Style Scouting: Vol. 3

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Hi my friends. It is Sunday… a day where I like to forget about all things project related and take time for myself.

This week was a busy one as Ed and I began installing the new flooring in our bedroom.  We still have a ways to go, but the hard part of laying it down in two walk-in closets is done. Lots of angles and cuts to figure out. Which can be a little stressful getting right.

I love how the wide planks look and the color I chose. You know when you make a big color decision about something that may be forever and you want to get it right? I was back and forth on two colors, but could not be happier with my choice. More to come on the bedroom changes over the next few weeks

Ed also removed the old top boards from our dock and replaced them with new wood in the 90 degree heat.  That went so well that he then did the same thing on the second floor deck. It even made me exhausted watching him. Now it is my turn to get the new wood stained.

My body and mind truly needed a break and I am simply sitting back today and enjoying some down-time!

A few links to things that were part of my week….

What I am Reading:

Copy of I'd-Rather-Be-Reading by Anne Bogel

I haven’t finished it yet, but I didn’t buy this book for the contents, although I do love books. I bought, I’d Rather Be Reading because I adore the cover. Seeing all my favorite colors in such a charming watercolor makes my visual brain light up.  When I am done reading, it will be going on my coffee table to be used a decoration. :-)

What I Learned This Week:

With pumpkin season upon us, do you know how to find the best pumpkin for what you’re doing? This guide will make you a pumpkin pro.

Distressing isn’t just for furniture. Love this  – imperfect is now chic.  It sure would have made the sides of these look nicer.

Fall pumpkin idea for anyone who loves Coastal Decor.

What I Bought Recently:

I forgot how much I love this drug store cleanser. My skin feels and looks so much better when I use it.

I still have another month to enjoy warm weather. I bought this to wear when I am out and about with a pair of black jeans or skirt.

What I Ate This Week: 

I am always looking for something to go with a salad for dinner. This was delish! 

As a blogger behind a screen, I am never quite sure who I reach unless they leave me comments.  A longtime reader who was always too timid to comment, finally did earlier this week to tell me that I inspired her so much that she  started her own blog and asked to interview me.

I know not all readers want to start blogs, but I hope I can keep inspiring you in many different ways.  The online world has become truly saturated and has changed so much. The word “influencer” is the buzz word today. It is my goal to try to stay an “inspirer” as long as I can.

I hope you are in weekend mode and can take a moment to unwind yourself.  XO :-)

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  1. I admire your every article! This site is the best! I read it myself, and I will recommend it to others to visit your site! Everything cool!

  2. Hi Diane, could you make an article about how to make a dark room look brighter? Would be very interested in that!

    1. Hi Anne – Thank you for the idea. I will write a post on how to make a dark room look brighter. It is something I know a lot of readers are interested in. I will try to get it written in the next two weeks. Thanks for reading.

  3. Agree with all the previous comments. When I cut back on blogging sites. never even think of cutting yours. Your site is so much more relatable then many others. Thank you.

  4. I’m not usually one to comment either, but now I have to say that I really enjoy your blog. I relate to your style because I also like clear colors and lots of white, and your overall look and projects are believable. You create great decor without everything being so perfect, expensive, or exclusive that I can’t imagine achieving them myself. You manage to be inspiring and real, if you know what I mean, at the same time. Whenever I consider narrowing my blog feed, yours is one that makes the cut. Please do keep up the good work!

  5. I love how you so “easily and effortlessly” create and inspire me and so many others! Ha ha, Diane, I know it takes a lot of work to do what you do, especially the blog part. You are always an inspiration “to someone”, whether you know it or not, so keep up the good work because I love seeing you visit my inbox! I don’t always comment, probably should so I apologize for that, but this interview just proves that you never know who you might be influencing. And of course you are a celebrity!

  6. I’ve enjoyed your blog for years and it has inspired me many times to take on a project or buy an interesting piece of furniture at a tag sale and give it a new life with a little creativity and a lot of elbow grease.
    I also loved how open you were in the interview with Bushra, and enjoyed learning what it takes to become a successful blogger. Seems like all the career choices you made gave you a really solid base for your projects and your writing – most of it led by your curiosity, your willingness to learn a new skill, and your love of a sense of place for your home. Thanks for your wonderful blog!
    PS. I can’t recommend enough for researching the personal care products we use – it’s worth a look. It’s scary to learn but cosmetics, hair care, cleaning and, most disturbing, baby products are loaded with toxic chemicals.

  7. hI Diane,

    I am not surprised that you inspired someone to start her own blog. Maybe you guys could do a blog post together.
    Happy Sunday. I may have to check out that book! I love the cover too! laura

  8. Oh yes, you absolutely inspire me and others. Keep it up. I love the ideas and stories.