she browses through the decorating and lifestyle magazines she will only buy it if at least 3 things caught her eye so much that she wanted to read more.

I do this now myself and haven’t bought a magazine in quite a while, but this week I did. I saw more than 3 articles that inspired me in Traditional Home, especially the home on the cover in the article entitled, The Power of Pretty.

I like the home so much that when I got home I took notes on how I can add a little bit of the styling to my home. Do you ever do this when you see decor on the pages of a magazine that make your heart go pitter-patter?

So stay tuned to see more blues in my decorating projects over the spring and summer.

Now onto the other inspiring links I found this week.

Posts You May Have Missed This Week:


This charming, cheery cottage on Nantucket.

This designer’s portfolio of decorated homes.

This amazing home renovation.

How to mix and match throw pillows like a designer.


This old hutch got quite the makeover.

Look what you can create with this type of flower.

I would like to make a few of these in different colors for my dresser and sideboard in my foyer.

I don’t decorate my house for Easter, but I did print this free printable to frame and style on my foyer sideboard.

Organizing & Cleaning

I have made the switch to lessen the chemical cleaners I use in my home. This is a great resource if you want to try natural cleaners.


This pretty Easter treat for kids of all ages.

The recipe that is all over TikTok. I am going to try making it this week, minus the oil.

To serve with your afternoon tea this month. Or this classic recipe to enjoy while drinking tea or coffee.

Fun & Interesting

Did you remember to change your clocks this morning? Here are a few things to know about Daylight Savings Time.

You have these sisters to thank — or blame — for the “Happy Birthday” song.

These mood enhancing tips for a more joy and radiance in your day. #5 works very well for me.

The future of travel. 10 concepts that will change the way we experience the world.

Something to Think About

How to spend less time on social media and more time doing the things you love.

“Keep your life as simple as possible. Doing that leaves room for the impossible to become possible” – Art Hochberg

Oh… So Stylish Finds

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  1. You can read lots of magazines online through your library, or if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s part of your subscription.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Hi Pegg – Thank you so much for reminding me about using my library for magazines! I have to get in the habit checking on my library app each month.:-).

  2. Hi Diane – You should subscribe to Traditional Home. I just paid $20 for one year – could have gotten 2 years for $30. It’s a nice magazine.
    I particularly enjoy your Sunday posts. So many great things to check out! Thanks for all the inspiration.

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks for that idea Kate – I should subscribe as $20 for the year sure beats $15 for one issue. I love reading that you enjoy my Style Scouting posts.I enjoy finding the links every week. I never know what I will find, but enjoy the thrill of the hunt. :-)

  3. Diane, my favorite time of the week is Sunday mornings! Fresh coffee and I open up your email …. I spend at least a quiet, blissful hour sipping and browsing and soaking up all the beautiful links you provide. Thank you!!!

    1. Diane Henkler says:

      Thanks Carol – I enjoy finding links all week to put in my Sunday posts. It makes me smile to hear that you make a ritual for yourself on Sunday to read the post. :-).